Monday, 31 December 2007

Goodbye 2007..RAW-KIN IN 2008

Here we go, eyes a bit better now so final reflections for the year.

Thankful for this year

1. My family
2. Great friends
3. My healing from crohns
4. Finding raw, the balance and not feeling condemnation or fear around food any longer

Aspirations and goals for next year

1. Make raw my career
2. Do more raw cheffing
3. Stop being lazy and study more!!
4. Finish that book I have been working on
5. Make a Real impact and continue on the path to happiness

With that, wishing you all amazing 2008. Am so thankful for the transformations and blessings 2007 have brought me. RAW-K ON

Happy new years.... new years in with my duvet!

Okay so this was going to be a picture of a firework filled sky or something..but alas here I am tucked up in bed for new years eve!! Flu and glue eye..lovely!! Woke up this morning in such pain didnt know what was going on!

Drank a lot of water today..apart from that just slept and slept.

Going to have a quiet one, watch the fireworks on tele and get an early night

Wishing everyone a RAW-KIN 2008!

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Juice everywhere!!

Okay so I have woken up with no voice, dry dry cough ..dizzy aching..bla bla.. ugh everyone is sick at work so really it was expected. I hate being ill!!

Anyway I got myself out of bed and got juicing for the day 4 mason jars

Celery and Apple juice-- bright green and lovely!

Carrot, clementine and ginger juice

Lemon, orange and ginger-- for this throat!

Anyway just drinking slowly, having a little detox tea and resting..bundled in three layers of clothes!

Cake is ready for work, just dehydrating some little cookies now-- banana and coconut/carob balls..

Hopefully I wont fall asleep on the sofa before they are done!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

My try at Connie's lovely cake!!

Firstly thanks to Connie at Raw Food Cafe :)

mine is nowhere near as gorgeous..but..I made one layer.. decorated with coconut cream and raw chocolate icing!

Here it voila!

Juice fun...

Okay so today I finished preparing for the feast

Got muslin squares, more jars, some extra apples etc

Got enough coconut oil for another week, tried to get spirulina in stores..but was £12!!.. can get it for half the price going to order some!

Also got some bits and bobs for making its new years eve taking a lovely raw cake to work!! Connie has kindly told me how to make her gorgeous almond have made this.. tomorrow will ice and decorate..very relaxing indeed!

Getting a bit of a sore thinking lots of vitamin C rich juice tomorrow.. try and rest lots!

Just made raspberry and orange juice for tea..its shocking pink and so yummy!!

I got these flashing wine glasses earlier..couldn't resist for 50p!! lol... yes I am a bit of a big kid!! lol.(yes that raw energy bible its perching on lol)

Friday, 28 December 2007

Prep for juice feast!

Preparation for a/ adding more juice to my diet b/ juice feasting

Okay I have two immediate aims

1. to add more juice

juice for majority of meals with 1 mono meal

2. juice feast

Not too sure if I should just jump in and go for it, I am feeling more inclined to. Either way I will get to this goal eventually!

Preparation is key.....

1. Containers

Mason Jars

I have purchased some.. and also been collecting them from friends, family and work

I now have about 5 and a couple of small ones, which is a good start

1 B Containers for home-- glasses

I like the idea of treating it as a meal, as a delicious luxury rather then as being denied from food

Having a nice large wine glass or goblet or special cup I think will help!!

So there we set of large wine glasses!

2. Supplementation

Currently I have the following

Coconut oil

I wish to also purchase these


Bee Pollen

For protein and the mesquite-- sugar balancing and giving the feeling of fullness(also yummy like caramel!)

So these I will pick up along the way as and when needed

3. Produce

Fresh organic produce

2lb greens per day, 3 heads celery


Whatever fruits..

Locally we have a lot of apples and carrots, so I will be using these a lot; but also the recommended greens, oranges and other citrus.

Got some more bits to get so I will take photos and also ones of myself also to mark any changes!

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Post Holiday update... So thirsty..I could cry!

So the photo says it all......I am so thirsty and dehydrated after 4 days with the family!! It is insane.. I cant wait to get home and drink green juice!!

There was no pure water back at the family home and no way to make proper juice-- just processed syruppy gunk!

All I had for four days was :

Is that all your eating?
There is Apple juice.. Err my reply : No theres concentrated syrup in a bottle..
Do you want a beef sandwich? (I have been vegetarian for over 10 years)
I only cooked those veggies for 20 minutes....

Family eh! lol

Had a lovely xmas..but I have had such headaches from not enough fluid, so that was an issue- I know now I have to take water and or a blender when going to family. I really didnt think...that it was out of the ordinary to drinkWATER have fresh juice..but I was wrong!

I ate a couple banana's, some apples, cashew butter and probably half a carton of blueberries whilst back.

Anyway no appetite and so very ready for juicing..I cant wait, just to saturate my cells in nuturing wonderful juice. Am salivating just typing this!

Got some lovely gifts, lots of raw books, and gourmet cookery books.

Also some make up stuff.. new clothes and some bits for the was very very blessed.

Lesson learnt, go prepared--- dont assume SAD family have pure water..or anything suitable for drinking!! pack something!

You always think have something to eat..but not to drink, my appetite has vanished..but I am craving orange juice, cucumber juice and greens-- tonight I shall feast!!

Bring on the juicing fun.. :)

Raw-k on..will post again later..or tommorow when I have feasting supplies!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Raw-some Holidays

So here we are holiday time upon us!!

I will try to keep up with blogging over xmas..and get some pics of my dinner.

Either going to go with a huge fruit platter and cashew cream..or try and do 3 raw courses-- soup, pasta with sauce and some sort of ice cream desert.

Feeling how I am right now I think I will stick to fruit, my body is crying out for water and orange juice right now so so much!!

Got a little shopping today, cos lettuce, cranberries,limes,oranges,tomatoes--yum yum

Going to sit down and have some more juice and maybe some cranberries shortly.

Feeling good and feeling ready for juice feasting, so I think January will be feast time.

Have been reading up on Mesquite powder today-- really it sounds amazing and perfect for the feast. So going to get that, green powders, my regular coconut oil and pollen.

Ready and excited.. just the holidays to get over with now!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

An end to Medication! { Month 2 Day 18 100% }

Okay so today I have been looking back on the year, reflecting on the changes in myself and my healing from Crohns.

So here are the big changes :

1. Healing from crohns

2. No painkillers

3. Clear skin

4. Freedom from paranoia about what I am eating, or obsessing over calories/weight

5. Freedom from 90% OCD symptoms

6. Freedom from depression

Here is what I ate today

5 Banana


1 avo

So.... back to the Crohns..

No way could I have eaten any of this food 12 months ago. I was taking steroids daily, anti inflammatory, immunosupressants and a cocktail of painkillers just to be able to get to work. Tramadol, codeine, coated nurofen-- whatever I could to get myself to work.

Some days taking up to 24 tablets just to cope, and even then sleeping for hours and hours, or being in a morphine daze unable to concentrate or keep my head up. Days and days in bed not knowing what to do.

This I had suffered with for 6 years, going to gyno-- having laparoscopy finding nothing, more and more trial and error, then finally gastro-- which gave me steroids and more painkillers. Telling me that was all, there was NO CURE.


Thanks to the power of RAW and positive thinking, a shift of thinking completely.

I would be lying if I said it had been easy, I hadn't had rough detox, but 10 months on, my life is tablet free.

During the 8 months where I was 80-90% raw I had tough times, my body reacted strongly to fruit and veg at first. My consultant told me I was to stop eating all that veg!!-- even told me I was sick because I didn't eat meat!

I haven't had any flares and I don't touch the medication they told me I would be on for the rest of my life. I am so glad I didn't listen, and kept searching for the right thing for me.

In the past two weeks, two close friends have asked for help with going raw, going vegetarian or adding more raw to their diets. I am so so pleased. I just want to share it with people who I love. Because this kind of bliss, really is too awesome to not have in your life!!

Anyway.. I am just feeling so lucky right now, to have all this love, life, bliss and on top of all that complete healing. Just thankful!!

Anyway.. long rambling. But I think that says it all.

You are what you eat.. .. pure bliss!!

Raw-k on..!!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Month 2 Day 16 100%

So here we go

Today had

1 huge salad-- baby greens, kale, mushrooms, a couple slices avo


2 little chocolates I made

1 litre orange juice-- diluted with 500ml water, lemon and a BIG chunk of dosent look pretty but it tastes lush!!


May have another juice later or a banana or a little fruit. Feeling pretty satisfied right now.

Looking into the Juice feasting more

I could easily get MSM, Coconut oil, Green powder and bee pollen

just all the other list of supplements.. I will have to buy one every couple of weeks or something..

I have a good juicer, got it from work for £ retails at £100! what a blessing!!.. also have a blender and excellent manual citrus press!..which would come in handy for a feast

Anyways.. I am off for more relaxation..before the 50hr working week begins!!

Raw Love... xx

Sunday Morning.... pictures at last!!

Woohoo my computer is being nice this morning!!

So here we go

Picture of my soup

Mushroom, spring onion, a little ume, a little raw soy

-- I made another after with tomato and avo-- ate this one..was lush!!

Picture of my date fudge

Is so lovely, sticky, just dates, coco oil, coconut- a tiny amount to dry it out and raw cacao

And finally.. I got bored last made raw chocolates for work.. they came out so sweet looking!! cute! -- carob, cacao, cacao butter -- a touch of agave, some of them have dates in also for chewy goodness!

Just relaxing this morning, probably make some orange juice in a bit..

More posts later!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Lazy Saturdays -- Month 2 Day 15 100%

I love Lazy Saturdays

Milling around the markets.. taking in the atmosphere and just taking a slow walk home..I love it!!

So I tried out a new juice bar today, very good-- just got a large orange juice and lemon..which was gorgeous.. a real nice treat-- have a loyalty may go once a fortnight for a treat!

Apart from that had some gaspacho and avo tonight which was very nice and just simple eating.

Sat infront of the tv with my tiffin and warmed it slightly.. was good -- I tried to take a picture Picasa is being a pain right now!! so maybe later!!

Also made raw fudge-- dates and carob..oh smells so good..sitting on the counter atm..I have to cut it and put it away soon!!..and stop sniffing it!!

Feeling very restful, have been reading up on Juice Feasting

There is the Global Juice Feast 2008 Starting March

Here is the site :

This has got me thinking a lot, maybe time to simplify...however I dont want to wait until March, thinking perhaps January, makes sense, new year, new month, new start.

Thinking anyway, I have to source the supplements first.. but..yeah thinking..!! planning!!

Excited anyway about the Global Juice feast, will be such amazing raw energy!!


Love and Light

Friday, 14 December 2007

Soup Days.. RV Soup Days...Part 1

Soup experimentation!!
Part 1-- Preparation!

Here are some great ones I have been looking at

Getting some inspiration!!

1. Gazpacho

Here we go @ Gone raw :

Variations galore of this, can be thin, tomato broth with chunky vegetables or a heavier version.

Thinking keep it light, add spring onions,mushrooms and some sprouts in there!

2. Miso with raw dumpling

Miso ...concern not raw..some consider it living??

Not too sure about having it in my diet

Thinking maybe use a little raw soy..ume.... and then just use shredded veg..for a real nice oriental flavour...

3. Energy Soup @ Anne Wigmore

Sold as the diet staple

Guess this works out as Green smoothie in a bowl pretty much with some added extras!!

Really does sound lush!


With all this in mind hitting the markets early to see whats available that I don't have already, get some inspiration..and pick some more unusual bits at the Asian stores.

Cant wait!!

Month 2 Day 14 100%

Havent posted for a couple days. Just been busy trying to sort bits for the holidays.

Going to the market early in the morning, just to walk about and buy some fruits etc.

Am going to work on some raw soups tommorow.. thats the plan for the afternoon, bit of an experiment..may or may not like the results..but its that cold want some soup to eat!! so going to have a whirl
This week has been VERY draining emotionally
but here we are at the weekend!
Today ate
1 Pear
1 Large Avo -- this was amazing..mindblowing tasting!!
1 litre water
May make some soup later..or just have some orange juice
I am considering juice feasting in the new year, just need to read more and see what I will need. But very very intrested in it.
All my love

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Month 2 Day 12 100%

So here I am with a pilefull of literature on business, what licences what this what that you need to start-- I am totally baffled. But wading through the reading anyway. Need to get an idea of what is involved

Kept it simple today

3 huge oranges

1 stuffed mushroom at lunchtime

lots of water

Raw chocolate with maca -- 40g


Trying to think and process information but still feel the bliss and the calm..which is flowing over me..

Hard to concentrate but I am getting there

Eating less, thinking more... being still more..being quiet

Trying not to enter into the panic and buying this season promotes. Just focus on MY GOALS right now.

Anyway thats all for now folks!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Ramblings and thoughts...

Well having some pretty big thoughts right now..

so I guess just trying to organise and itmise them..

1. I am drawn towards a raw community, raw commune idea..

I have been looking and found this

Have been trying to get more information and see how I can visit for a week or two next year.

This seems like a great community and enviroment.. to just be blissful, away from stresses and envolved in something really grounded

But on the other hand.. I feel a huge tugging in my heart to start my own mini raw revolution HERE and to use the passion I have ..right here right now..

so.. Idea 2

Stay here and develop a concept that works

that means working with people who feel the same passion for living food as I do

If I can have any part in sharing the bliss that I feel right now..its just unreal..


Maybe I should focus on my little world.. creating a fire here..rather than joining someone elses?

If that makes sense

Anyway food for thought.. thinking out loud..

Month 2 Day 11 100%

Today has been mentally draining..

but its over putting it well and truly behind me!!

Ate very instinctively today



a little german chocolate cake (raw)


feel drained and not at all hungry

going to drink some fresh orange and lemon juice

Just made these, stuffed peppers

cashew cheeze and zuchini(courgette for brits!) paste to fill.. lovely..but not in the fridge they go!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Reflections.. Month 2 Day 9 100%

Having a very relaxed day, but seem to have 1000 thoughts whirring through my mind.

What I want out of 2008

If this is the right place to reach my goals-- with my life, considering the change and shifts of goal

No longer about financial gain or conventional career but.. living a vital life enjoying fresh produce and sharing that bliss with others.

How to start or where to start with that I am unsure right now, but am searchin and grasping for the right inspiration.

Eitherway I feel complete bliss-- Realisation of the GOAL rather than..lots of small unimportant ones.

Raw really is love.. I never thought I would feel this way about it. But .. I feel 100% Bliss

Any suggestions or ideas kicking about I am most open to suggestions!!


Food for today

Platter of pears -- 3 large ripe
Stuffed mushroom -- peppers
1 slice of german cake -- I put it in the freezer..its evil..and far too tasty! haha

Raw-k on

Month 2 Day 8 100%

Hey Guys

Had a really long sleep now feeling so refreshed..but also deep in thought

Raw food is everything to me now, I dont want to work or live in a field which does not completly evolve around raw and the amazing energy which is what its all about.

Totally thinking about options there... but yeah will reveal more later..once I process my thoughts!!

Woken up and prepared a huge plate of ripe me this is buttery and just the most amazing meal....somehow I cannot imagine waking up and eating toast or other SAD rubbish now.. a platter of thats real love!!

Anyway..rambling..will post again later


Saturday, 8 December 2007

Raw choc balls!!

Raw chocolate truffle/balls

Currants.. sultana..fresh coconut.. cashew butter..a little agave.. carob and raw cacao..

could sub dried cranberry for festive take..or add your fav nut

In an old olive voila!!

RAW Chocolate German Cake trial!

Raw Chocolate German Cake

Before Icing After Icing

Tried out making this simple German Chocolate cake

Just nuts, dried fruits, cacoa -- I iced it with hard setting icing --raw -- quite pleased with its apperance.

Made it in a loaf sort of tin..

Heres to a weekend of unbaking!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Month 2 Day 7 100%

So here we are..

Sorry my posts have been on and off, my knee is still giving me problems so sitting at the PC is less than comfy right now!!



Few oranges

Little Sparkling Mineral (natural carbonation)


Now having a little raw pizza.. onion bread, tomato tapinard(freshly made) and mushrooms -portobello.. good but a bit too rich for me thesedays!

All I want is my oranges.. glad I can be satisfied with just oranges thesedays. So shall continue, got a few kgs today. Yum Yum!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Month 2 100% Day 5

Here is a cake I made, Banana Carob mainly, with some almond meal and frosting is cashew cream with carob. Was impressed how it turned out without any sweetner..pretty good!!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday I fell and hurt been resting up today

Today eaten

3 oranges

slither of cake

Now making a simple mezze plate-- half a hass avo, tomato, spring onion, marinated greens-- pick on this. Stop when satisfied-- getting up to room temperature currently.

Raw-k on!!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Tiffin tales..One RAW Tiffin...

Tiffin tales..............

Top section we have, bed of spinach, with mushrooms-- marinated well and the greens massaged down.

Tomato salsa-- chunky with a little mushroom, spring onion and crushed nuts
Base is courgette/zuchini pasta with greens, tomato and pumpkin seeds!

One complete Tiffin!!
Enjoy and RAW-K on!!

Month 2 100% Day 3... tiffin tales!!

Eats for today!

green smoothie

left over pasta with sauce (raw course

couple brownies---just banana and cacoa

Now drinking lots of water..doubt I will eat again tonight

Exciting stuff

My tiffin arrived today from ebay!! yipeee!! So I will be filling it with yummies and photographing it later on....sooo wait for MY tiffin post later!! RAW in a tiffin!! yehaaa!!

Other than that..bit of a stressed day..but eating easy..relaxed..little detox :)

Raw-k on!!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Pasta Dish

Here is my pasta dish

Its a bed of baby Kale

Tomato Sauce

1 Large Tomato

3 Spring Salad Onions


Cayenne Pepper

Filtered water -- could add a splash of white wine vinegar if you allow


Pasta is

Zuchini and Baby Carrots-- into long strips with a normal veggie slicer

Marinated in

Juice of 1 organic lemon

Cayenne Pepper


Few splashes of Ume

Mixed up and left for about 5 hours

Voila!! ..shame I went to all that effort..and now have no appetite!!.. ah well shall put it in the fridge and pack the rest for lunch tommorow.

Month 2 100% Day 2

So tired, woke up very going back to bed after a few hours-- body crying out for giving it what it asks for! far

Had a baby hass avo

Just whipped up 4 clementines , organic lemon and a little kale with bit of ginger


4 dried apricots

Been preparing a pasta dish, zuchini..its now in the fridge to marinate..will make the sauce later and try to take a nice picture of it.

Over and back later!!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Month 2 100% RAW Day 1

So here we are..

Spent today relaxing and pottering about xmas market.. saw the HUGEST Permission I have ever seen..WOW..I just stood in awe for a while!!

Did the shopping..and stocked up on some nuts and all that jazz

Made a little pie type thing, nut base-- filled with mushrooms, greens and then covered in "green cream" own concoction of greens and cashew cream..tastes gorgeous and really cheesey..but..looks like the grinch's dinner!! haha

Well heres the pics... honest.. IT TASTES GOOD!

All I ate today

Green pie with kale and pumpkin seeds

lots of water

May have a glass of orange juice as I watch a film now

Raw-k on dudes!!

Into December.. November reflections.

So here we are, In December
Four weeks went fast, but wasnt all completly comfortable detox, some was hard, some was emotional and otherwise draining-- but come out the other end thankfull for being 100% and ready to embrace another month of the Challenge
Here I am bigging up Alissa Cohen, her site is amazing.. so here we go..
Here is what I have gained in the last 4 weeks :
Toning up some
Clear skin -- can go out without foundation wheras before I wouldnt even go to
Tesco without!
Hard and fast growing nails
Feel alive-- vibrant, happy, easily satisified with life and excited over most things (( especially fruit market I am heading to this morning!))
More emotionally stable-- after two weeks of awful emotional detox, I feel settled again now.
So.. Onwards to December Challenge, cant wait to see more amazing changes and to enjoy preparing more wonderful foods over the next four weeks.
Raw-k on