Monday, 25 August 2008

Finally back

Finally back! Yippee

Having treatment the next 3 months for ovarian cysts, apparently very common in 20-25year olds, usually heal on their own within 3-6 months. Have been hitting the tramadol for the pain, very strong stuff, but has taken the edge off it for sure.

Feeling a lot better finally, so back to normal. Still taking it easy, so will see how I go this week work wise.

Continuing with liquid diet, MC starting from today; mainly to keep the pain under control, stay headache free plus with the expense of living here right now I don't have much choice but to fast! I enjoy the taste so more than happy to give it a go!

Using raw honey, lemon and cayenne pepper-- purest water I can buy to mix. Drinking it warm mainly. Also ordered a batch of laxative tea-- see which is mildest to use. Will give that a go tomorrow!!

Got Lax Tea,german brand-- a little yellow box(had it before, a bit brutal!)
Dr Stuarts Lax Tea

Trust any Dr Stuarts products, so hopefully that will work a charm!

Anyway hope to cleanse for a few weeks then work on creating some speedy, simple, stunning and 8-1-1 friendly meal and recipe ideas. So keep your eyes peeled post fast!


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Quick update

Have been AWOL so a quick post.. havent blogged for sometime, as really unwell at the moment, hospital Tuesday. Hope to back to normal and the blogging land in a couple of weeks.


Saturday, 2 August 2008

Eat to Live...

Rather than live to eat.

Guess that has been my mantra lately. Fasting has improved my headaches so much, I am continuing in this way, its working and feels more than comfortable.

So many rawbies spend too much time obsessing about what food to eat..what not to eat..what percentages.. bla bla bla..LIFE is too short for weighing out your greens..get out there and enjoy LIFE!!

Forget stressing, get out there enjoy yourself..listen to your body.

Training 3 times a day at the moment as a minimum, getting some good results and feel this schedule fits in nicely..keeps me feeling happy ..also shifting up what I do stops any boredom! Making it fun..and enjoying a bit of outdoors training since its so hot.

Mainly drinking the following

Lemon juice
MC Drink
Fennel Infusion
Any other herbal/fruit sun tea

This means I have been able to stay painkiller free, I don't want to pumped full of codeine everyday! Doesn't make sense at all to me!

Preparing for a stressful peak at work towards the end of the month, this feels like the perfect way to prepare my body and mind to deal with the workload in the best way I can, without getting myself into a position where I end up burnt out. Aim to go in and come out of this years peak time HEALTHY and HAPPY!!

I have been a bit sporadic with blogging as I have been just enjoying life..and enjoying the sunny weather, isn't often we get weather in the high 20s here, so really it is a treat for us Brits!! Out come the knobbly knees and flip flops any sign of sun!!

Anyways.. just wanted to quick post!

Loving life, working out hard and enjoying the little pleasures in life!


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Training/Liquid today



630-830 AM 2 hours

Floor work -- Standard dance style warm up
Core work (crunches and reverse crunches) 100 +
Leg raises, mainly leg floor work (no squats)


Lifting of homemade kettle ball

Squats, basic only 20kg weighted, nothing heavy!

Liquid for TODAY

Unlimited Lemonade



Fennel Infusion-- unlimited

Peppermint tea

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Food/Training log

Quick food/training for today

Mainly as its too hot and sticky for sitting here long! yippee!

AM Leg work/squats/raises

Gym Workout

PM Leg workout again, mainly squats

Liquid for TODAY

Fennel tea
Fresh Lemonade
Ginger infusion
Lots of water

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scorching at long last!

At last the weather is absolutely scorching! For the first time in err 2 years..our came my little desk fan!!

Been gorgeous today have enjoyed time outside and just relaxing. Only slightly impeded by 3 hours of migraine in the afternoon, otherwise I have been doing everything as usual.

Sadly I have to work tomorrow, however am trying to keep positive! Just one day then the not too bad! Lets hope the sun stays out, been laying in the garden today..just gorgeous!


2 Litres Lemonade (Valencia oranges, lemons and water)

Fennel tea, unlimited

Mango Infusion, unlimited

2 Gym sessions

2 home sessions-- 2 40 minutes

Squats, leg raises, weights and light ab work.

Right that's all, going to go relax in the sunshine!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on

Finally today the sun was out, gorgeous and scorching! Had a wonderful chilled day only slightly impaired by 4 hours of migraine. Otherwise we had a fabulous day relaxing and enjoying the weather!
The picture is of Cromer beach, my favourite place in the UK, to me Cromer is like a little bit of heaven!! We had hoped to go today.. another day .. will be sure to take some pictures! It is so quaint and gorgeous!
Did basic training this morning, went for a run followed by squats, leg raises and basic floor work. Tomorrow will be a more intense training day, make the most of the sunshine get outside to train a bit! My last day of holiday tomorrow.. trying not to think about that too much!!
Working on my legs a lot right now, doing a lot of squats, 100 + Daily, have now added in some weighted ones also, really helps a lot. Hopefully get some heavier weights in a couple of weeks for squatting with.
Working on my friend the ex Bodybuilder, got him eating mostly vegan for now anyways, no meat and finally eating enough calories for the intense workouts he does!! Seems to be working for now, and I get to prepare up on nutrition and coach..which I adore! Got him making fruit smoothies most days, drinking the hemp protein and making veggie packed meals!! Result, hes growing bigger and training harder, so something is clicking! Planning on doing a vegan Pasta dish; with dried tomatoes, fresh basil etc next weekend, that should go down a storm!!
Have been enjoying ZEST fitness magazine, was pleased to see a review of the Raw Faeries services, delivering raw food in London. They did however look at it as a quick fix diet for weight loss..just to be used for 3-4 days before a holiday or event... NOT what I believe. However, giving the Faeries service some mainstream attention is all good!! They are fabulous!
Feeling good anyways, loving the sunshine, finally the headache has passed so can enjoy whats left of the evening PAIN FREE, Yippee!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ahhh Holiday bliss!

I love holidays!! Just being able to lay in bed till 8am was an absolute treat for me!! Jumped out of bed so excited just to have the day to myself!!

Made up a huge jug of lemonade ..nice alternative to plain water, it has lemons, Valencia oranges, raw honey and spring water. Gorgeous! This will keep me going all day, is a 2 litre pitcher!

Been busy organising my wardrobe.. now have two.... been working on sorting everything, very therapeutic and relaxing I must say! Being a complete girl..I love nothing better than wading through clothes all morning

Main focus for my days off was doing as much training as possible, whilst getting the chores done-- extra activity for sure lugging boxes around!!

Mainly toning, strength training and exposing some more muscle, I am small only 5ft 5 so a little bit of extra muscle makes a big difference!

Food/training for TUESDAY

Herbal tea- mango infusion with raw honey

1 hour squats and leg raises

1 hour general floor work

30 minute crunches-- reverse, regular

Fresh Lemonade- unlimited

1 hour power walk

Fresh Lemonade

1 Fennel Tea

Anyways feeling much much better than I have done in a month! So going to enjoy today..relax and catch up with some friends.

That's all for now folks!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Super chilled Sundays...

Finally felt okay enough to sit up and type for a while tonight..miss catching up on things and with friends!!

Been getting back to the gym slowly, power walking, running and weight training. Although taking it slow right now.

I am currently fasting, I really do think its the way to heal and recover! Mainly water and fennel tea right now..resting lots and taking it easy. Fennel tea is really hitting the spot, will be adding in some MC drink this week so I can train hard for a few days.

Got a few days holiday this week, a holiday ban is in place now until November, so I will be making the most of 3 days to rest before our busiest period at work! Going to relax, go down the gym twice a my yoga..and do all those jobs round the house that there is never enough time for!!

I seem to have a huge backlog of laundry from being unwell.. so much clothes everywhere! Job for this week..bit of organising!

Anyways..starting to feel back to myself..although keep having these sudden intense headaches which just leave me in bed for hours unable to sit up..really hoping these pass. Have been prescribed beta blockers but am very hesitant to use them! Its a serious medication.. so need to read up some more before I start taking these.

Anyways.. that's all..hope to blog some more this week!


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Back on the path...

Path to health that is!

Returned to the doctors today, she gave me a beta blocker to try out, last resort, if that doesn't work I really don't know what else to try!

For now sticking to liquids and not expecting too much, just day at a time.

Doesn't much help having my employer adding pressure and the usual threats over sickness(gotta love local government!). I had to go back to the doctors today..was completely at a loss as to what to do! Finally stopped being sick at least, that's something. Can keep tea and dry things down, so that's some progress.

Typical got this gorgeous order of fruit and absolutely no urge to eat anything!

Going to cut up the mangoes tonight and blend some ..maybe freeze up the rest for smoothies when I am feeling better! Such amazingly sweet mango! Going to try a little blended anyway, give it a try!!

Feeling drawn back to 8-1-1 in a big way, simple eating, fruits in mono..and not anything complicated!

5lb down after a really rough weekend, so just focused on resting and nurturing my body best I can whilst keeping up with work and financial commitments right now!

Been drinking lots of fennel tea, so soothing on the stomach

Fennel has so many amazing properties!! From soothing the stomach, helping in hormonal balance to increasing mothers milk ....detoxifying the liver and a powerful aphrodisiac-- who doesn't need a bit of that aye!

Loving it, drinking so much!! Going to buy a bulk order of I can keep up with my tea drinking habits!!

Anyways.. just a quickie off for a much needed cuppa!


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Down time...

Been having some down time, been getting early nights and resting up. The migraines are a lot better now, although I am still not feeling 100%

Really missed blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs, my PC has hardly been on this week, which is unusual for me!

Finally starting to get back to training, bit of running some strength training and yoga.

My sister sent me this little gadget, Personal Smoothie maker, shes been loving hers and said she wanted to bless me with the same!! I am yet to use it..but looks very cool..will report back if I love mine as much as she does!! Its Kenwood Smoothie 2 GO

Been eating minimally and resting, mostly tea and water. Allowing everything to heal and repair itself. Finally got a bulk order this morning to stock up, this will do me for two weeks

Total of £38

1 Box of Red Peppers (6kg), capsicum ..absolutely gorgeous, came in this big Black getting new shoes but better!

1 crate Valencia Oranges 16kg

1 Box of Red Flame grapes (6kg)

1 little crate of Mango(4kg), ripe..and gorgeous

The prices had gone up a little bit but still was SO much cheaper than using the supermarket!!

I worked out TESCO supermarket charge £2 for 2kg of Oranges, you can buy 16kg for £10!! That is an amazing saving! I don't eat them..only for the volume its awesome, they make such gorgeous juice..tastes nearly honey like to me!

Anyways here's some shots of my looty.. going back to rest now, hopefully be back to my blogging best next week!


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Post 200.....

My 200th post..wowsers.. either I have been here a long time..or I like to write A LOT..maybe a bit of both!!

Finally feeling human so after a week of seeing only my work desk and my duvet.. sat at my PC at home and set to tidying my emails and sorting the house..

So I had been on mostly juice for a while, I have been mono eating to try and slow down detox and reduce my migraine symptoms. The headache is much improved but I am left with a lot of visual disturbance, I really don't want to be taking strong medications for it. So just taking it one day at a time.

Been mainly mono eating Pineapple and Melons lately, mainly pineapple-- at £1 each that does me for the day. Cheap eating, even if you ate 2!

My pineapple corer is fabulous!! I put the cores into the freezer..and get left with lots of lovely fresh pineapple rings!! ..really its a fab gadget for you pineapple lovers!!

I will continue to mono eat until the headache lightens then continue with juices and smoothies.

Relaxing today, haven't seen any of Wimbledon since I have been sick.. disappointing! Going to watch a little television with my sunglasses on..and just lay down really. Tonight preparing dinner for my friend.. quickly whipped up some raw yogurt this morning, making a cooked main for him..vegan..taking it step by step!! Aubergine and Spinach curry.. am sure could do it raw, but right now I wont eat Tomato's since the scare...maybe after I will recreate a raw version

He's at least willing to go vegan.. so will have to report on the progress! Is a former bodybuilder and protein mad..wish my luck!! Vegan bodybuilding forum seems to be helping me..lots of examples of huge.. healthy RAW VEGANS!! yipee!

Anyways happy...and getting back on the road to healthy!!


Thursday, 3 July 2008

A quiet kind of week...

Been a quiet week.. Haven't been on much as I have been literally coming in and going to sleep. Or doing the basic minimum chores before resting up.

Still suffering with migraine, I know its purely stress related, so just minimising the stress and spending time with people who keep me feeling Happy and Relaxed is paramount!!

Been having a little water, some MC drink, melon juice, some blended pineapple but keeping it really minimal as I have felt so sick.

Seems to be getting a bit better but still taking it really easy. So will update when I can..but may be a few days till I am feeling close to 100%

Finally going to stock up on some food tonight, all out of really have to do it!

Anyways just checking in..more soon hopefully!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lazy Sunday posting...

Short and sweet post, relaxing just cleaning the house and preparing my bags for the week.. a quick but tedious job!! I always find cleaning therapeutic.. seems there is always orange pulp or lime zest hanging around my kitchen lol

Watching a lot of Korean and Chinese cookery programmes right now, the recipes translate over so well to raw. Looking forward to trying some out shortly on friends! Lots of gorgeous fresh vegetables..the spices and soups all are easily "rawified"!!

Also trying to introduce a friend to vegan eating currently; so far hes eaten raw cake and smoothies no problem! Going to do a vegan curry next weekend for him.. maybe the next step a Raw Tapas style evening! Oooerr.. I find it really weird to cook anything.. But I know..cooked vegan is a step up from Meat eating!! Fabulous Aubergine Spinach curry..really..nobody could NOT love it! So going to whip that up next weekend as well as making some RAW pesto and pasta sauces for him to freeze up to use in the week.. I love preparing its all good!!

Have been taking it very easy this weekend, did light weights yesterday, a run and gym today. Nothing too strenuous. Feeling a little low in mood.. so really trying to get myself up and about..drinking some juice and so forth. Bit of a struggle right now!


fresh Lemonade with cherry juice


Orange infusion tea

Basically as much as I wanted of these things..been so dehydrated but not wanting to drink or eat anything. Forced myself to keep drinking tea at least.

Prepared some Melon/pear/lime Juice for tomorrow, its airtight so will have that for work in the morning.

That's all really, not much happening, just taking it easy!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Finally.. melons!

Had the most intense craving for fresh melon juice last night, I didn't want anything else!!
After work off I pottered to the local supermarket, they were doing 2 for £2.50..fair enough..time I got there, the only ones left were so sad looking and a bit mouldy.. much to my despair went home with a few grapefruits and limes!
Just had water last night, figured would try again this morning!! last, found melons all £1 each.. and..they just had a crate of the most beautiful Spanish Watermelons ..these were HUGE!! Hopefully can go and get one in the week, may go pick up a half tomorrow, not sure I could carry much more on my own!
Got lots of Melons, some lemons for MC drink and various fresh berries for a weekend treat to add into my blends! Yum!..nearly forgot two punnets of the most lush cherries also! drool!
Finally feeling a lot better as far as the headache, so relieved this has finally left my system! Taking it easy right now, gentle weights this afternoon but no big gym sessions for me until next week. Will take a gentle walk in the morning get things pumping a bit!
Seems our bodies lead us to the perfect foods that we need for healing..I don't worry about calories or micro nutrients. I just eat. no stress whatsoever!
Anyways going to relax, rest and enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Always feed your guests..

Its rude not to feed house guests..especially when they bring you water and fruit!

baby corn, Mini cucumbers and British flat lettuce..simple but sweet!

Orange emergency!..and other random thoughts..

Oh my.. I am running low on oranges!! Only problem with Orange juice mono I will have to go to the market Saturday!..haha too funny that's my kind of emergency! back in Jan 07..I think running out of cottage cheese may have been an emergency..or 10 cal jelly(Jello US)..YUKK!

Considering how pricey Oranges are..unless you buy them bulk thinking of some other juicy mono ideas..if you have any please drop them in a comment..I am thinking Melons..any variety would give a high yield and keep me going for 5 days no problems.

Feels pretty clean and good running on just orange juice... other than the stinking head.. but I don't think this is related as it started last week. Finally got some energy today and started to tidy up the house a bit..make lists for the weekend..and check on the sleepy produce in the fridge..Haven't had any appetite for anything but my orange juice...luckily the green bags are doing their job!

I am going to do another bulk order next weekend, now I know I need to get 2 lots of oranges ..greens and melons..Really is rather good, that works out as £12-15 per week for food.. which I think is pretty awesome!

Had some UK rawbies email me about finding a fruit supplier, its really simple. Google or use Yellow pages to find fruit wholesalers in your area. Ring and email them, request price lists..check it out..find the cheapest deal, nearest, free delivery..then GO FOR IT!! The man said since I am ordering whole isn't any extra hassle to them..and means an easy job for a little cash every couple weeks or week. Even if you don't think you will get through a lot of produce..good idea to form a food co-op given the current rocketing food prices here.. you will be amazed how easy it is!!

Have been reading Vegan Body Building forums a lot recently, two members: Lean and Green and I'm your Man are currently Liquid feasting..I guess is what I will call it..getting their calories in liquid..fresh produce and working out hard..their results are just awesome!! Definitely check it out..really interesting and inspiring!

Does give me fruit envy though..I would love some young coco's and lychee berries!! Been a long time since I have seen either here! If anyone wants to send me a case of young cocos ..really don't hold back!!

Feeling a little better today..but still had that fuzzy and weak feeling first thing, so rested up and just drank my water. Trying my best not to just take pill after pill to ease the pain. I think finally its going.. has been a bit of a challenging week. The headache has passed just left with a billion little lights in my vision..which I hate! I am just not used to dealing with pain anymore..its just not part of my life since RAW! For that I am thankful!

After the weekend once I am back to 100%..... focused on getting some bits up and happening..doing some coaching at the moment, but planning a Chocolate Extravaganza well as a couple of Demo's... Have been dreaming of Chocolate/Raspberry Tortes lol think its time to unleash my creative side.. my friends will just have to EAT UP!!

In my sleepy haze just put on youtube..laid back and listened to a few videos from the past week...

Kevin Gianni-- Anne Maria makes.. Meatless Raw Meatballs!

Kevin Gianni..speaks about the bizarre.. "McDiet"...eww! Love these guys!

Yardsnacker.. Fitness Challenge!! woohoo..Biggin up Sam!

Cool swedish guy talks about Juice feasting!

Juice feasting V Blog

Victoria's V Blog Raw challenge, DAY 4

Lemonade Tonic..Mmm!

Red Beet Smoothie..wild!!

Hope you enjoy these!

Now off for a soak in a cold tub!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dreaming of... a good sweaty workout

Yes I am..dreaming of a workout

dreaming of running down the road

dreaming of picking up my 20kg dumbbells!

I miss my workouts!!

Went to work at 6.30 am..was back in bed by 11am.. god..I hate being sick and going home sick is just the worst!!

I didn't have any pain until I got to work, then that banging in the back of my head started.. had to come home and rest. Had 6 hours sleep this afternoon, feel nearly human now, but..don't know how long that will last for right now.

Doctor suggested Beta blockers or Amitriptyline .. I would rather avoid either of those right now.

My blood pressure is a little low. I read up on the Amitriptyline small doses used for tension headaches basically but it does affect nerve cells in the brain. It causes drowsiness and can lighten mood in higher doses. Main worry is it lowers blood pressure more, so I may be more prone to blacking out and fainting..don't need that right now!!

I have got the Amitriptyline on hold from last time I had bad migraines, so its always an option. Feeling pretty desperate but not that desperate just yet!!

Mainly just missing my normal routine!!

Had some orange juice this morning, now just drinking my water up

Anyways back to lay down!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Step by Step...

I have been home resting today, finally feeling a little better. Not being able to exercise or go to work is like absolute HELL to me! Those two things keep me sane! Mainly the dizziness and weakness that is annoying me right now.. keeping me laid down or in to get back to work in the morning so......... Ce la vie!

Been thinking lots about how I get to work and about to grocery store etc.. am thinking I am going to go back to walking all the time, rather than using the bus sometimes with heavy things or if I am tired etc. This will save me £50 a month, and well.. improve my health I feel, this along with juicing will really amp up the experience, the detox and my fitness levels!

I worked it out and its only a 6 mile round trip to and from work, that's nothing, sometimes having time to think and clear ones head is a good thing! I have gorgeous hemp bags for carrying any groceries I need, right now I still have plenty from my bulk buy although..oranges are already running a bit low.. Next time I will get 2 cases of oranges, a case of spinach and a couple cases other juicy fruits.. craving oranges like mad! My body must need them for some healing, so I am just enjoying the juice!

Living in the UK right now is less than peachy... have stopped watching the local news right now.. If I hear the words "Credit crunch" one more time I will scream! News programme GMTV here every morning have another family starving or living on basic rations because of the inflation.... people can no longer afford basic food items.... its a choice pay the electric or feed yourself.. I am afraid the electric normally had to come first! Woke up this morning to reports of some stolen diesel..people are getting that desperate..its just madness!

I am attracting abundance, I refuse to sit and listen to all this negative credit crunch reporting!!

Made a big jug of orange just sitting on the counter right now..I have just had no appetite, soon as I sit up I am hit with blinding pain. Its put me right off my food/juice/smoothies!

Food LOG
1 Litre pure water

1 small cup Orange juice

2 mug green tea w/orange

Monday, 23 June 2008

Oranges everywhere...

I have 16kg of Valencia oranges in my fridge..yet I am wishing I had more!! All I want right now is orange juice and water
Maybe when I do my next order I will just get oranges and baby spinach...yummm

Suffering with a migraine now, been worst since Sunday, came home early today to rest up. Slept 4 hours.. feeling a bit better now, at least well enough to sit up for a couple hours. Will continue to rest tomorrow, drink my juice and stay in bed as much as possible

So just a short and sweet post

Consumed today:

1.5 litres water

1 litre Valencia Orange juice

7 hours sleep last night plus 4 this afternoon; will get an early night again tonight.

As much rest as possible. If I am still in pain tomorrow will water fast and sleep.

Anyways that's all folks!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

.... Got that sunday feeling

Here is my "birthday cake" my lovely mate Jane put together for me..aww isn't it boootiful!

I had an awesome bday weekend, got some amazing friends that made sure I had a good time!! Went to see Sex in the city movie Friday followed by a girls night in! Ahem.. a lot of gin..that's all I am saying!

..The morning after slightly worse for wear lots of shopping(lets say I remember why I don't drink..and wont be drinking again til xmas!!). Then spent yesterday with another friend just relaxing, making dinner..which was all super!! Had soo much fun! My mates made sure I had a superb ..thanking you guys know who you are!!

Got some yummy gadgets..a pineapple corer.. lots of clothes..vouchers and huge package of raw goodies from my wonderful mate Ju :) I kind of wish I had a pineapple to try out my new gizmo!

Sex in the city movie was fabulous and well worth all the years of waiting!! ..haha.. I was crying from about halfway into the movie until the end! ..the wardrobe was AMAZING..I want it all! Fab shoes..and outfits..just gorgeous..made me pine for NYC big time!! I am not a cinema person..but I made an exception..doubt I will go again for another 5 years!

Woke up today with the biggest tension headache..been resting on and off..hence the late catchup post! Glad I made up 2 litres of orange juice before I went to bed, going to sit and sip on that now..and take it easy for the rest of the evening..enjoy the remaining 6 hours of the weekend!

That's all for now folks..!


Friday, 20 June 2008

...The fruit wholesaler delivers!

Quite literally..he delivers!! this bountiful produce!!

Pluots, Valencia Oranges, Mini Cucumbers(dutch), Baby sweetcorn and Flat British Lettuces YUM!

...although at 7.30 AM ..err.. a tad early after my birthday night!!

here it all Me trying to carry in 20kg of oranges was pretty amusing I must say!!(glad I hoovered the carpet before these pictures!!)

Here they are in the fridges, trying out these "fresh bags" ..see how it goes!! I am normally a ..leave it out the counter kind of a girl..but hey..will give this a try! Saving me so much money, so will try anything to look after the produce best I can!

Half the Pluots went into the freezer..about 1.5 kg

Got greens...??

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Its myyy... B-Bday!!

Since its my is a picture of Baby Lyd aged 2! lol

Yes I know I know.... I am ever so slightly excited!!

My dad rang and sang me happy birthday at 6.30am! How cute!

Now getting dressed at the pace of a snail.. got the morning off work to relax..veg..and do a bit of shopping!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Money Money Monaaayy Money!

Money makes the world go round..or something like that

Feeling the pinch right now.. so not got anything much as far as produce. Looking forward to getting my bulk order Friday, until then its going to be low key.. water..tea juice.. that's it!
I am saving up for a high speed blender, so putting away as much as possible is my aim right now! I know it will make a big difference in the kitchen! Have been eying up this little machine...Energise Blender £319 its pretty pricey..also been looking at these more basic types Commercial Blender Black..think the latter may win!

Really looking forward to the weekend ahead yet in the back of my mind is.. worries about more outgoings, more spending..just to spend a nice weekend with seems a constant whirl of spend spend spend!!

Work is a bit nuts right now..everyone is in a really negative mood..trying to focus on my work but the constant negative atmosphere starts to get to me after a while! Everyone is working really hard but we are just short staffed.... is only going to get worse now through the summer months.. its going to be a mental few months for sure!!

Have learnt to let go of stress and worry, I figure once I have organised, checked and double checked. There is no point stressing, all it does is make me sick and crazy!! Guess being this laid back keeps me sane!!
Not much to add right now..just resting..drinking my water and sailing along!

Food log



Watermelon juice -- of 1 watermelon

Monday, 16 June 2008

.....Childs play I have to admit its not my birthday until Thursday and I am ridiculously excited already!! Anyone I happen to speak to..that's it.."Its my BIRTHDAAAY THURSDAYYY"...ahem..sorry..forgot I am no longer 6 years old!! ha ha

I love taking food into work..and opening pressies..and generally being a complete spoilt princess for a weekend!

I have a couple packages winging their way to me..the anticipation is killing me!!

Quick post today, got my mate over.. its rude to blog and entertain! ha!


Lemon water

Lime water

More Lemon water w/cayenne pepper

Whipped up tonight 2 litres of Watermelon juice..mmmm steeped it in the lemon syrupy mixture..YUM!!

Overall feeling good, enough energy etc.

Today was tough at work, very busy and just not enough staff. Must say everyone worked really hard and we managed to pull it off not so badly!! Did find myself a bit shaky around midday, so went off to drink my lemon juice in peace!

That's all folks..more tomorrow!


Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Cuppa..solves everything!

Being a. terribly British and.. b. my grandmother being Chinese.. I am a complete TEA junkie

That's one thing that hasn't been blown out, for me tea is acceptable, warming and a tonic. Obviously without the icky dairy or a tonne of processed sugar..its tonic for the soul!
I drink mostly herbal, green and white-- usually infusions and tonics rather than black tea

Anything awful happens..first thing we do..kettle on..tea.. then we can think straight!!

Anyways I have been surfing to find some gorgeous online tea stores, and I found two fabulous ones

Jing Tea and LEAF Store both just incredible!!Gorgeous teas, teapots and little accessories!!

Here are some teas I loveeee

Oolong tea
Cross between green and black tea
( is rich in antioxidants called poly phenols;These help prevent cancer, keep the heart healthy and aid general well-being.
1/2 Caffeine of black tea
Lots of varieties!!

Peppermint tea

Fabulous for digestion

You can make your own.. its gorgeous and scents the whole house!! Great after a meal

Chill it down with some ice and lemon slices!

Rose infusion

I have never seen it done this way before.. Jing Tea have gorgeous rose buds.. these open up as they infuse. Light and aromatic!

White tea

Slightly higher in caffeine

research shows it as anti viral, protects against skin damage and even colon cancer

That's a good enough reason to say..bottoms up!

I recently joined the TEA lovers group on GI2MR.. Its like a dirty word to ha!! Oooh err!

After finding those stores today I may have to treat myself.. looks so beautiful on the well as a gorgeous after dinner tonic.

Live on the wild side.. eat raw..drink your (warm)tonic!



Lemon water w/cayenne just over 1 litre

1 small orange

1 red grapefruit--blended

Approx 1 litre Jasmine tea

Run AM
Basic workout PM

I have gone a bit tea mad today..found this fantastic website.. Now I really want a nice teapot and a selection of herbal infusions and flowering teas... ooo.. may have to treat myself!!

ooooh so pretty...Image from have a feeling I may be purchasing some bits from there this week!!

Yet another..Lazy Sunday

Sundays are for REST.. nothing comes between me and my duvet at the weekend! I always rise early but if I want a I pootle..can easily nap and get up again lol Think its a left over habit from childhood.. coming in and sleeping after school, usually because I was so poorly! At least now its just pure indulgent snuggley duvet time!!

Been for a run this morning now debating gym this afternoon or not!!

One thing I am noticing is a drop in my body temperature, I feel soooo cold when juicing. Made up some big jugs of tea infusions to try and keep myself warm!! Cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg.. nice and warming!!

Hoping we will have some nice weather next week so I wont feel the cold so badly!! In the meantime been wrapping up lots and resting when I need to.

This morning made up

jug of tea

jug of Lemon/cayenne/honey

These two will keep me going all day, keep going in and having a glass of this and that..pretty hydrated after my watermelon yesterday!! Made the mistake of drinking a big glass before bed..come 3am...had to get up!

Still got 1 Watermelon on the counter, will juice this tonight with some limes, nice and fresh. Something to look forward to at the office tomorrow!!

Lakeland have got some crazy new gadgets..exactly why anyone needs a strawberry slicer and huller..I do not know!!

A banana bag, keeps them at the perfect temperature in the fridge..apparently keeps them good for two weeks!! Also various Food preserving veggie bags, potato, mushroom etc..all look really cool

They also have "fresh bags" I am considering getting some of these to help keep my bulk produce be honest.. All I want is oranges..but I think I should get a few bits and bobs to make it worthwhile. Anyone got tips on keeping things fresh!?? I want to get my moneys worth out of this order!!

I know citrus keeps really not worried about this..however cucumbers/celery..bit more of a concern. I am going to freeze half of the pluots to make sure none get wasted!!

Anyways so bloomin off to go relax before hitting the gym!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Food Log quickie!

Just a quickie post

Watermelon Juice -- I lost count how much, probably juice of 1 melon

Red Grapefruit, ate some blended some


Gym workout
Yoga PM


Frequent urination, all clear! yippee!

Light headache on waking, dehydrated, my own fault there!! re hydrated with melon juice

I am eating a little juicy fruit as and when I want it right now, mainly as I will have dinner over my bday and weekend after, so dot want to shock my body into any problems. Saying that..I am just dreaming of a green salad dotted with plums and apricots right now!! that's my perfect bday meal!!

Feeling really good right now on mostly juice, I feel vibrant, sleep well and have shed loads of energy!!!

I watched Supersizers gone 1970s this afternoon, it was pretty funny and bit nostalgic all the sweets and TV dinners.. (not that I was around in the 70s) !! If you fancy a giggle and snapshot of eating in 1970s Britain..definitely give it a watch, its an hour long. They do different eras each week, to find out the perks and pitfalls of a certain diet/exercise routine held in each time frame. Really good!! Worth a can catch it on BBC iplayer for another 6 days.. go on US guys..know you will have a laugh!

That's all for today folks!

Excuses Excuses...

Tut tut tut..all I hear is excuses excuses

I cant afford raw

I don't have time for raw

I don't feel full on raw

I don't have a vitamix/champion/dehydrator

My family/siblings/partner/dog/manager is opposed to me eating raw


Health is paramount. Without optimal health, we are left unable to do anything..whether those are simple tasks..or huge feats. Without taking care of our bodies..there really is no foundation for life!!

Perhaps the huge turn around for me from taking 12 steroids every morning chased by various painkillers to now DRUG FREE is what has made me such a "preacher" for raw. I believe my health is worth time, effort and money. My family are stunned in the change, I feel ALIVE again!

If YOU don't take charge of what goes in your mouth, nobody else will!!
Take responsibility for your health ..BE THE CHANGE, BE THE EXAMPLE. That's more than any words/book pushing.. just being that example..will start raising eyebrows!!

Me and my buddy were up early watching UKFOOD as usual.... the adverts during the break were somewhat odd for a food programme...

One for Gaviscon is a handy travel sachet(Gaviscon on the go?!)

followed by Diet coke with vitamins(Vitamin C or Antioxidants?!..ERR)

I started to chuckle.. Diet coke with vitamins?! A complete Oxymoron!!

RAW heals every complaint, provides such an amazing spectrum of nutrients..we don't need to take this..use this..drink this.. just FRESH VIBRANT produce.

Guess I have acknowledged now that although I love gourmet treats as much as the next person a true FRESH raw diet is Optimal. Fresh, living and ripe produce, opposed to over processed things. Sure they are fine as a treat..but well..its kind of like not quite running on pure fuel..PUT the best you can afford into your body and REAP the benefits in every aspect of your life.

I will be trying to log exactly what produce I have got, what juices and so forth. For myself to be accountable but also to give a snapshot of what I am spending and any detox that comes with upping my juice intake! Right now I feel awesome on my clean and takes the fuss right out of life. Juice and go. That's all!!

Last night I whipped up Watermelon juice, this was a 10 minute job and now I have the majority of my juice for the day done. Also have a big pitcher of fresh lemonade to enjoy!

Anyoo that's all for now, back with my juice log for the day a bit later!

Eat raw, play hard rawbies!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Orange juice.. and jug porn!

Here's my new bday jug... with some fresh orange/pink grapefruit juice!! Yummy!!

Quickie post


Raw chocolate

Couple nut type bars

Pink grapefruit juice 1 litre

Strawberry/pear/grapefruit combo.. yummy!

Okay so had some solids..been feeling a bit peaky..think its the hay fever tablets..has lactose and I am horribly intolerant.

So sick isn't the word!! Had to have some solids to calm my stomach a bit.

Decided on ordering Cucumbers, Oranges, Watermelons and Grapefruits by the case..yummy!!

My little birthday treat to myself.

Anyways that all for today folks! Short and sweet (a bit like me)

Toodle pip!!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Unleash your POTENTIAL

After spending this afternoon in a ball of stress about my birthday next week

I decided to LET GO. and just..LET IT BE. Whatever happens happens. I have limitations, as long as I am happy, healthy and have fun..that's the main thing. But it cant mean sacrificing my well being for the rest of the month.

With that I have just..forgotten it. Its not for a week. Plenty of time to figure out where, and how to celebrate another year of life. Details aren't worth stress.

Anyways I have been reading Bronwyn's Blog the last couple days, this woman is SO inspiring. If you haven't read her blog, I would encourage you to go read the last couple posts and watch her "Juice-luck" video blogs. AMAZING the transformation, says it all.

In simplifying things, whatever this is; if its juice feasting, if its.. slowing down your pace of life, work, simplifying how you live, where you live, the way you live. WHATEVER. Simplifying things, just being, allowing your cells to be saturated with living juice.. enjoying those more quiet activities. Just is the perfect arena for some serious LIFE ALTERING Transformations.

I can honestly say I don't think I was ready for feasting in March, I stumbled through 45 days. It was rough and I couldn't get anywhere near enough juice into me. FEAST means..FEAST!! I have been having plenty of juice the past few days, and it feels amazing. I haven't felt hungry, I juice in the evenings..and drink when I am ready for my meal. SIMPLE.

Juice fasting seems to allow US to unleash our Potential..and that is just insane. Be prepared for amazing things. Whether its just adding more juice, just having juice, setting a time frame, 10 days, 30 days, 100 days..whatever. JUST JUICING..not having to be concerned with..what time, what to eat, should I do this, use this..bla bla bla..Just..drink! So many New raw guys seem to get so confused with ideas and different schools of fast. Us rawbies spend so much time worrying, is THIS..the most optimal way of eating?.. slow things down, simplify.

Juice feasting TRANSCENDS all schools of thought, cuts to the CORE.
Simplify, and unleash your POTENTIAL.
What you CAN BE, What you SHOULD BE, WHAT you desire to TRANSFORM into.

Our Local Government has extended their Appraisal scheme which now means my department also have to have appraisals! I have mine tomorrow, I guess sitting and trying to gather information on my last years performance got me thinking. How important is this in the grand scheme of things? Work is work. I am so thankful for my job..... it pays for me to live, I work with wonderful people.. I leave off..and that's it. I DON'T have to think about my job after 530..and that is a blessing. For me switching off is a massive problem, so knowing I leave the office at the door is important to my health. Its as simple as stress = flares for me, so I know keeping my stress levels low, is just crucial for me! Nothing like looking back on 12 months to give you perspective on how much things have changed, developed and IMPROVED to the max!

I am continuing onwards juicing lots. All I know right now is juice feels good. I am not limiting or saying anything more!!

If finances permit I will be bulk buying and continuing on with this, getting some celery, greens, oranges and watermelons to feast on!

Oh oh nearly forgot, sweet lady I work with got me a lovely big alfresco Jug..its gorgeous..perfect for filling with apple and sprigs of mint..Mmmm..taste the sunshine!! Too too sweet!!My first bday present..a week early! lol

Anyways plenty food for thought

GO ON.....Unleash your POTENTIAL


Just a quickie post for tonight!!

Food for today

1.6 Litre Orange/Pineapple Juice (freshly made)


Green tea

Chai tea --black

Basic workout + Yoga today

Juiced up tonight ahead for tomorrow

Pink grapefruit/celery juice

Orange/lemon/lime/pear/strawberry juice

I made like 2.5 the fridge..voila!

That's all for today folks


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

All I need is.... liquid sunshine

Today I have been drinking grapefruit/pear Juice.. It is so soo good.. can just feel all my cells drinking it up!

Somehow the creamy pear..just turns it into a completely silky goes down wayyy too easy. I had to pour it into a cup and make myself chew ..and go slowly. Not just gulp the lot down!!

I am enjoying mostly liquid and can say..I could easily just have liquid and be more than fine. I feel mentally clear right to just say NO..whilst at the same time listening to what my body asks for.

Food log TODAY

2 Litres Grapefruit/pear juice


Green tea

Small salad

Tonight I have prepared the juice for tomorrow, 2 litres again. Easy to whip up, takes me 5 minutes and 5 minute clean up. Pretty good, I enjoy pottering in the kitchen in the evening..its relaxing..not a chore!

1 Pineapple and about 8 Large Navel oranges -- so Creamy and good, filled my flasks up for the morning. I will probably have a glass tonight..mmmm

My sister totally blessed me I was able to get fresh strawberries, celery and another sack of oranges..the market lady looked pleased to see me! comes that little lady that buys a load of oranges!! lol I must say hers were not the cheapest.. I saw some stalls that had 6 for £1.. however..hers were big and looked fresh..not the old scraps!!

I got some gorgeous large Pineapples, the guys in the supermarket pointed the box out to me..there was layers of Large golden Pineapples.....all on sale for £1.. So I got two, they smell divine..every time I go in the kitchen..mmm the aroma wafts over me!!

Oranges and Grapefruit yield a lot of juice..and are fairly cheap. I seem to have switched from my melon kick onto citrus.. so satisfying!

Was lucky enough to leave off work early today, was so gorgeous and sunny, was a real treat to potter around the market and hit the gym ...walk around the garden barefoot..all those little things that make me grin!!

The weather is so so beautiful, set to change tomorrow, so I am going to enjoy every last bit of golden sunshine!!


Monday, 9 June 2008

The Universe provides..

Not just provides

provides in abundance..

I am so thankful!!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Juicy hydration...

I woke up this morning with a sore head, knew straight away was I went to drink some juice straight from the fridge.. 20 minutes later right as rain!

Something about watermelon juice..and nothing so light.. yet filling.. its awesome

Tried eating some watermelon today, I didn't think I liked the texture much..but actually its fine, I just swallowed the seeds down with the flesh. They are very small ones.

Just hacked up my last watermelon.. a bit of anxiety swept over me..that that's it..all gone.. and I am not too sure when/if I can get more food!I trust the universe to provide me with some more produce..just having faith!
..its pretty therapeutic just carving it.. gently slicing the flesh away.. just gorgeous..all the juice dripping out..the smell..Mmmm!

Watermelon rocks Somehow its entirely hydrating, filling and satisfying. On waking I was ravenous..but after my peppermint to settle my stomach. I felt fine again and not hungry. I have a little watermelon left, 6 grapefruits and a few lemons left now.....


2 Peppermint tea

Watermelon juice

1 bowl watermelon cut up

Gym workout(cardio some free weights)

Yoga PM

1 Green tea with Orange juice

1 Peppermint infusion

Small bowl watermelon no more than 200g

2 cups Peppermint tea

Juice of 1 Pink grapefruit

Feeling good and super relaxed after workout and a catch up with my lovely mate Ju! Now time for some serious vegging out..foodie programmes.. cup of tea..and just flopping.. forgetting about the fact I have to be up at 5am! Enjoy the rest of the weekend..sunshine..and sunlight streaming into the house
Looking forward to rising early for yoga before heading out for the day!

That's all...more melon madness tomorrow!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Listening to YOUR body..

Okay right now my body seems to be telling me..simplify..simplify..simplify

In fact I am drawn to juice feasting again, having completed 45 days, which wasn't easy. Somehow now I am easily managing to fast or have a mostly liquid diet, without trying.

Perhaps its tying down and saying.. I AM NOW ..doing this..or doing that.. that means we slip up?

All in the mind set I think.

Anyways I came across a discussion about Summer Juice feasters ..which got me thinking about this, the produce is plentiful this time of year..I can score cheap cases.. it just makes sense. Thinking of doing a modified juice feast from 1st July, after my birthday, mainly as I am held to tight budget right now.. and would like to be well stocked and set up.

For now I will continue with my watermelon feasting, combined with MC..and any fruit that I want as usual. I am just listening to my body and taking it day by day right now.

As far as modifications to a feast

I think I would permit BLENDED foods -- in the form of Green smoothie
MC drink
Coconut oil, raw honey + E3 Live

Basically if my body is asking for something, within means.. accepting and shifting things up.

If this means eating a blended salad, or a superfood pudding -- then I accept that..I make my own rules.

Getting in majority of calories from juice-- juicing greens and heads of celery as per protocol.

Anyways.. I have a good two weeks to stock up...and think whether or not I want to commit to this..or just.jump in..and see where life takes me!.. I will rephrase that-- Commit to a Juice feast as per the protocol OR.. Make some BIG adaptations to my diet/routine the long term

Perhaps just adding more juices will create a shift.. I certainly am feeling mental clarity just having my watermelon juice.

Maybe this is just a shift in thinking regarding my diet as a whole-- I believe should have more juice daily..juice my greens..and the rest is just..details. I do know 8-1-1 works for me, so I know sticking to low fat is right.. whatever other adaptations..just come with time..and changes in myself.

My eyes are pretty much back to normal--I only see the stars/flashes of light in my vision at night or when I am stressed-- stress is..gone lately!Also am still completely flare free after 15 months! Really rejoice in that everyday, that I can go to work..and just do normal things without worrying about having to find a toilet. I just wish that doctors would completely poo-poo this sort of diet to crohns sufferers-- It HEALS!!!

Tonight consumed

Another watermelon juice -- drunk about 2/3 of watermelon now

w/ 4 limes

Peppermint infusion

Will continue drinking peppermint tea to keep warm all is Sooo cold!

Anyways.. I am just feeling good and inspired right now to simplify my diet..learn more about nutrition..and have mental clarity at this time of setting up business things.

Just want everything good in abundance in my life, More love, more life, more fun .. abundance financially, health wise.. in every aspect.

That's really is all for today now!

Baby its cold outside.... winter!! I cant believe this is JUNE..again..its a washout!

Saying that.. I have planned nothing but rest..gentle workouts..and drinking am quite content to be wrapped up on my couch!

I haven't added many food logs the past few days as I have been mainly having my MC drink, today I will be having Watermelon and as much MC as I want.

Got an awesome 12 hours sleep last night, I couldn't physically stay awake, I knew it was time for a long sleep. Drank some senna and peppermint tea..and off I went to sleep!

This actually wasn't too violent, I brewed it pretty weak, knew there was stuff that needed eliminating. To enable me to continue just consuming liquids..without having horrible detox headache is gone..and I feel much better this morning.

Feeling full of energy and raring to go!!.. going to use this day to read.. rest.. juice..and go workout a little. I am considering some more..wet yoga lol neighbours already think I am a bit zany.. I don't think doing my yoga in the pouring rain is convincing them of my sanity!

My friend is asking me for some help at the moment .. adding calories and post workout smoothies to his diet.He's an ex bodybuilder so this may take a bit of work!!

So playing around with some ideas..loving it. I like creating new things!! I am more than happy to help anyone!! If your a new rawbie..and want some help..drop me a line(email!), happy to coach/help/send food packages/provide encouragement!!

Today I became aware of Jo @ Discover Raw .. shes attempting to do raw on a budget of £20 a week, which is $40, this is more than possible with some planning. Anyways I will be keeping a close eye on what shes up to!! Have added her blog to my blogroll anyhooo. I will try and weekly add any offers of interest to UK guys..every penny counts!

Okay so this morning I did:

On rising : Yoga

Followed by Gym workout



3 cups peppermint tea (so refreshing!!)

For late lunch will have :

1/2 watermelon with 3 limes -- blended

When I juice watermelon I juice the rinds, however when I blend I cut them so to keep plenty of the white rind ON.

Here is my beautiful watermelon.. the colour is SO VIBRANT..just gorgeous.. oh..also checked and can score them wholesale 6 for £13! Yippee! ..the melon man may be redundant in a few weeks lol to be replaced by the Fruit wholesale man with his big van!! lol

That's for a blissful afternoons rest...aah!

Friday, 6 June 2008

The melon man...

No ..not the milkman

not..theJuiceman (although that would be

the melon man has been to visit..!

I have two huge beautiful Watermelons for the weekend.. that will be plenty to feast on with lime juice.. Bliss!

I have managed this week on a teeny I am chuffed I have managed it. The melons were the biggest expense at £2.99 each!! However my mate dropped them really I cant lug melons that big home!!

Have been looking into buying wholesale direct from Fruit and Vegetable suppliers, this would work out a lot cheaper. Buying 5-10kg cases of fruits.. very reasonable price, Have spoken to a supplier not far from my home and they are going to do me a deal in a couple weeks... Oooh..I am wayy to excited about it!

Looking at getting 40lb Banana, case of Cucumbers, tomato,lettuce,baby corn and Oranges..Drool!

Definitely might help some other rawbies..try going straight to the packaging.. cheaper.. MAKES GOOD SENSE!!

Had a really good day despite being shattered after getting 4 hours sleep..but pumped and ready for a good weekend of working and watermelon drinking!

That's all for now.. time to relax..been a manic 12 hours!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Shopping tips offs for...UK rawbies

Sorry about no post yesterday, was so shattered after a long day at the office, workout..then trying to keep my eyes peeled to watch the apprentice..I was asleep on the sofa time it started!! Ha!!

Doing okay, pretty much had my MC drink yesterday, couple raw crackers..and did a 90 minute leg workout in the evening. Nothing spectacular!

Anyways.. This week I have scored some fab offers, by just checking online where has offers..and snapping them up!! ..Okay so I use markets at the weekend..however in the week time I finish work they are closed..and my dear organic man is closed for the some alternatives are...yes..the evil supermarkets!!

This might help some UK rawbies save some pennies this week..quick sweep of Tesco and Sainsburys for Offers of interest.. if it helps some of you..then its worth a quick look!!

Despite inflation may are pledging to continue their weekly fruit and vegetable offers, and keep those at a GOOD price for all.


Pineapples £1 until 15 JUNE

Sharon fruit 49p until 15 JUNE

Organic Melon £2.49 until 8 JUNE

Organic Cherry Tomato 93p until 15 JUNE

Organic Nectarines £2.99 until 15 JUNE (Same for organic Peaches)

Organic Mushrooms 89p until 15 JUNE

Coconuts(Mature), 2 for £1 until 13 JUNE

Sainsburys ( usually weekly offers, do check online first before jumping in the car!)

Pineapple 2 for £2.50

Gaila Melon 2 for £2.00

Organic Mango 2 for £2.50

Organic Peach £1.99 (Better than tesco!)

Pink grapefruit 3 for £1.00 (yes I have 20 in my kitchen)

Papaya 2 for £2.50

Organic oranges, 33% extra more in the sack £1.99

Hopefully that will help someone! Certainly helped me save some pennies this week!

Anyways I am off to drink my juice!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Back to our scheduled viewing...

Isn't this about the raw life?...hmm.. not sure why that cant involve the odd tit bit of fashion..but hey!! ha!

rolling in food log and ramble today.. REST day today so just my regular run

10 glasses MC drink

2 raw crackers

2 cups of Fennel tea

Probably have another MC tonight with the addition of pink grapefruit juice! yummy! Got a 10 on offer I may go back and buy a case at the weekend!

Okay so MC with Divine and kept me full all day. I made it up in a bottle this morning with NO water. Then poured it, added water from the filter. Kept filling it up all day in my tumbler at work. Really easy, no fuss, and no hunger main thing!

Apparently food prices are set to double due to inflation here... superb lol reason to be glad all I am buying is grapefruit,lemons and limes right now!!..seems they are only analysing increases for milk,eggs and meat!

Really shattered after work today, we had technical difficulties all day on the it was a bit hair-raising to say the least!! ha! Hoping its all okay tomorrow!

Had a nice relaxing run with a friend tonight, good to chat and feel all that stress just lift off!

Making my life a STRESS FREE ZONE..sure is making me feel good..flare free and content. I hear people everyday..Dont have this..dont have that.. switching the focus to.. I am thankful for having.. these things, these people in my life, this beautiful day...whatever it is..however small it changes our whole outlook. Make a choice on rising to have a GREAT day..and thats exactly what you will have!!

We have proper Autumn(Fall) weather here.. cold..windy.. stormy.. thunder and lightening most days..and..daddy long legs spiders lol.. I am no longer scare of their little feathery figures skating around the they must be as confused as I am..its meant to be Summertime!!

Anyoo.. thats to relax..and watch the F word.. Rordon Ramsay..why cant I clone him..he is gorgeous!!

Monday, 2 June 2008

I have a confession...

I am a complete..girly girl

yes.. a shoe obsessed.. running for the bus in 5inch heels every morning.. so busy reading Vogue she missed her bus ..... kind of girly girl!!

Ahem..glad I got that off my chest!!

Shoes are a bit of a collectors item for me!!.. Saying this I haven't had any new ones in quite sometime.. other things have been a priority..however I do love fashion..clothes..and customising stuff myself!!

Anyway..just for lighthearted are my 5 MOST WANTED girly girl items for my B-day.. totally blue sky wish list..!! I am always waffling on about my just for fun..some girly fluff!!

All of these items are from!! my favourite online shopping place..

Paul's Boutique sports bag( I have two of these..this is next on my wish list)

Disney kitch..I love it..

ASOS t-bar shoe

Leopard print cardigan

Contrast trim mini ra-ra skirt

However after all that.. I have to confess I would trade all the above for... this little pile to appear outside my doorstep(with bows..of course)!!

A girl can dream!!

FOOD LOG..and foodie bits for the day!

Food LOG

At work 750-1730

1 Banana

1 food bar

1 Pear

2 Kebabs- veggies one I made yesterday

Grazing, eating every couple of hours basically.

After work



Leg raises, lifts

Basic kickboxing moves

Mainly leg training tonight

Post workout

Peppermint tea

Haven't had time to input things today into Nutridiary.. just really tired and looking forward to slipping into clean sheets tonight!!

Went shopping spent my £10 for the week, got grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges..also some green tea blends. Plenty of stuff for MC drink this week. I have Thursday off and am going to use it to rest fully..drink plenty of water and sleep. Should be good.

Instead of wallowing that I cant buy my normal food I am using this opportunity to fast, cleanse and simplify my diet.

Anyways that's all on the food front for now.


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sleepy Sunday and... Food Log rolled into one!

Sundays are always lazy...slow.. doing all those jobs that need doing ready for the week ahead

I have been lucky enough to get a day off Thursday, I am looking forward to spending it down the gym..and pottering..stop at the juice bar on the way home. Little things that normally I don't get time to do in my working day!!

Finally got round to the boring task of cleaning the fridge..and organising my wardrobe..which was overtaking my guest room!

Sticking to a pretty basic menu right now as I am trying to save up, I think its easily doable on £10-£13 per week, but its take some serious planning.

Keeping stocked on banana's, keeping eye out for special offers and freezing up berries on sale..really works well..also going and buying the seconds at 6pm ..most supermarkets do this, Huge sacks of oranges, lemons and grapefruits for like 70p.. its worth walking and checking what they have.. make enough juice/smoothie for dinner!

Basically some forward thinking, getting up that extra 2 hours early so I have time to workout and make 1 litre smoothie to last me the morning. Its as simple as that really!

I have a small amount of seeds and some be honest I rarely use them..but they are on standby. I made a little "sweet seed mix" today, sunflower seeds, agave, carob, some coconut oil,soaked dates, banana very thinly sliced and dried for 8 hours... its seriously goooey and good as a quick snack..thrown it in the fridge..easy to just grab a spoon!.. very sweet.. my little sister would love the stuff!!

Thinking of adding in some MC drink to my diet, the continuing with routine mainly drinking watermelon juice..and whatever green smoothies I want! Cheap, cleansing..and give me some time to do some other thinking/working..and take the focus OFF of food and onto myself and some nurturing time.

FOOD + Training LOG

Workout AM



Basic floor work

Post workout snack

Few bits of cucumber, pepper and fresh peas in pods(whilst making kebabs)

Meal 1

1 Mango smoothie ice lolly (about 1/2 mango)

1 very ripe Banana


2.5 small Banana

Meal 2

2 veggie kabobs

PM Weights

Arm workout, 5kg, 10 kg free weights. Low weights high reps.

Post workout

1/2 Watermelon, 3 limes BLENDED Drink

Meal 3

2 Spoons "sweet sunflower mix"


80% Carbs

7% Protein

13% Fat

Wayyy too much fat!I had sunflower seeds and coconut oil, haven't had overt fat for so long.. felt very heavy in the stomach!

I ate a lot today, little and often. But also did some pretty hard work..also cleaned the house, hoovered and moved some heavy bits around!! Hence the hunger monster!

That's all folks


Everything tastes better....on a stick

Maybe its the kid on me..but..I love eating things on sticks lol

Lately have been eating Mango smoothie lollies ..on sticks..Pineapple on a stick.. fruit/veggie kabobs...Yummy!!

Mango smoothie lollies so simple to make..and everyone loves them!! just blended mango with a couple of limes and pour into moulds!

Anyoo I made these this morning ; veggie kabobs with Peppers, cucumber and mushroom..delicious

For the mushrooms I marinated them overnight, lemon juice, curry spices,sea salt and a drop of olive oil-- massaged well and popped into the fridge. I cut them into little bits before marinating--since I knew what I was going to be using them for.

I also bought pea pods to add in..but err.. I ate those whilst making it! They would make a fabulous addition, if you can resist eating the lovely sweet pods..beforehand!

Lush.. they are so fresh and lovely, will drizzle with some fresh lime juice before serving, have salsa and raw mayo in the fridge... friend popping over this afternoon, so no doubt she will have a few of those.. I adore cucumber..yum!

Anyoo just wanted to pop up the pictures! More later

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Food Log + Training

AM workout

Trainer session so went through new programme, lots of varied things. But no intensity as he was showing me ropes

After this

Weights- just arms, free weights, 10kg and 20kg


then did 50 reverse(ouch)


Basic PM workout

Weights again (Just used little 10kg -- light and can do lots of slow reps)

Squats-- deep ones

Post workout drink

Blended 1/2 watermelon w/2 limes

Evening meal

Few bits of very ripe Pineapple (before they went into the freezer)

(1 hour later)

2 Ripe vine Tomato

If I am hungry later

Frozen pinapple on scewers or Mango smoothie lolly (got plenty made up in my freezer)

Juicy joy!

After getting to bed at 4am..I wasn't exactly enthusiastic when I had to get my butt out of bed and off to personal trainer session early!! but..groggily off I went!!

Did go well though..planned too more mini sessions at home today, then tomorrow 2-3 sessions.

Got just enough food to last me the weekend, planning on making it last and work for me. Had a vague idea what I wanted to make over the weekend bought firm veggies..and scored some super ripe pineapple..which is now in the freezer all sliced frozen pineapple kebabs!

Soooo hungry after training, mad dash for the kitchen to see what to whip up!!

Spending a lot of time working out right now, really clearing my head and giving me time to think about what I want.. 6 months down the line, a year down the line, its all possible!

Man..that watermelon is so so good!! Going to try and get 3 this week, they are so fantastic..I could happily just have watermelon..if they were easier to get hold of!! If I had a car I would be down the supermarket buying a pallet! The wonderful Connie at Naked Food Cafe is embarking on some watermelon mono feasting!! Mmm.. I will be keeping an eye on her journey.. and drooling(and getting slightly envious at all the melon!!)

My friend said to me yesterday..what do you want for your birthday.. err.. a pallet of organic cucumber, watermelons.. oh...and a lot of cacao for party time!! hehe.. save it for special occasions these days.. I completely agree with Matt Monarch as far as cacao being a "party drug" and not something to be eaten every single day!.. so I am looking forward to a bit of chocolate for sure in a few weeks..but truth be known.. I would be mega excited if a watermelon with a bow appeared!! ha!

Feeling really good right now, taking the focus off the food and back to ME, looking after me..emotionally, whatever way that may be. This week has tested me big time, but feel mega out the other end!!

Anyoo.. time for some R&R