Sunday, 26 July 2009

SUNDAY Training

Training today

Here is the itinery for today, wont be logging my food for the next few weeks, funds are tight..cant really get anything at the moment.. anyways.. keeping positive!


Ab workout- reverse crunches, oblique, reverse, weighted, planks
Pushups - as many as I can crank out!!
5 mile walk
Squats - 1 hour

Cardio- running
More squats
Arms/Back training
Dance workout/practice


Powerwalk with light weights

Friday, 24 July 2009

Training Log Friday!

Training today

6 miles
Crunches 200
Body weight squats 1 hour
Maybe tonight a run or powerwalk



Monday, 20 July 2009

Back from a brief break!!

Sorry been AWOL, had a bad reaction to some medication which left me unable to keep anything down for the past 10 days been pretty grim to say the least!!

Anyways feeling much better now, needless to say wont be taking anything ever again!!

Training for today

5 AM 100 Crunches, oblique, normal and reverse

630 Gym session: Cardio, x-trainer and rowing - Weighted ab machines

Daytime : Normal walking, 5 miles

After work : 1 hour body weight squats, power walking with weights and biceps

That's all for now folks


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Quick catchup

Quick catchup...weeks been mega busy at work!! but here's a summary!

Training this week

Focus been on abs: intense ab workouts - high reps, until exhaustion
Cardio- running, walking 6 miles each day, powerwalking with weights

Eating this week

Mostly been eating
Baby clementines

1 Avocado this week

Will try to post each day, going to be low on food this week as money is tight, but shall do the best I can with eating so I can train hard

Today all day session, outside training, indoors, running, ab workout, squats, planks. ..good 5 hours training at least!

Anyways...that's all folks

Monday, 6 July 2009


Back to the grind.. roll on Friday!!


4 Apricots - super ripe!

1/2 huge salad (with more apricots on top)

1 Avo

Bits of mango whilst slicing and dicing it.. few mouthfulls

Walked 3 miles



Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday grub!

Haven't eaten greens in forever, fancied some finally so made a big salad. This has cabbage, lettuce,greens, red peppers, radishes, apricots, tomatoes...lemon juice...lovely and fresh!!

This huge bowl will do me for dinner tonight and several meals tomorrow!

100g Blueberries
Organic grapes - 2 big vines

Salad as needed this evening (fancy it, haven't had greens in about a month!)


Rest day
Body weight squats 1 hour
Crunches, oblique, normal and reverse

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Feel the burn!

Here are a few pics from Wimbledon..for those of you that didn't grow up living down the road to Wimbledon, that is Henman Hill with a big screen, outside centre court, the rose archway..and the big board of play also.

Okay so today I will be watching some tennis, however going to be working out plenty also!! Lucky can do both at the same time..excited to see the Williams sisters in action..even on tele..was fantastic to see them in action in the week!!

Very happy to be home right now in my own space, relaxing etc.. Still hot here, but much cooler out here than in London. Going to make the most of the weekend!!

Got all the things washed and house in order, did so much shopping..really don't need clothes for a while.... lol.. am a proper girly girl making no excuses for my love of clothes, shoes and makeup!!


Gym session: running, weights-arms
1 hour Ministry of sound DVD: Dancing, core work, aerobic
Core-- crunches, reverse crunches, weighted crunches

Power walking
Dance workout
100 Crunch
Gym afternoon sesh

Organic Grapes

Thursday, 2 July 2009

...if only everyday were a HOLIDAY!!

..if you follow the tennis, you will have a chuckle at the picture!!

Been a beautiful week down in london, 32 here, amazingly hot!! Never known it so hot in my lifetime, its a bit too warm for me, but cant complain, they are predicting heavy flooding by the weekend!! Going to enjoy the last day of the heatwave

Had a fab time at Wimbeldon, was lucky enough to have tickets. Went up murray mount, had a good walk about, drank Pimms and saw Serena!! fantastic!!

Will update with pics and bits later on.. as my USB wire has gone awol!!

Last night went to see Wicked, which was AMAZING!! Really great show and nice to spend some time with family, belated bday pressie!!

Done so much much stuff to take home with me!! Had a nice relaxed week, still got tomorrow to chill out...potter around and enjoy my last day of vacation!!

Training today will be simple: Crunches, power walk, squats and light weights. Looking forward to having a bumper training session tomorrow!!

Food being delivered in the morning, so just have to wait patiently in the morning, will be chomping at the bit for my fruit!!

Will update with etc later on!!

Toodlepip Lovelies!!