Monday, 3 September 2007

More beautiful Melon.. DAY 2

Lovely Melon, I have again been feasting on a Melon. Also had some stawberry/apple (organic) puree around lunchtime. But for dinner have been feasting on one lovely Juice, ripe Melon. Smells great!!

Stats for 1 medium Melon

Calories 188
(Kilojoules 785)

% DV**
Total Fat
1 g
Sat. Fat
0.3 g
0 mg
88 mg
Total Carbs.
45 g
Dietary Fiber
5 g
43.4 g

4.6 g

49.7 mg

1473.8 mg

Pretty amazing, no wonder I am craving and enjoying them so so much

Thats all..RAW-K on september!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

The real.. DAY 1

Melons Today, feeling like mono eating, so pure, so wonderful

Earlier had some Kale and raw olives.

Now digging into a whole huge Gaila Melon, it smells wonderful, feels wonderful and tastes great.. cant get much better than this!!

Back to work Monday, can be harder with work temptations, but taking a melon- left a sharp knife at work, a bag of organic oranges and a bunch of banana to help me!!

Going to RAW-K this month

All for now..over and out!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

September 30 DAY Challenge

Right I am going to joining Alissa's 30 day Raw Challenge, want to do it so bad, 100% nothing less!!

Very inspired right now and ready for some serious RAW-SOME action!!

Right in the fridge we have..

2 Gaila Melons

1 Yellow Melon

3 Bunches Organic Banana

2 RAW-Coconut bars (for emergency!)

1 Pot Raw Agave

Bag of Kale

Lambs Lettuce

Vine Tomato

Organic Oranges

Organic Lemons


Also Roobios tea

Let the challenge begin!!