Thursday, 28 February 2008

Day 4.. time for the Juice

Okay so here I am Day 4 water, I am so so ready for some juice.

Infact I woke up and cracked open Detox your World, eager to find some lovely juice to quench me!!

I am feeling emotionally wobbly but physically strong, full of energy and awake, really awake for once!!

I have 101 thoughts buzzing in my mind but its in a totally different way to the noisy clatter of thoughts I normally have! It feels amazing.. I feel like I can change my world and maybe even a little bit of other people's.

Anyway here is all my lovely looty for juicing, tommorow I am going onto the juice. I am ready and waiting to saturate my cells with all the goodness!!

This is seriously amazing, that I dont feel hungry anymore, that I can focus on the task in hand and pull energy from deep inside me to overcome any cravings. Seeing other people eat is the hardest, but now I know I can easily manage the 8 hours at work, its fab!
Anyway happy juice feasting, bring on 1st March!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Water everywhere.... Day 3

Okay so here we are Day 3

Its getting easier but I feel an urge to chew which is hard. I have been chewing bee Pollen this afternoon!

Drinking about 2-3 litres water

Probably another 1 Litre tea/suntea -- green tea and mint mainly.

My stomach is feeling crazy but otherwise I feel stable, not shakey, headaches passed at last!!

Totally looking forward to stocking up on veggies Saturday for the feast, making a big glass of carrot/apple juice, sitting down and enjoying it!! SLOWLY!!

Looking forward to that big time

For now its giving me time to think, relax, have time to myself and get some mental clarity. Which is nice, without food or juice or anything but water.

Feeling very clear in the head, which is nice. Normally I am bubbling with emotions or confused or just so stressed I feel tight and sick. Freedom from that is very nice indeed.

I have been doing a bit of a Mason Jar drive at work, I now have nearly 15 at home!! Thanks to the lovely guys at work. A very good idea, I just dropped an email asking for everyones large Jars, pickles, olive jars etc. Huge wide mouth ones, they are perfect for juicing straight into, Just the right height!! Also, for carrying juice, fab-- fill to the top to keep air out. Fab!

Anyway I am going to get away from the PC more soon.

Love and Light

Monday, 25 February 2008

Day 1 Water/tea

Day 1 Water and tea fasting

Today has been rough, I am not going to lie about that!!

Working 8-5:30 in a busy office, with the phone constantly ringing and feeling like my head was going to explode at any moment WAS NOT fun.

Drunk 3 litres basically


then additional had some green teas this evening to warm me up and stop the shakes a bit.

Curbed the gnawing hunger a bit I must say.

For tomorrow I have a load more water, some teas, Ayurveda and organic green teas, peppermint etc

Exhausted, drained and just a really sore head.

Now off to bed. Lets hope tomorrow is a bit better!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Some serious Juice feasting Inspiration!

Okay so I spent this morning inspiring myself and figuring out if this was just a short cleanse or if I was REALLY up for juice feasting and changing my life in the next 3 months.

I went on Youtube and watched lots of videos and then checked out Phil's wonderful website.

I am convinced I am ready for this, I am strong enough for this and this WILL be life changing.

Check out the lovely Phil's website its amazing

I have some supplements already, will try to order some more in the week, my lovely mate Ju has offered to mail me here MSM as she dosent get on with it!! Wonderful! I have a little bee pollen, Green powder and some scraps of coconut oil-- will have to top up on that for sure.

Supplements are AN EXTRA -- to Supercharge your feast!!

The main rules are

1 Gallon a day

1-2lb Greens per day, 2-3 Heads Celery and plenty of it!

Also..get friendly with that Enema bag!

Anyways I am pumped, this week I am going to focus on drinking lots of water, MC mixture and resting as much as I can. Slowing things down before startig to saturate my cells in lovely juicyness!!

Excited, pumped and feeling the global love!!

Here is my first little combo, this week is about playing with combos and ideas before the 1st March start date!

Pomello, limes, lemons, threw in some oranges. The greens are watercress! om om

For progress sakes, here is me. with no make up..on the internet.. Yes I have lost my mind!!

Love and Light!

Juicy... lets get juicy!

I am having some issues with eating, its drawing on all my energy and just seems right now counterproductive. So I am going to juice, water fast/MC for a while and get this infection out and my health BACK!

Here is what I have kicking about for now :


Blood Oranges





Dark Agave


Green Powder


For a few days this tide me over, will re-stock on some bits later on.

I just feel this is the time to do it!! Many fellow foodies are preparing for the Global Juice feast starting March 1st. Some commiting for 92 days or less. Whatever you can do it all adds to the energy!!

Right now I am taking this day by day.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Survey time..

RAW-some Survey time!!

Go Raw Chicago had borrowed a survery from Pretty fun so here goes!!

1. Favorite home-made nut (non-dairy) milk?

Cashew Milk!! With vanilla, dash of cayenne and some dark agave. A real treat! Also makes fab cream!!

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to make?

Superfood smoothie inspired by Raw Model and his experiments!!

Chocolate torte(from G Living)

Rawdorables Chocolate chip cookies!

4. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure?

My first green smoothie!! I threw in a load of blueberries and blackberries then took it to work, the pectin worked well, it was completly solid time I got to work!! yuk!! jello lumpy smoothie! ick!

5. Favorite pickled item?

I dont eat pickles!

6. How do you organize your recipes?

I keep scrapbook, for note taking whilst I am un-cooking

Folder of ideas, raw or cooked to be transformed, also tabs and notes all over my books!

7. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal?

Trash and recycling, currently no space for compost!!

8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods…what would they be?

Hemp seeds

Green powder

Raw chocolate!!

(hoping for lots of tropical fruits!!)

9. Fondest food memory from your childhood?

Eating strawberries up on Henman hill at the tennis!

10. Favorite raw ice cream?

Banana and cacao yummy sprinkled with hemp seeds!

11. Most loved kitchen appliance?

My Breville Juicer, got it for £10 it retails at near £100!! had been used once! A good scrub down and acv-- good as new!! Love it, use it loads in the summer. During the winter use my handpress for citrus, lush!

12. Spice/herb you would die without?

Cayenne pepper!! great in chocolate, smoothies, salads..everything!!

13. Recipe (Cook) book you have owned for the longest time?

Vegetarian cooked cookbook-- still has some good flavour combinations in it!! Is now covered in sticky post its!

14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly?

Jam is heated...

15. Favorite raw (vegan) recipe to serve to an omni friend?

Pesto stuffed mushrooms!! yum!!

17. Favorite meal to make or time of day to make it?

Huge green smoothie for weekend brekkies, relaxing and indulgent!

Or dinner time Fruit platters, just cutting it all up and laying it out for munching is a treat!

18. What is sitting on top of your refrigerator?

Water, my blender, hand press juicer and a jar of green powder!

I have two!..err on the other one.. a tonne of bottles I am saving for recycling!

19. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking

Raw Toffee Pie


2 paper bags of cut up pineapple!! om om om

20. What’s on your grocery list?

Pomello/Sweetie fruit





Water for the week

21. Favorite grocery store?

Anna's farm store in Norwich, and various fruit and veg stores on the Market. Nothing better than fresh fruit and veg in crispy paper bags-- with the little bugs still on!!

Not in plastic from a supermarket!

22. Name a recipe you’d love to rawify (veganize), but haven’t yet.

James Martin Stem Ginger Cheesecake, it needs raw-ifying!! Would be so so good!!

23. Food blog you read the most. Or maybe the top 3?

Raw model


Raw Success --Matt Monarch's blogspace

24. Favorite vegan candy/chocolate?

REAL Raw chocolate, Mint flavour..Yum!

My own homemade raw chocolates with dates in, lovely chewy centre!

25. Most extravagant food item purchased lately

Black grapes, super pricey but amazing.. keep me going all day!!

26. What is one recipe, ingredient or cooking technique that you’ve become familiar with in the last year that you can’t imagine you ever lived without?

Kale, I wouldnt of eaten it before!! Now I love it marinated with tomatoes, sundried and fresh, basil, curry spices-- yum, super wintery comfort food!!

28. Do you have a food inspiration in your life? Someone who taught you a lot about making a certain dish, or about food prep in general, or someone who taught you how to truly enjoy food?

Shazzie was my inspiration for going raw, the way she approaches raw eating is amazing and inspirational!!

My mum always made these big salads in the summer with may seem small.. But now I prepare my own super salads at weekends/for friends!! Its a small gesture, but full of love. Make a big salad, loads of greens, sprouts, veggies-- different textures, thinly sliced, spiralised, grated. A labour of love, something to always have on the side ready for munching!!

Long time no speak!

Good to be back, had a bit of a break from blogging, finally found out what has been giving me all the pain and problems for weeks now. Have a kidney infection. I am taking conventional drugs for it, as if it doesn't clear up properly I could end up in hospital!! not a risk I am willing to take.

Just keeping my diet clean in the meantime, resting plenty and drinking 3 litres water a day to wash everything through!

Had a long conversation with my dear friend Ju, got me thinking about all of our demons. Whether those be past or present. Food ones are definitely tough to battle with. With so many ideas, ways of eating and "systems" out there it is very easy to get confused and fall off the wagon!!

What with the high fruit, high greens, no fruit, all veggie-- 8/1/1, juice diets, complicated CR type ideas floating around, its really mind boggling!!

I have waded through a lot of those ideas and now found a balance which I think works for me.

High fruit for me is most comfortable.

I find every month I crave or fancy some greens and I just go with it and eat them or have some veggies for a few days until it passes. I don't stress over it breaking my own personal "rules"-- listening to my body has become normal now. When it doesn't want something, it tells me pretty fast!! Sometimes I feel sick straight away, or something wont taste right. An indication its not good to eat right now, or not what my body NEEDS.

For me eating simply keeps me feeling the best, when I start eating gourmet a lot I feel sluggish and drained mentally.

I enjoy playing with gourmet stuff at weekends, for occasions and as a special treat. But day to day I keep things simple. I know eating raw breads, crackers, pizza's during the week would leave me feeling ill!!

The two books for me which are easy to use for daily reference right now are

Leslie Kenton The RAW Energy Bible

Shazzie Detox your world.

I don't leave the house without these two!!

I highly recommend these!! I am eating more simply. Having some blended foods, juices, smoothies and whole fruit.

Working on a superfood smoothie for a supercharged morning drink!! Will report back with this. May get some time to work on it more over the weekend. It certainly is a good way to replace the tea/coffee conventional morning drinks!!

Basically there is a world of ideas on how you should eat or should NOT eat. You have to seek out the balance that works for you. Don't be a slave to a guru or feel condemned for having something which a certain system doesn't ALLOW, Be your own guru, make your own way of eating that's right for your body!!

First stay RAW

Then play with your meals, drinks and what makes you feel good!!

Be prepared, eat for your needs and lifestyle

Thats all for now, when I am up and about I may post again.

Love and Light

Sunday, 17 February 2008

8-1-1 Delights: Cucumber Pasta with Pointed Pepper Sauce

Okay so here is what I put together for lunch today, very simple, easy and fruity!! 8-1-1 friendly!!

Cucumber Pasta with Pointed pepper sauce

Firstly I prepared the Pasta

1 English Cucumber

Using veggie peeler made into long pasta strips

Popped this into a bowl, added 2 spoons of ume-- you can use raw soy sauce or whatever you fancy.

Also put in 2 sprigs of mint--fresh from my plant!

1 spoon of home-made garlic sea salt

Left on the counter top, the salt will draw the water out of the cucumber and give them a nice pasta like texture!

Now for the salad/sauce

Shredded up 1 romaine lettuce

for the sauce/dressing

2 Sweet pointed peppers

1 Lime-- juice of

Splash of AVC

Water just to get it moving

Bright red, sweet tangy dressing!

Poured this over the lettuce-- left this to sit.

Finally put together the two elements.. voila! Good balance, the sauce is lovely and sweet, so yummy!! hit the spot :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Super comfort food pudding

I have had a day of rest, been drinking water all day. Finally I am feeling better!!
Now really fancy a proper comforting meal!!

So here is what I whipped up "Comfort Food Pudding"

2 Banana --super ripe

4-5 Large Strawberry
1-2 cups Sunflower seed milk/yoghurt -- thickened up, lovely

1 Handful raw trailmix--seeds, dates, cacao nibs

Touch more cacao and agave/date puree/another banana for sweetness if wanted

I added carob
Here is the thick sunflower yoghurt, I added 2 cups of this.

All blended up...yum!!
This lovely and so so comforting, I left mine out to get to room temperature, it will take me a good hour or so to eat up!! For a bit of a bite/extra treat you could throw some blueberries on top, some cacao nibs or lumaca-- or sprinkle on more of the trailmix!!

Here are some pics also of some patchoi salad I made in the week, with hemp seeds and garlic!

I am loving eating blended foods right now, so there will be a lot of it featuring!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Birthdays....New Year, new lives, new starts...

So I havent posted in a couple days, had a bit of a rough few days but I am back.

Bit of thoughtful post, is my sisters special birthday this weekend, has got me thinking. As well as it being Chinese new year last week. This time of year is about a lot of new starts-- setting up new things, making resolutions, changing ourselves, detoxing or failing detoxing... Where does it all end?

My sister got me thinking, we have all these goals, aspirations, urges. Things we set our mind on. By the time we are X years old, we want to have this this and this.
We want kids, we want a mortgage,we want to be married, we want the "right" car-- All this wanting, and still we are totally empty, fed up and dissapointed?
Society gives us this checklist of things to aspire to, house by 30, kids and married by 35-- why do we put pressure on ourselves to conform to the norm?

If you had asked me 5 years ago, what I would of wanted I probably would of said Wealth, career and a fast paced life in London.
5 years on my ideals have completly shifted -- I am lucky they have, I honest think I wouldnt be here to tell the tale otherwise. All of the changes and challenges have saved my life, otherwise I would still be ill, stuck in a rut and thinking all that made ME a Success as a person was having a money, fast cars and a pile of bricks to call my own!

Now what is to me a success is being ALIVE, vibrant, happy and Number 1 . Having my health!!

Without that, nothing else you can achieve.

So.. I guess what parents, or family members see as our "failures" are actually the paths to which we find true BLISS in our lives. This cant be paid for, studied or given-- its a true gift, and it requires a lot of falling down, dusting ourselves off and starting all over again--sometimes literally, stripping back our lives and building it all over again!!

What we do have, is more important than what we do not have. Sometimes shifting that, is all it takes. Waking up and saying.. Thank you..for this..warmth, saftey, family--whatever it is. Enjoy it all and embrace what wonderful things you do have in your life and do have access to!!

So..if your feeling down in the dumps, shout out loud what you are thankful for. Yes it sounds a bit crazy. But do it when you wake up, as you leave the house. It works!! I do it everyday--time I leave the door I have a big smile on my face!!

Anyway guess thats all, bit of mind wandering.

Live, play, run and enjoy life!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Energy Drink in a can..OR.. RAW energy Green smoothie? (Part 2)

Which would you choose for a post-workout drink...

Green smoothie..or that well known energy drink??

You know my answer!!
(sidenote: that isnt my energy drink..its now exiting my house!!)

Here are the items I added to my green smoothie

Juice of 3 Limes

2 Mango's

2 bits of fresh Mint

1 Flat local lettuce

1 Tablespoon Green powder

1 cup fresh Orange juice

Few sloshes of pure water-- a little as needed

Thats what you call a SMOOTHIE!!

Mmm this is so good, citrusy and lush!! I want to drink it all now, it is infact for after my core workout this afternoon. I was going to save some for work..but I doubt it will still be around by then!!

Here is my brekfast I had after my morning run

4 Blackberries blended with water

3-4 Spoons of Raw museli mix-- buckwheat, oat groats, cacao nibs, dates and cashew! (that is dark agave and date puree drizzled on top!!)

It was filling and certainly kept me full for a long long time!

I have some lovely banana fruit leathers in the making right now, Heathy AKA Raw Goddess got me inspired.. more about those laters!!

Raw-k on!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Weekend posting...Part 1-- Cheeze making!

Okay I was just going to do one post..but as usual more like 3 or 4!! lol heres a start!

Have been resting a lot as my sight really isnt upto much, Got enough rest to allow a short while on the pc with sunglasses/eyepatch. I love blogging, so its worth a bit of sleep beforehand to be able to post and have a little look at other lovely blogs!

On my travels to pick up water and more sesame seeds on sale I noticed my little wholefoods place offering Raw museli mix in a brown paper bag..oh my!!.. I bought some to try..its buckwheat, oat groats, dates and cacao nibs.. will try it-- I think I can probably make my own a lot cheaper/fresher. I normally dont go for cereal type things, even raw/gluten free, but I shall give it a go!! May be a nice snack post workout or something!

This last week I have found a new member of staff a bit perplexed by my foods-- Seeing a large container of pinapple and blueberries on my desk commented "Isnt that pricey?" "Wouldnt it be cheaper to eat chips?"-- I replied, eating chips left me in bed unable to work-- eating fresh foods keeps me working, happy, blissful and chilled-- Which would you choose? Optimal health or meals for 99p.. I know which I go for every single time!!
I have all sorts of fresh fruit in at the moment, pinapple, loads of berries, banana's--err 4 bunches! as well as a sack full of greens. Hanging onto two ripe mango's at the moment, I hope they dont go bad, going to dice and slice them in the morning--may pop them into the deep freeze.

I have cravings for greens about once a month or so, so I am going to enjoy them as a snack. Romaine with hemp seeds I find the best meal ever!! Got some lovely chinese greens, so will be eating those lots this week.

Sesame seeds have been on offer in my local health store, so I have bought plenty. With the intention of making milk as well as yoghurt in the week-- quick and easy dinner with loads of berries. Take advantage of those offers or bulk buys!!

Today I tried out making the cheese from sesame seeds

Basically soaked 1 cup for 8 hours

Blended with as little water as possible--dash of sea salt- not even a teaspoon

This is a thick mixture, poured onto muslin

Tied this up (with a new hairband) -- hung this overnight, squeesed it to help it along then left it to drip out slowly.

In the morning untied, and voila! Going to give it a few more hours, roll it in chopped herbs and pop it to chill. You can buy vegetarian cheese making rennets or things to help it ferment-- I think this way has come out just great!!

Here it is, after soaking, being poured, hung and finally this morning!

Thought this would be nice as a treat with some greens, really easy.

More a bit later....

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fruity days!

Right now I am enjoying my fruit so much, eating it, blending it, chopping it--loving it!

Mainly pineapple, blueberries,cranberries, strawberries-- some local apples also thrown in.

These just seem the ideal food, quick easy and come ready to bite into!!! -- no messy prep. I take loads of fruit to work and feast at my desk, its fab!!

Right now with such problems with my vision it seems even more adpt, cleansing, easy to digest and simple.

Food for today

1 punnet Bluberries

400-500g Pineapple

1 large salad-- peppers, corn, lettuce, tomato etc etc

Probably have later a mango and some lettuce w/hemp seeds.

Bit of a new combo but it seems lettuce and hemp seeds is the most perfect meal ever!! For a post workout treat throw in 1/4 avo.. awesome!!

A friend has asked me to work on some kiddies jellies(jello) over the weekend..going to give it a go, my blueberry jelly a while back came out fab-- thinking trying this filled with diced fruits.. think it will go down a treat!!

Anyway thats all for now, need to get back to resting with my eyepatch on!!

Raw-k on rawbies!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Eat raw. Live life to the MAX

It seems two big points keep rearing their head whenever mentioning RAW to new people, so I thought I would take a closer look at them. I have managed to convince two friends that vegan is best recently.. but still these little issues remain on the backburner!!

I do a lot of fun posts, creative ideas etc-- but this is a bit new..anyway here goes!

1. I cant afford to go RAW

2. It isnt the right time/location/situation/enviroment to go raw.

I am going to try to unpack both of the arguments for the sake of those struggling with things-- because you CAN do it and it will change your life. No Doubt.

If your doubting, take Alissa Cohens 30day challenge, and prove yourself wrong!!

Point A : I cant afford RAW

Okay so prior to raw...

I spent very little on food, mostly was a junk food vegetarian and lived on soda/low calorie hot chocolate/cottage cheese a lot of periods for long periods of time. A lot of food issues. However living like that caused me constant flares of my Crohns. So I was spending out £30 every couple of weeks on Steroids, painkillers and anti-spasmodic medication.

This was no way to live, and was COSTING me in cash and quality of life.

Raw dosent have to be gourmet or fancy. Tailor it to suit your needs right now.

Basic tips for doing this cheaply, without having to take on a second job!

1. Organise

Organise your life; if this be your time, your cash or making lists

If you like to eat some dehydrated foods then make 1 day a week free to prepare crackers/pizza bases for the week ahead.

If you like to eat raw cereal or granola-- make plenty and keep this in mason jars, then its quick and easy to grab in the week.

If you eat high fruit, make time to make a list of seasonal produce and make sure you are stocked up every 2-3 days. For me I make a list, I shop every couple days if making green smoothies--pick up greens on the way home. I make sure I have fresh fruit at home and at work always.

Whatever your way of eating, make sure your organised and ready to go for the week. Not doing this is what leads to slip ups..and hunger pangs.

Check out Alissa Cohen forums, there are some fab bits on organising your fridge, down to containers, shopping spreadsheets etc-- if it makes RAW easier and do-able for YOU then its more than worthwhile!!

2. Shop Smart

Plan ahead with a list-- if you wake with green smoothies make sure you have enough fruit, greens, pure water etc.

Look for the sale items-- In the UK all the leading supermarkets have offers each week--- organic and conventional produce. Buy what you like and get plenty. If for example cherries are on offer, buy plenty- dry them or freeze for adding to smoothies later!

Get Banana's in bulk and freeze plenty for smoothies/ice cream

Markets -- I love hitting the markets,I am very lucky to have a fab one here!! Buy whats cheap per pound. Whats in season and vibrant-- bright and fresh looking. Not the wilting greens! Go for the best looking produce, use all your senses when shopping.

Ask about buying in bulk also, get together with friends or if your large family just go for it!! Often you can get things a lot cheaper in bulk-- eg citrus, banana's, permissions. Ask at your local markets, they are usually very helpful!!-- Also look online, ring local farms if your able to go and collect pallets of produce you may get a discount!

If you use or want to include raw nuts in your diet, shop about online, compare prices and then order in bulk-- its the cheapest if you want to use them.

3. Sprout and grow your own!!

See about sprouting in your kitchen -- in jars, trays-- whatever sprouts you love!

If you have access to a garden or neighbours garden get growing some veggies, herbs-- Mint is easy to grow on a kitchen ledge even if you live in an apartment!

4. Budget

Budget what is fair for YOU

Do not go hungry, this is your health and wellbeing-- its not a time for cutting corners or buying less than optimal produce to save a few pounds!!

Buy the best your money can buy you. YOU are worthwhile. Put things into perspective.

Sure you could go and buy some ramen noodles for knockdown price and pay for it in the longterm with health bills and medication costs!

Point B: It isnt the right time/location/enviroment to go raw

Okay the right timing, I went raw soon after a major uphaul in my life-- the change it had on my mood, health and everything else was amazing. Before I was taking painkillers, steroids, steroid foams and various supplements just to get me to the office!

Whatever is going on in your life, eating the right thing is going to help you to be stronger, more positive and bounce back far quicker than a SAD diet

If your hitting rock bottom, depressed, overweight, sick -- whatever it may be, RAW can help. What have you got to loose by trying it for a month?

Sure it would be lovely to go raw whilst living on a tropical island.. with no stress, no cars, no pollution.. lush growing tropical fruits!! -- but This isnt a reality for MOST of us!!

Whatever difficult situation your in having mental clarity, a new lease of life, energy and positive vibes is going to become life changing!!

Take the dive, clear your kitchen out and jump in 100%-- Only risk is having your life and wellbeing changed for the better!!

Raw-k on!

Bewitched :Sick days... donuts and fudge cake..

Being home sick always results in a racing mind for some reason! ..... when I was a kid I would watch Bewitched on televison and have my mum bring me sandwiches(cheese and pickle!).. that was the best thing ever!! lol.. Now I spent it..listening to masterchef..and eating raw donuts and fresh fruit lol bit of a change!

I love food programmes-- they provide such inspiration for raw-some recipies. I dont find them tempting or mouth watering anymore..just inspiration for new goodies to try to make! I can happily watch them for hours with my notebook noting down ideas here and there :)

My #1 at the moment is Jamies Martin -- {not only is he gorgeous..but..)He is the master of puddings and makes some amazing stuff. His stem ginger cheesecake is on my mind at the moment, I think Gone Raw..Ginger Cheezecake would be incredible..perhaps a future project for the weekend!!

So I woke up this morning and couldnt see very well at all.. alas I spent 8 hours in bed trying to sleep whatever this is off! Back to the doctor tommorow.

Finally got up really hungry and with slightly improved eyes ..... figured easiest thing to eat would be donuts and sauce.. using a knife to cut fruit with poor vision..not a good idea!

Anyway here they it certainly hit the spot..

Had a few strawberries and rested. Here I am sipping green smoothie and wearing my sunglasses, really I should of taken of picture of that..(funny..but not so appealing!!)

I am pleased to see the guys over at Banana Island have tried the Knickerbocker Glory fun!! I will be working on some more 8-1-1 creations.. any requests??

Anyway I figured since I had time to rest and leave things soaking etc..I would do that.

Guess what I will call this is Fudge Strawberry Cream Cake

300g Dates, soaked and pureed

Mixed this with 1.5 cup Coconut (mature grated or raw flakes)

I then poured this into the springform tin

Into the D (my fault I added too much water, just puree it-- then you can refridgerate of freeze your fudge base)

Meanwhile made the Strawberry Kream..

1 cup Sesame seeds, soaked

Blended with 7 large strawberries

Makes a thick cream like texture(no water, it works the magic!), smells lovely..and a soft pink colour!

Covered this and left it somewhere warm to get even more thick and creamy!!

Two hours later, poured on the Strawberry topping and chill for a short while-- you could just pipe it on. My piping bag has gone missing otherwise I would have!


(will post back with finished pictures later..)

Here goes.. topped with date puree mixed with raw chocolate.. mmm..yum..on top of that strawberry kream which is mousey..yum!! back into the fridge overnight to firm up even more!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

I feel like... Green Smoothie tonight!

Nevermind the old adverts for "I feel like Chicken Tonight"..I feel like awesome green smoothie tonight!!

I will let the pictures do the talking..


Pinapple(just under 200g), greens, aloe vera,1 lime ..fresh mint from my new mint plant!!

Been feeling tired and queasy today so eating simply and to get maximum nutrients!! Had some strawberries earlier, water, suntea. Very uneasy stomach so taking it easy, simple and lovely. Has been a winter vomiting bug going about here, I dont want to get it, so keeping my food simple right now at the first sign of a uneasy stomach.

Feeling so much better after a big glass of green goodness!

Picked up some lovely ripe Pineapples on the way home, I am loving them so much right now. Mmmmm...yum!

Raw-k on

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Late night pondering...Fruit Kebabs and......Donut Revolution..!!

After all that uncooking.. I didnt fancy my lovely ice cream.... into the freezer it goes... soo I had fruit kebabs..yummy..fresh and juicy!

They certainly made me smile!!

Shannon marie as always has got me salivating.. creative raw-queen has got me in the mood for donut madness!!

If you havent been to Rawdorable..get your butt over there!! I took what I had in the fridge and gave it a go!! ..Note to self..starting making something at 10pm..BAD IDEA!! lol.. but fun!

Put into mine

100g soaked sesame seed
100g soaked dates, by eye about 10-15 dates



1 cup Coconut

Rolled in carob/sesame flour/coconut

Into the D

here they are before going in..

And here they are this morning... mmm.. smell lovely!!

Raw Knicker Bocker Glory..

Yes that British Tradition..but raw-some!!

First for the ice cream!

Make a plain base to start – This is simple, meant to be 8-1-1 friendly. So not adding a tonne of nuts. If you want something a bit creamier—add a young coconut meat to the blend. I didn’t have one handy.

2 Frozen Banana – allow to thaw for 10 minutes

Blend this with 2 ripe Banana, a drop of water—just enough to get that “Mr Whippy” creamy look. Blend well until it looks super smooth and silky.

Pour out half your mixture, place this into the freezer.

2nd Ice Cream

With the other remaining half in the blender

I added 5 large strawberries, or there abouts

Blended again

Poured out—back into freezer

For chocolate variant—you could add carob, raw cacao or some grated cacao butter.

Mint-- add in some fresh ment

Ginger would be lovely also

Again you could have any fruit you wanted.

I froze it again for 1 hour, whisking it with a mini whisk every 15 minutes to keep it super fluffy!
To make the Sauce

There was about ½ Cup of the Strawberry base left.

Added to that a couple of teaspoons of date puree (had it in my fridge in a container—just blended dates, lovely and dark and fudgey tasting)

Blended this with Carob to taste and enough water to get it mixing.

Poured out, lovely and dark, rich and toffee tasting!

With the banana it really thickened up as you can see, its like a thick pudding texture

Then just the presentation, place as you like into a Knicker Bocker Glory glass, you could add shavings of mature coconut, goji berries, cherries on top.. whatever you fancy! Enjoy!