Sunday, 19 August 2007

A fresh start..

So after being raw since March 2007 I have decided to finally blog. So many Blogs have been complete lifesaver to me, so thought perhaps I would start myself and join the fun!!

A little bit about my self.. London born and bred, now living in East Anglia UK. Female in my twenties- main things in my life right now, dancing, studying Law and of course... main thing..raw vegan ism! RAWK on!

Been vegetarian 10 years, vegan this year, transitioned to raw March and never looked back!

Completely immersed myself in this new lifestyle and way of life- isn't a quick fix. Its been a totally new way of thinking and renewal of life for me anyways!!

Phew well that's the first post over with!!

Will start the ball rolling, heres my supper tonight, Papaya, mango and Orange smoothie- with some blueberries whipped in last minute. Amazing.

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