Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Only Happy when it rains..

It didn't just rain it poured today. And yes I have been ridiculously happy all day!

The facts it has been dim and raining all day meant I had complete comfort with my eyes for the first time in 4 months! Its been lovely. Although now its nighttime, the visual disturbances are back again. Was certainly nice during the day!

Anyway just a quick one, tired and.. tired!!


Tea...buckets of it

4 Pears

1 pot Pineapple -- 200g

1/2 avo

Went for a short run 1 hour

That's all for now folks, more time tomorrow

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Dreaming of sunny shores

Today I have been daydreaming, of sunny beaches.. of Australia.. aah.. I let my mind wander to that sunny shore.

Needless to say it was a quiet day.. quickly caught up on my work and kept my head down.

It makes such a huge difference it being light until 9 at night, and such gorgeous warm sun, no jackets, no scarves. Just sun warm on your bare arms.. It is bliss!!!

Been reading more and more newbies posting about the EXPENSE of eating raw, which I don't think is a truth at all. I may revisit my "how to do raw on shoestring" add some seasonal ideas for this time of year. Later in the week for sure!

Anyways I am off to relax in the garden and do a little yoga .. so shall leave you with my rundown for today!

Training today

Morning Pilate's

Evening run 3 miles


4 Apples

2 Pears

1 Salad-- Medium sized, not as big as I would make at home, peppers, corn, tomato and lettuce-- Nothing special, bought from work. My mistake!!

If I am hungry later

Will eat a few banana's or blended banana with maca

That's all for today, short and sweet!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Nothing like London Smog....

I decided to make the most of having a Monday off today, the most busy and stressful day at my office. So good not to be there taking the brunt of stress onto my shoulders. Saying that the niggling of having to play 3 days catch up when I do get in isn't so great!!

Best thing about MAY..Two Bank holiday Mondays..Yipeee!! Hopefully spend some time with my sister as well as some time in London. Split the time however, try and fit in going to see some talks and visiting some old friends whilst everyone has the holiday time.

Anyways.. enjoying the spring..which has finally sprung!! Windows open..breeze through the house.. hotpants wearing kinda weather..lovin it!

Had a couple emails about my kebabs, glad they turned out so well!! Must say I have been enjoying them today. Had some in between training, very very good!!

Have been having some deep thinking, where I want to be in 6 months and doing what?.. I know I cant let another year go by and still be here in the same place doing the same job. Time to think, act and switch things up! Know I need to spend more time in London for starters... Suki is moving and shaking some stuff up in Camden right now @ Inspiral Lounge . Bigging up SUKI.. just a shame I am never in town on a damn Tuesday night!!

I miss the tube(subway to you lovely yanks)..seeing the gherkin on the way to work.. and just.. walking down Oxford street in 4inch heels after a night out(not so much getting the tube drunk or running for the last train).. just the smell..and everything..arg..but.. I DO love it here.. have to remember that!! Keep some perspective!!Funny how you can get all nostalgic..then when I am back I think.. NOW I remember why I left

Guess the main things are

** Job -- whether a raw related job is going to be a sideline or my FULL time employment

Cheffing/personal cheffing and coaching is what I want the focus to be

However after a year I realise perhaps eating simple 90% of the time is best for everyone--my initial plans may have to shift a bit. I no longer believe eating gourmet everyday is good or at all optimal.

Coaching, Simple Meal Prep demo's/classes and Raw-ifying Kitchen spaces..appealing a LOT to me right now!

Finding the right space/location to do demonstrations is the first thing.

I need a good partner to help me with the setup, its really mind boggling trying to put everything together .. for me anyways. Will get there. No doubt!

** Enabling international travel -- financially and within the limitations of my current job, there is no holiday over 2 days until September

Eating and training hard is my goal right now... also training allows me to centre myself and think harder, better and without old cobwebs and stress cluttering up my mind!!

Training goals : to get extra toned, increase arm definition and get my bra size down another 2 by June. Think that is more than possible for sure!!

I build muscle very very easily, literally a week of doing heavy weights and they are popping out! Will be using some smaller weights for now, under 5kg ..anything else leaves me with too much bulky muscle. Have been dancing since I was 2, so have "dancers" legs whether I train or sit around all day!

Now its brighter and warmer I may start walking to the office again, the 6 mile round trip certainly burns some calories and be honest with music, 1 hour to myself really is pretty pleasant early morning and after a long shift.

Have had my head in ZEST magazine this afternoon, guess its a female aimed fitness magazine. This month has a decent feature on running as well as lots of nutrition articles and other training info. Good for getting some new ideas, seems theres more and more "tools" to help people train. Phones that can be personalised to train you on a run, wrist bands that communicate with trainers and then upload your data online, special shoes to help with toning core and legs.. There is so much out there, mad!! Think I will just stick to trainers and weights for now! Although saying that I may invest in some monitoring gadgets next month. More reading to do before making any serious investments!

Anyways that's all for now.. time for some rest and a long soak

Training today

AM 1 hour gym -- weighted chin ups, rowing and cross trainer

MID-DAY Home 1 hour floor work with weights and resistance bands-- squats, basic yoga poses, press-ups and sit ups

Also did just some general free-style dancing stuff.. working on some hip hop/street dancing that combines some "krumping". Bit different..but..all good. Really hard work though!!

PM run, 2-3 miles -- depending if I have running buddy to keep me going, otherwise will be a sprint around the block!

Eating for today ( all organic)

Post AM workout

Bag of Organic Tomato, 4 LARGE

1. 5 litre water

Post MID-DAY workout

1 Large Tomato

1 small hass Avo

Late afternoon/Evening EATS

1 Cuppa (herbal)

Another 1 litre water

Pictures speak louder than is dinner...

More fat that I normally eat day to day, back to normal tomorrow with my routine, work etc.

That's all for now folks!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

No Schicken in my Kebabs

That's right... raw vegan..chicken free..KEBABS!

Really pleased how they turned out, would be fabulous with some raw ketchup, mayo or a little tapinade-olive and sun dried tomato. Easy finger food and really really YUMMY!!

Fab party food on skewers or you could have them just as "chicken nuggets" in salad or with various dipping sauces!

Anyways here's how to make them

2 Large Mushrooms
Olive oil
Sea salt
Organic Shoyu
Miso (fresh)

For the "bread" coating

Any meal you like-- Buckwheat, oat groats
or you can use almond meal, hemp seeds or some ground seeds of your choice

process to a fine-ish meal and add spices

You can play around with the coatings for sure
For spices
A medium curry mix
Little salt

Here is how to make them!

Start with Two large Mushrooms-- Large flat ones work best
Expect you could use smaller ones, just NOT the button variety for making the nugget shapes we need for this dish.Wipe them down

To marinate I used : Olive oil, Fresh Miso and Organic Shoyu

Use the best quality YOU can afford

If your not happy using these fermented foods you could sub them-- Ume vinegar could work or some ACV, lemon, herbs and oil-- depends on the flavour you are looking for
All the items used are organic

Rub the mushrooms with sea salt on top and on the ribbed undersides. Mix up olive oil, 1 tablespoon Miso and 2-3 tablespoons of Shoyu in a bowl. Put the mushrooms in, make sure they are coated on both sides.

Cover with the paper bag and leave for 2-3 hours

Next Prepare the "Breadcrumbs"

You can use any meal you like, almond, buckwheat,oat or a combination. You could also use hemp seeds or even sunflower seeds.

This is 1/2 buckwheat 1/2 Oat groats
Processed then added cayenne, curry powder and sea salt to taste. Mixed roughly with the spoon.

Add what you like-- depends if your going for a TEX-MEX flavour or something spicier, up to you!

Slice up your marinated mushrooms, fairly thick, they will be firm and have a more "meaty" texture now. They have taken on some colour and marinade. Slice them into "nugget" sized bits not too small-- they have to go on a skewer.

Too small and they will just fall apart!

Next get the mushrooms coated in the "breadcrumbs"

Dip the nuggets into the marinate then into the "breadcrumbs"--coat well, pat them gently. Then into a dish or a plate.
Continue until they are all well covered

A TIP : Use 1 hand, as it can get messy, make sure you dip them then coat them up.

Next is the "uncooking" stage
You can leave them to sundry on a warm windowsill, cover with baking parchment
Or Dehydrate as low as possible for 4 hours-- they will become tender inside and crisp outside
Or Refrigerate them overnight

I dehydrated mine for 4 hours, they are tender inside yet crunchy on the outside

After this step you can put them onto LARGE skewers, scatter on salads or pile high as nuggets and serve with various dipping sauces.
They are so yummy, 2 mushrooms makes a lot of nuggets!!!Some of mine pictured on skewers! (This made a lot, only half of them is pictured here!)

For once.. a non Duvet Sunday!

Okay sorry to disappoint but for once, I am not spending a Sunday wrapped up the cocoon of my duvet!

Got up early, despite being up until 1am watching Sex in the City Reruns

Have made a start on my Raw vegan Kebabs.. ooh wait and see..they are now dehydrating a little. Made a start on marinating them several hours ago, they smell and look great so am really excited to see how they turn out!!

I am LOVING the huge flat mushrooms at the organic market at the moment, they are so huge, two is enough for a recipe, in fact more than enough. The meatballs I made last weekend served me for dinner, lunch and the next dinner! The lovely chap on the organic market is used to me now and realises I invest in my health and wont be scared by whatever amount the produce costs! This week he had about 5 different variety of tomatoes, loads of lovely blood oranges as well as various dates.. they looked fab. I settled on mushrooms, loads of tomatoes and some ripe pears.

Whilst the mushrooms dehydrate I shall get working out.. some weights, resistance bands and floor work. Basic yoga poses as well as some press ups, leg raises and ballet barre work.

Want to work on some more leg definition without adding bulk to my already muscled dancers legs

Also want to get down another 2 cup sizes by the summer, take me down to a 30FF

Currently sitting at the 30G-GG mark.. much to my annoyance!

It is absolutely beautiful weather here, so I am going to out in the garden to neighbours ignore my little quirks these days! Time to feel the burn!

Going to be a typical Brit and go down the pub after!! (No not wearing a straw hat and shorts..not going that far just yet)

That's all for now folks.. its going to be one of those multi post days!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

A night in with.. What women want

Ahh what a week! Kind of nice to be separate from the PC but also was driving me mad having no net because of a teeny tiny adaptor breaking on me!! Nowhere stocked it, sold it..finally the supplier sent me one. I could of jumped for joy when it arrived and WORKED! Yipe!

Guess it also made me realise that.. if I want to get THINGS CHANGING in my life, I have to actually do them, be active..not just think..note take..procrastinate.. gonna shake things up for sure!

Spent the day pottering about organic market followed by laying in the garden reading all afternoon. It has been so gorgeous and HOT! At last!! I lay out in my hot pants..and just forgot about everything outside of my little garden! It was bliss!

After thorough relaxation I am settling down to watch a movie.. What women want tonight.. its on BBC Three

I normally don't have patience for films but I have seen this before so I should be okay, with a magazine, book and some little breaks. My attention span is about 20 minutes..then my mind starts wandering off...
The moment where Mel Gibson is dancing about drunk with the biore pad on his nose..trying to apply the waterproof mascara is classic!

I love the concept of the film, sometimes when I am walking down the street I wish I could know what was inside a mans head. Or indeed even if men have the same sort of thought patterns or multiple thinking that women have??

Many a night out we have got debating this, is a man thinking of one thing or twenty as he walks to the corner shop?? Never have got to the bottom of that one!!
For me as I walk to the bank I am thinking "Is the rubbish out, what bills to pay, what food needs buying, what time to go the gym, what clothes needs washing"..literally 20 plus things at once.. I really don't think men are that way?.. Maybe they are..enlighten me! lol

I truly think Female and Male brains are entirely different... It would be amazing if the film could come true for a day.. or maybe not..maybe knowing MENS thoughts wouldn't be all that!

Maybe one day I will find Anyway off to relax and watch the film..some uncooking tomorrow.. watch this space!

Faux Kebabs.... woo! wait and see..

Virgin Internet..not SO ... INNOCENT

Virgin internet..A royal pain! is what it is! Had no net for a week, finally back now folks!

Will post a bit later.. now off in the sunshine

Love and Light

Saturday, 19 April 2008

No cow..Meatballs



Large Mushrooms, Peppers, Vine Tomato, Mung bean sprouts

-- To bind/season

Olive oil


Ground flax
Any old vegetable pulp
Spring onions/shallots

Plenty of room for adding!

Marinated these mushrooms for 2 hours
Rubbed Olive oil into them, sea salt, covered them with a paper bag nice and tight.

Here they are nice and tender, "Meaty" texture, this is like the prime steak of mushrooms.. absolutely beautiful!

Diced up Tomato, Peppers, mung sprouts and the diced up Mushroom "meat"

All into one bowl
Added here 1 spoon Shoyu, 1 spoon Olive oil -- if your using a grain meal you probably wont need anything to help bind it up. Ground flax would be easy or some carrot pulp would be drying.
I then squeezed the excess water out of the mixture, it was then very easy to mould into ball shapes.
You could roll them in almond meal for something a bit fancier!

Here they are rolled out ready to go, you can eat them as they are or dehydrate for a short while, or leave to sundry.
Depending on how you want to treat them add more or less WET ingredients

Here we go plated up after 1 hour dehydrating low.
With Olive tapinade and some mung sprouts. Plenty of chili ground on top!

You could easily serve with :

Raw burger bun /Collard wraps
Sunflower cheese
Some raw cream cheese
Spicy salsa
Raw Ketchup
Avocado chips/Jimica chips

In some light Miso

or with Squash pasta

Possibilities are endless!! I will be putting the rest in the fridge and serving up with salad tomorrow!


Party time....

I have been taking some time away from the PC..and more time working out/thinking/seeing mates this week, so my posts have been a bit sporadic. I will make more time next week! Its a lovely outlet blogging, just needed some space. But alas I am back!

In response to the lovely Rosie on the last post..erm.. I don't have a camcorder, so sadly you will have to miss seeing my dance moves just yet!! lol Hopefully be doing some stuff in the kitchen soon though, trying to borrow a friends. Me fooling about in the kitchen really would be too good to miss!LOL

I spent some time relaxing with a mate Thursday night..then Friday had holiday, gym and shopping followed by party time..
Well lets see.. I got in at feet are hurting..hobbling about the house, dancing until 3am in 4inch heels!! not advisable. Ooh.. but it was fun, there is nothing better than dancing like nobody is a room full of people doing the exact same thing. Feeling the speakers vibrating, arms in the air..just closing your eyes.. aah man, been a long time since I have been in that sort of club. Was really cool, loved it. Although now..I am resigned to walking on tippy toes for the rest of the day! lol ..Note to time..ballet pumps..not stilettos!

Do NOT..wear these dancing..

Was nice just to be out with friends, no stressing, no worry about time or work or anything. Just having fun and enjoying good company!

I did a nice little organic shop yesterday, also picked up some "treats" sun dried tomato paste and a big pot of miso...mmm

Also went to the organic market, got everything on my list .. the man looked at me, blank expression "Its a lot..I am so sorry.. I don't think I can tell you...its a lot of veggies...just look at the calculator..." £15.70 ..Not bad at all!! Maybe other folk don't really eat much veggies?? I dunno.. I thought it was pretty funny though.

I got some fabulous Mushrooms, huge flat ones.. talking the span of my hand! Huge! as well as a big bag of smaller mushrooms

Peppers, red pointed

Big juicy Vine Tomato

Loads of Pears-- lovely, all wrapped up in their little papers.. took them straight from the crate he hadn't even unpacked it yet!

Blood Oranges

Few Lettuces

2 Large Avo

Now that might not seem like much for the price, but this is amazing produce, and I got plenty of everything!!

I want to make some little burger type I had that in mind whilst shopping, also perhaps a ani phyo inspired scramble. Although I am really not into nuts/seeds, so I am thinking to sub it with the little mushrooms marinated perhaps. Will report back whatever I make with photographs and recipe anyways!

Here is Ani Making her famous breakfast scramble..

Enjoy.. More later folks!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Nothing to do but... Wait..

Today I took holiday last minute, Work is becoming so hard right now, so it was easier to step back. Take a BIG deep breath, and let some bliss come over me. Its just work, it isn't everything. Despite spending 45 hours a week at the place!

Just seems like a constant grind just to stay afloat. I think its easy to loose perspective that way.

Keep your mind on the goal, enjoying what you love!!

So I am going to fill my life with more fun, more love, more laughter..everything I love..dancing, reading..and just being around my friends. Life really is TOO short. Not to jump on opportunity or let the loves of your life just go sailing past.

Seize the day. You really DON'T know whats around the corner.

Enjoy what YOU have in your life. right now.

I guess before the fast I was sure I wanted to make gourmet food, and now I think a more simplistic approach is good for EVERYONE, but also moderation in raw. Not swinging to extremes or in fact letting it become a Compulsion.

Anyways a little about the food stuff, I have been keeping it simple right now. To ease things back to normal. Weight is still coming off so I am aware I need to workout, eat a little more and rest when my body says ENOUGH.

Been eating mainly the following things Plus 2 litres Plus of water :

Pointed Peppers
Mini Cucumber
Baby Banana's--- very ripe and blended for post workout

I have been slowing down on training. Mainly just doing some core work and then dancing each night.

Working on a contemporary piece at the moment, using Robin Thicke track.. love it.. gives me goosebumps.. I shall leave you with the video

Love and Light rawbies

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday.... So you think you can Dance night..

I had one of my lazy Sundays.. I know what you are thinking.. I ALWAYS of those Sundays! Its my little guilty pleasure!!.. getting out of bed..pottering back an hour later..with absolutely not a care in the world!!

Helped a friend this afternoon with some dance bits.. other than that it has been chilled to the max!!

I was channel hopping this afternoon.. caught a bit of American Big Brother..which I found really funny, as it looked so edited, whereas ours is just..plain as it comes, dodgy camera angles, swearing and all.

Also the decor in the BB house got me chuckling, little lamps and wallpaper.. opposite to ours.. looks like it all came out of IKEA{Saying that the quality of our housemates means having actual furnishings may be a serious hazard!)! I have to confess I do enjoy a bit of UK BB in the Summertime.. at least the last summer when we had nothing but floods..THAT is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!

Course Sunday night is So you think you can dance Night, I don't know why its moved from a Wednesday night slot, but I love it so much, I would watch it if they put it on at 2am!....makes those hairs stand up on the back of the neck!! Amazing choreographers!!

Anyway I found these, two of my favourite dances from the last couple seasons.. hope you guys enjoy!!

Park Bench :Award winning, Mia IS amazing (last season)

The lovely Lacey, Samba from the current UK season

Today I ate, YES ate.

7 small pointed Peppers
Mini Cucumbers

Drank lots of water and tea also.

Feeling good, keeping it light right now. No overt fats for a good couple of weeks.

Very pleased with my Kim Chi I must say!! lol Cant wait to have it in a week or so!! Man o Man is it strong!! My kitchen smelt of garlic/chili this morning, I cant wait to get those bad boys in the fridge!! lol

Thinking of playing with some other pickle type dishes next weekend, got a lot of mini cucumbers at the moment, those would make some great pickles.. also just maybe preserved chili/garlic.. sitting there lazy ready for salads/sauces sounds really good right now. More fermented foods fun to come!!

Anyoo that's all for now.. love and light

Kim chi after a nights rest...

Here is my Kimchi this morning..ooh its so pretty!! Transferred it into one jar, pushed it down lots, plenty of water had come out overnight. Put what was left into a small olive jar.. may give that one away in a few days when its mellowed a bit!! Its very spicey(Woooo!) but no fermentation yet...back to the counter it goes
More later...

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Weekend playtime.. Kim chi time..

Good to be back to blogging land..with pictures! yipee

I spent last night reading up Kim chi ideas and recipes, really fancy having some of this in a week or two once I am transitioned back onto solids!!

Spent this afternoon making lunch for my friend, after that I got to making this lovely Korean treat! I guess what I made is Quick Kim Chi or.. Faux raw Kim Chi lol its my interpretation!

There were lots of ideas on various blogs, this one was super easy

You can use English cabbage, Chinese lettuce as its called in UK, turnip, radish.. pretty much add anything you fancy!

Watched this sweet little video..(err..think I will SKIP the raw shrimps!) making a RAW version!

Okay I tried to photo document it all best I could!!

Hit the market bright and early managed to get everything I needed cost me £4.88 Pretty good aye!

I already had

Ginger root
Ground ginger
Small amount of onions

I got

2 large local cabbage

3 packs of various Chili

Spring onions (salad onions US)

Korean Chili Powder-bright red!! (thanks to the lovely girls at Norwich market helping me!)

4 Garlic

I sterilized two large jars, wooden spoon, and found some big disposable tins to use for mixing and salting since I didn't have anything big enough!! The jars cost me £1 each and hold 1kg dry products, so very big jars! Good quality and a bargain!

Needless to say whenever you go away and come back to the process scrub your hands, roll up your sleeves and wipe the surface again. Making fermented foods..keep it clean!! Enough said!

Prepare the cabbage

Take off the outer leaves, shred it, cube it..grate it-- anyway you like!

Could process it, but I just used a bread knife it was very relaxing!

I put this into the tray, salting it as I went, every layer adding more salt and pressing down gently. Finally on top salting again and adding around 1 litre water.

Basically the ratio should be about 1 tablespoon per cup of water. But I went by eye. Use the best Sea Salt you can buy.

Next I Covered this, put a weight on top and left for 2-3 hours.

It should be wilted but still have BITE after this. There will be lots of water thats come out of the cabbage. Rinse it if its too salty, squeeze the water out. Simple way if your also using disposable tins is to just slit a hole in the bottom, so you can rinse easily. It is a lot of cabbage.. I think I will be finding cabbage for days to come!

Making Kim chi" sauce"

Did this to personal taste, go by your taste buds!!

Mixed up in a large bowl

Chili -- about 12 of them red and green

Spring onions

4 garlic

plenty of Chili powder mix(the trademark RED colour!)

Ground Ginger

Fresh grated ginger

Taste it.. blow your mind..mine is SUPER hot!! ..You could always get a red pepper dried mix to add to the chili.....go ahead and.. MIX with the cabbage

You MAY want to wear gloves, I enjoyed the hand tingling myself!! just make sure you wash them well before going to the loo! ouchie!
Forget what I said DO WEAR GLOVES..unless you enjoy having your hands on fire all damn night!

** You could add some ACV or Green powder if your feeling wild!

Pack it all into your jars, leave out for 24 hours, It will fill up with more fluid and become tangy, leave a little room or leave on dishes/saucers. 24-48hours max!

Check its tangy enough for your taste..then put it away in the fridge..2-4 days..for first tasting, it will keep ages!! Voila!
Here is mine now just made

Can you tell I am.. A BIT EXCITED about this...!! Think I forgot how good it is to make something..even if its not being eaten right now!
That's all for now..kimchi making is hard work! lol

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Time to press STOP

Okay... 45 Days and now this has to stop for me.

Old ED demons are creeping into my brain, so I know. Now is the time to break this fast. To get back to some healthy habits rather than making more BAD ones. My doctor offered me some medication to help stave off any negative/destuctive thoughts but to be honest, anything thats going to be that mind altering. Better to change things instead!

Lucky to have some supportive mates around right now telling me ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Will have a smoothie tonight, something gentle and soothing on the digestion. Morning I will follow with prunes.

This has been eye opening for sure. Anyway I will do a proper run down when I am feeling better mentally and physically.

Going back to basics for sure.. RAW, simple, tasty. Eat raw, train HARD and enjoy life!!

Some pretty good stuff happening right now..anyway more on that another time!

Going slowly, so expect a lot of smoothies for a good few weeks!

Thats all for now folks!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Not so much duvet.. today!

Well so much for a chilled duvet day..took full advantage of having the day off to AMP things up!!

Went gym first thing, running, weighted chin ups..cycling, cross trainer etc. About 90 minutes ish there.

Then popped round the wholefood store.. when the ladies in there Know your name..and recognise you from your handbag/regular groceries..YOU knows..your in there too much!! lol

Got plenty of oranges.. some greens and headed home to chill for a while. Soon felt like getting active again so carried on at home for a couple hours! Resistance bands, core work and some leg stuff as well as press ups. Lovin it that I can do those now! ha.. a year ago I couldn't do 1 press up!!

Going to get up early tomorrow to do core work and quick weights before work-- feeling super energised!! woohoo!!

Intake today

2 litres water

1 water with lime juice

Now going to sit and have some juice, not sure what just yet. Probably just orange with MSM.

All in all feeling good, pumped and all that!! Amazed at how fast muscle is appearing.. guess I haven't tried this intense sort of training since being raw. But its all good and getting some definition fast! yippee!

Aims pretty much are

More arm definition

Work on core strength

to reduce my bust as much as possible without loosing a huge amount of weight! Would be happy to get to a 30FF, currently at a 32H

Increase strength and endurance in general!

Right that's all for now folks!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Blood sweat and... green juice..

Checking in for today.. been one of those busy days, finally sitting down to write.

Had a dance workshop this afternoon, street/hip hop..gruelling but I really enjoyed it. Literally blood sweat and tears lol.. my feet are done for!!

Consumed today

2 BIG cups tea -- grated ginger, fennel, mint leaves

1 green juice

2 litre water

Haven't had much considering the training I have done, I think I will have some more juice later on tonight. Have some fresh berries..plenty of greens and some plums-- about 15. So think that will do for an evening juice.

Curled up watching So you think you can dance, I LOVE that programme, helps that I am a fan of Wade love all the choreography. Makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

Have been using my free weights at home for basic exercise these are only teeny 1kg things. They are good for a walk also, very light!! Think I may need to invest in some more weights. Waiting on my poi to arrive, in the meantime I am using my resistance bands most days, they really give a good workout..but man you will feel it in the morning!!

One thing I...absolutely hate is going in the bath, preferring showers but had to give in and soak yesterday to ease a bit of stiffness before today's class!

Have been thinking a lot about using raw as the fuel for... training/materialising business goals.. whatever it is YOU want in your life.

I have a big drive to train right now, so I know I have to make sure I get enough juice/water/MC to train and to get where I want to physically. In the meantime I am thinking about refining my diet post feast. I see so many raw foodies eating a HUGE amount of fats, just seems so unnecessary-- Strip it back, strip it bare, eat Ripe fresh Sweet fruit-- Go out, live life to the MAX. It really can be as simple as that.

There is nothing wrong with the odd gourmet treat or making a nice meal for the family. But.. I do think that eating 80% fat on a daily basis is trap too many people fall into. Let your body runon the purest..CLEANEST fuel!!

Making simple dishes will be on the agenda post feast.. simple dishes that fill and are easy to prepare. Now..I love raw chocolate as much as the next person..but.. does it fit into YOUR personal goals? Not right now.

A wise man said.."raw is fuel for life not life itself"

Enough said.

Holiday tomorrow, cant wait to get up early..workout, juice then go potter about the market. May take my camera with me.. for fun! Aah.. be nice just to get to the market..pick up some produce and relax without any MONDAY STRESS!

Anyway time to chill now!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

A mate in need....

So I got up very later after my late night discover a voicemail asking me pleaseee to help and make my friend some crackers. Okay.. I say.. what have you got there..flax..any seeds..veggies!? Anyway long story short I offered to make her some crackers, opposed to allowing her going to the nearest supermarket and binge on a load of SAD bagels!

So we raided the fridge, cupboards, her fridge! And made some flax crackers with spring onions(salad onions), chili and fresh garlic. I got making and in the meantime made her a Banana mlyk with Maca..and kates magic powder! -- maybe this is why my mates like coming over so much!! lol Magic smoothies! .. Hopefully they will be ready for her to collect in the morning.. they seem to be drying at the pace of a snail!

I was happy to help! Got two very good friends transitioning at the moment, more than happy to be a support line/email and help in whatever way I can!! Lovely when people you love are FINALLY taking care of themselves and their bodies!!

Woken up in agony from yesterdays training but again going out today for more running, then resistance bands, weights. Must have a long soak later on with salts, massage with coco oil..and relax!!

Got up and drunk some Coconut water-- Dr Martins.. all we can get here in the UK-- man I want some young COCO's!! Anyoo its sure helpin with the aches!!

I am modifying my feast slightly because I want to train hard right now, so needs must

** Today is DAY 41

** Adding in some smoothies -- 1 post workout -- blended fruit, veggies OR green smoothie with various powders.(still no nuts/seeds, oils or avos)

** Taking daily Maca, aloe, Green powders x3 -5 a day

*** Daily running, weights, trampet, dancing, resistance bands-- any combo just 2 hours work as a minimum.

** Water, MC and Juice-- as wanted.

That's how I am going to play it for the next 30 days of the feast!

Right now feeling good, the Maca gives me a tonne of energy, I can tolerate it just in coconut water/water-- then go and lift more, run harder and longer than normally. Its not a speedy energy, its just pure and clean. NOT like cacao..which I love but know it just isn't compatible with my aims right now. Maca tastes and smells like peanut butter to me..mmm its my new favourite thing!!

Anyways off to workout now.. will see if I can get some decent cracker shots later or in the morning..more likely lol

2am blog posting..

Yes I am awake at 2am and blogging!

Had a friend over this evening and as a result am still wide us Gemini beings do..potter.. think.. mess around..and then do it all over again!

It feels so refreshing to be the weekend.. finally and I have a long one booked, 3 days of doing exactly what I want!! Blogging, long walks, running, training and RELAXATION!!

Norwich is playing football tomorrow so the city will be busy as anything, I think an early start will be essential!! Get back home to relax well before the game starts!

I feel happy right now, kinda helps that I am spending plenty of time with friends and speaking with amazing people. Got some pretty raw-kin people in my life right now, which is awesome!!That certainly makes a BIG difference to me!!

Today I had

Peppermint tea

Green tea


"Onion broth" -- just sliced onion, garlic, water, lemon and chili-- stepped in water, drunk the water.

I kept things minimal, I feel a bit of a shift right now, I think I may modify my feast to add some smoothies as well as juice. Right now my daily intake is getting less and less. I need to shift something up!!

Anyway just wanted to check in, say I am happy, healthy and all that jazz

Will post properly in the morning!!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Duvet day...

Such a lovely duvet day, took my first day of holiday for the annual leave does it feel good!!

Just to be wrapped up in bed.. been reading RAWvolution ..... relaxing..the sun streaming in the windows. Chatting to my lovely mate Ju on the phone! Aaah...bliss!

I got up shortly after noon, been pottering about since, relaxing,tidying a little..mainly just enjoying the sunshine pouring in and the warmth.

Then took some time to exercise which was nice, normally I am so tired just going for a run is enough for me! Without adding in any variety!

Spring has sprung.... small things like having the windows open or being able to dry the laundry outside..make such a difference. My mood has lifted so much now its light again, getting up in the sunshine..and coming home in the daylight.. its wonderful!!

Made some juice this evening .. I am playing with superfood powders right now and its going well. Maca/cacao is a mega combination-- not to be used at night, UNLESS you want to be up all night dancing! Just the Maca feels very good right now, not speedy just high energy for sure.

Adding in green powders 2-4 times a day and taking aloe whenever I feel drawn to!


had 2 litre Water

Exercise :

Resistance bands

Did some dance practise also and weights.

This evening I made the following:

Pineapple/Strawberry juice /smoothie

For this I used 400g of each fruit, added a generous amount of Maca and Green powder

its super malty, reminds me or Horlics as a kid..tastes like strawberry milkshake.. BUT BETTER! I added in about 500ml water to blend.

Strain or if your not feasting have the smoothie version....Added the pics,yum--the second glass avec fibre..and some strawberry top garnish! ..makes 2 big glasses of yummyness!

Been watching my favourite "foodie" programme Market Kitchen, a daily hour of new products, feature chefs and new gizmo's for the kitchen. I love it, there is always variety, they also have had Shazzie on the show and often review natural products, eco friendly bits etc. Its a good forum for any foodie stuff, I always find myself inspired after, whether its from a SAD recipe that could go raw..or a business concept.. its always good watching.

Shall leave you the wonderful Shazzie on Market Kitchen.. she always makes me smile!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Playing catch up...

Quick catch up post, have been so tired after long hours at work, I decided to have a couple of nights without blogging/photographing/working on website stuff.

Been drinking a lot of water and MC drink the past few days. Having 1 or 2 juices a day, but I know right now there is a reason I cant drink them. So now is the time for water, rest and cleansing.

Lucky enough to have a bit of holiday time, looking forward to enjoying the sun a bit, putting out some plants etc.

I have ordered some lovely LED flashing poi! Cant wait for them to arrive so I can play with them..and dance in the garden!

Anyway I am off to relax.. and do some pole practise tonight. Night of R&R!!

Will update more with juices/feasting info in the morning!