Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Training today

Not much time today as busy doing bits..enjoying my time off and the heat wave!! High alert here for highest temperatures since 2006! Insane..too hot for me..really ready for it to cool down..should do by the weekend, lots of storms ahead

For now its 32..dry..and HOTTT (too hot for little old Brit like me!)

Training TODAY

100 Crunches

1 Hour squats

2 hours dancing (in stupid heat with weights!)

...Off for a shower and powerwalk now!!

Rebekah xoxo

Saturday, 27 June 2009

... When the banana's let you down!!

Okay so my Banana's seem to be ripening at the pace of a snail, despite it being really hot here at the moment. So going to just eat whatever is ripe..and juicy and good! Banana island is on hold...lol..really hard to get hold of any at the moment here..dont know what is going on...

Am on holiday for the next week, not going anywhere but just off work, which is fantastic!!

So few goals for the week

1. eat ripe fresh produce

2. Train 3-4 hours daily

I have time on my hands, various resources: can go gym, workout outside, in the garden, with kettle balls, weights or gym ball.. so going to make the most of this week!!

Just ordered some new workout DVDs, I love training outside but sometimes its nice to do something a bit different, as a trained dancer..dancey type workouts appeal to me, Ordered the new Ministry of Sound DVD..will be sure to review it when it comes!! Excited about that

Apart from that will be relaxing lots, working out and spending time with friends...getting those odd jobs done that never get done normally!!

going to try to take more photographs the next week of my meals, a lot of people have trouble figuring out what or eat..or when or amounts etc. I am not a big eater..that said.. but certainly a lot better than when I was suffering with my crohns, so glad to be 100% healed now!!

Anyways..off to train..watch this space..should be lots of fruity pictures appearing this week!


Thursday, 25 June 2009



2 ripe banana's

Strawberries 20 or so (...3 days later..still not enough ripe nana's!)

2 ripe banana's


--Purely core


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

FOOD LOG wednesday

1 Orange

3 Banana (not properly ripe..not good!)

Light training day.

Hoping my nana's are ripe soon!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

...Nothing ripe!

Okay my banana's are ripening sooo slowly, despite it being hottest its been in a year..may well stick them outside!

FOOD Tuesday

Grapes loads of them!


AM Run

After work : weighted crunches, chin ups, planks..other core stuff

Late evening : powerwalk, bicep curls

Monday, 22 June 2009

....its Banana island time!!

I am going on adventure.... onto Banana Island!

Debbie Took has this fab article on mono eating..check it out!

Anyways feeling drawn to mono mealing, was thinking melons, but now..banana's are cheap, calorie dense and I want to do some lean mean training! So here goes...mono adventure!

My work colleagues are always going on...what are you eating? why? bla bla bla..they also see how much better I look..so..lol ce la vie!!

Stocked up and ready to go!!

Aiming to train three times a day, Morning, after work, then again late evening. Feeling good right now.

That's about all......

Here is training & Food for MONDAY

Before work : core work, planks, crunches, squats

Walking 8 miles, nothing major

After work : Running , bellydancing

Evening : Power walk


1 big salad

1 orange

Green grapes...lots!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

...Day of rest..I dont think so!!

Things to do : Studying & Housework

AM : Weights, squats-weighted and not, run, core work
Lunchtime : Power walk with weights/tins in rucksack
Evening : 2nd run, leg presses, chin ups..etc


6 Apples
5 stalks of tender Asparagus

Later if needed : Salad & blended banana's

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The morning after the night before....

It was my birthday yesterday, was so excited, was like being a kid again. Anyway I had a great day, my work colleagues were so wonderful!! Got into work to loads of balloons, fresh flowers and streamers!! Felt so loved, it was fantastic!

Today going shopping, seeing some friends for lunch and then seeing friends this evening. Going to be a lovely sunny birthday weekend. 20 here in the UK..Glorious sun for us..trust me!!

My parents sent me these beautiful flowers, so gorgeous!!!

Anyways I am going to enjoy a drink today, will be doing mono melon next week, my organic man is sorting me out with a box, got to go and get them later on!! Exciting stuff.

Just a wee update, very happy right now, off to workout outside! Ordered some kettlebells hopefully they will arrive very shortly

Also starting belly dancing, my friend sent me a DVD, going to start with that and get signed up to classes shortly. Really good, certainly worked the core!! Something else to add to my training schedule. Aiming for 2-3 times a day at the moment, feel good on it.


Rebekah xx

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tuesday EATS

AM: 100 Crunches

1 small avo

Fennel tea

dried cherries - small portion

Fresh Pineapple 135g

Dandelion Coffee

Training : core workout, run, leg press

Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday eats

Pictures easier than words sometimes! my desk looks like a fruit stand...people are like " you on fruit diet mate..." .."nah..just enjoying the summer produce"... (and every other time of year fruit!!)

here goes...
little bowl for brekkie nibbles, had a few bites
Food for work

Toodle pip!

Rebekah x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday food and workout

6-8am workout: core & Weights, weighted squats

Post workout: 2 ripe peaches

Water + rest

Second workout

1 Avocado


Grape tomatoes, beetroot

Later if needed : another meal of peaches & Navel oranges

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Books books books...

Okay today I had a lot of studying to do, I got on with a fair bit, but it really was a struggle. Finding I am uninterested in the current module..which is making it hard to get motivated!! My family have helped me loads with affording this course, so really must do some work!!Really going to have to force myself to study this week. Be glad when this part is done in September!! ..think am going to set a schedule..no more watching soaps on tele..or tidying up as a diversion!! lol

Spent some time working out all afternoon, running, cross trainer, weights. Everything really!!! I try to train each day, weights as well as cardio. I also walk everyday 5-6 miles, isn't much but, its something!!

Tomorrow will get up early to train in the morning outdoors since the weather is so nice. Rare to see over 20 here, so going to make the most of the warm weather!!

Haven't had much of an appetite today, had some avocado and olives. Kept hydrated with lots of water, sparkling and plain. Will have a fruit meal later if I am hungry. Got a lot on my mind at the moment which always kills my appetite dead!!

Anyways feeling good after a week back on 8-1-1, feeling awake, no low feelings or depressive thoughts. Able to cope better with what life is throwing at me in general. Also finding my abs are staying out, not getting covered in fat..which was a worry for me!! Lots of training should keep any weight gain at bay. Definitely keeping an eye on things, want to really get shredded!!

Guess my main reason for going back to cooked was I was so unhappy with my weight, was sick of being overweight, so I felt I had to do something about it. I think now I am down where I am happy weight wise I can figure out a way to eat optimally and keep at the size I want! Maybe vain, but it was making me so down, for me it wasn't worth continuing and being unhappy and not wanting to go out or socialise because of my appearance. Anyways.. 8-1-1 rawks...so happy to be back on the fruity trail!!

Asked for some hemp protein for my bday so lets hope the birthday fairy delivers!! lol Also asked for Thrive diet, interested in reading it.. but not really interested in chomping on tofu or buying pricey products/supplements. Really do believe fresh is best!! not out of a jar!! I do like Nutiva Hemp products though, so going to be adding those in.

Will take some photographs of my post workout munchies tomorrow, sure they will be colour full and vibrant!!

To my horror my celery and Chinese cabbage were rotten this morning, have written to the delivery company.. put me off using them again.

Think I will going back to buying direct from fruit wholesalers, they deliver free over £40 or you can go collect the produce. The savings are just amazing. Thinking of getting some melons..I am feeling drawn to them at the moment, thinking maybe I might do mono melon for a bit. Sounds really good to me right now, lots of different kinds available.. the organic man round the corner has had some lovely ones in, think I may go get some in the week.

Anyways, going to have a relaxed evening, tomorrow more training and rest..


Rebekah x

Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday EATS

10 Strawberries

small vine of cherry tomatoes


post workout : 2-3 Navel Oranges

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thursday EATS

200g Pineapple

Salad : greens, carrot, red pepper, beetroot

1 orange

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Grocery time..

Had it delivered.. £25..last me a good 10 days!

3kg oranges




Pineapple (portion for a treat!)

Chinese Lettuce


2 sacks of apples


Cashew Butter


Lovely bounty!! gotta get the best you can afford! .. Hitting up the fruit wholesalers again shortly..so watch this space!
Toodle pip!

Food for TODAY

1200 Organic peach (scrummy!)

1400 1 Navel orange

1600 1 Navel orange

Evening : Salad + Sauerkraut

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


800 AM


1100 AM

1 small avo

1400 PM

Navel orange

1600 PM
Dandelion root coffee
Navel orange

Evening meal
Spinach soup

Monday, 8 June 2009

Food log MONDAY

Food for TODAY

@ Work
1 small avo

200g cherry tomatoes


1 small avo + hemp seeds

Handful frozen berries: blueberries & Raspberries

Sunday, 7 June 2009

,,,,Returning to the fold!

Okay a long long break for me, nearly a year, but I am back

Going to take a more moderate go this time, none of the gurus, superfoods, obsession.. just vibrant health.. high raw.. and the body I aspire to!!

GI2MR .. for me changed the whole scene.. shook it up but also put in so many divisions and..promoted some guru worship that just isn't healthy for anyone IMO!!!

I went back to being lacto-ova vegetarian for a year, which I have been for nearly 12 years now. Low carb.. I wanted to loose some weight, which I have done, go I guess now is figuring out how to get a balance between keeping the body..and eating what I want..lots of raw fruit..and produce!!

I guess after a year I have gained some perspective, that the whole raw thing...can get to religion like..and you have to take it for what it is..and go with what is right for YOU personally.

Anyways, I am back, will be logging my food and sharing thoughts... a new me..a new way of eating..

Toodle pip

R x