Thursday, 31 January 2008


Okay so a bit of an experiment, not a very costly one considering it was all fruits, no nut butters or nuts etc..

so here it is, I was impatient, turned it out, so the base was on top, lovely vibrant pink colour-- think it would work well as a layered cake.

Anyway here it is

Thinking would work in a chocolate stack layer cake..very nicely :)

Unbaking time...

Okay so I finally got my bluetooth dongle today, so can now take pics on my phone and move them onto my pc! yipee

Here is from last week strawberry chocolate desert, topped with strawberries

4-5 Cut strawberries
1/2 cup coconut-- mature, grated or organic shredded store bought

blended, add carob to taste

This was rich and filling.. whats better than eating choc pudding first thing in the morning!! Tastes better than anything SAD I ever tasted!!

This one is in the making currently.

The base is raspberries/coconut
(15 rasberries/ 1/2 cup coconut)

layer on top carob/banana/raspberries

(3 tablespoons carob, 3 banana, 10 raspberries)

Just an experiment so very very rough.. but man it smells so so good!!

If it comes out well I will refine it at the and give you some proper measurements

Its dehydrating will report back when its finished!

Here is the base being mushed, and the dehydrating "pudding cake"

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Green Smoothie joy..

So 6am I woke up.. blended together a load of stuff, threw in some raw cacao and took it to work with me..

Lots of people came to my desk, shook it, sniffed it..looked at this brown smoothie..perplexed as to what it was!... okay so blueberries I have found not such a great idea, they have a gelling property of their own-- which is fab for making raw jellies, but not so much for smoothie unless you want a giant brown jelly(JELLO to you lovely Americans)!!

Okay so I am in love with green smoothies, in fact I start getting a cold sweat if there isn't 3 hands of banana's and at least three types of greens in the fridge!!

Frozen Banana seems to make a velvety mylk that works as a perfect base, then soft fruits.. greens.. ice if wanted..for a kick a bit of cacao or goji berries towards the end..


My camera is down at the moment but I will take pictures and post recipes as soon as I can of various smoothie variations I am trying!!

I don't ever eat greens, but more than happy to drink them this way!

Go brave... try a green smoothie... (green moustache..far sexier than a mlyk one!!)

As a side note:

Some fab Green smoothie sites I found today

Green Smoothie Recipes

Valerie Winters Experiment (closed now but awesome)

Some green..... raw-kin video's!!

Inspirational blogger.... Thank you Banana Island!!

Thank you so much Connie for your sweet nomination!!

So glad you enjoy my little commentary!! So pleased, it was one of those nights I was feeling so low, and this has shoved me and kept me going!! -- was just thinking how to keep going, keep inspiring and starting a little raw-volution in my home!!

Thank you so much.. link here for Writers Review :)

So with that.. I will continue, if my rambling on is inspiring then I hope long may it continue!!

Today had a huge green smoothie; greens, blueberries, 2 banana and some agave, raw cacao

Going to make banana mlyk tonight

Excited, motivated!!.. watch this space :)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Some time away from the screen!

My eyes have been playing havoc still, so I have been having some down time away from the screen. Hope to start posting daily again this week!!

Had a chilled weekend, did a little shopping. Trying to plan what I want to eat for a few days is a bit tricky right now, either I dont want to eat anything or I am very very hungry!!

Bought these bits for green smoothies

Banana's 3 bunches



Various berries

Loads of water

Almonds(for making mlyk)


So lots of green smoothies and water this week, keeping it simple. Feeling very drained still, so taking things easy, simple and clean!!

Supplementing with some green powders and aloe vera

Arranging a raw party for the near future, Will be testing the waters and seeing what location is best. I have a feeling London will get a lot more takers than out here in Norfolk!!.. but shall see!

Finally getting my camera back so I will be posting some pics again this week! yippee!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Simple ..pure ..fruit eating

So I am eating very simple right now, enjoying the simplicity of just pomello or orange. And lots of water -- or just a day or two of orange juice.

I am hoping this will help my eyes to heal faster, taking it one day at a time right now.

Listening to your body isn't easy when first raw, but now I find its easier to tune in and see past eating just for eating sake..

Eating for comfort, boredom or because its "lunchtime"-- all those things just have gone right out the window since this time last year. I usually check if I am thirsty first, then wait, then if I am really hungry I will take some fruit and give it time to be savoured.

Everything is so fast now.. we work long hours, grab food, convenience meals, metro supermarkets-- all these things make eating and the quality of what we eat as a nation become less and less important. With it being January all I see is supermarket shelves stocked with so called "Healthy choice" Meals-- taking a closer look at these, chemical laden, calorie stripped ,SUGAR pumped products-- its clear to see why people get sick of the January diets, fall off the wagon and end up in full on binge mode!!

I am so glad I am in a place now where I don't have any temptation to succumb to these little marketing ploys. I can eat fresh vibrant fruit in abundance-- without worrying about calories..or packaging or ingredients!! And in the very same breath if I want to eat raw chocolate pudding all day..I can do exactly that without guilt or condemnation!!

The truth of raw is complete freedom from your food demons-- EAT RAW, BE free-- Live out your dreams everyday. Stop counting points, counting calories, checking fat content and eat fresh food from the ground. What could be more perfect that that?

Saturday, 19 January 2008

All I want for dinner is.. a bag full of sweetie (fruits!!)

Okay so with my computer issues its been a bit of a rough few weeks, recovering from the flu and then no PC. Lost a lot of work, so really haven't been too happy-- Hopefully most of it can be recovered

In the meantime I have discovered this most wonderful fruit-- The Sweetie!! Cross between grapefruit and pomello.. oh my.. I love them..infact..I cleared out the whole pallet this morning in the store!! Here are the little beauties!!

They are green and wonderful!!

Anyways I still have some lingering visual problems after the flu which still are there 3 weeks later, which is rough. It is hard having problems seeing, especially with my job which requires screen work constantly. Just hoping my sight returns to normal soon!!

I am eating lightly or not eating at all, just taking things easy and listening to my body. In a way it was a good thing having time out away from the PC for a short while

Also put things into perspective-- that its time to TAKE ACTION if I want to change my life now. Not just think about it. So I am setting to work on doing just that.

Today has been a nice pottering kind of day, extreme weather warnings here again for Rain and wind. Expect there will be a lot of flooding Monday to deal with at work-- but for now I will focus on rest and enjoying the weekend!!

Went shopping, bought various berries, water, LOADS of Sweetie fruit and some tomato

All in all feeling blissed out, taking a step back and actually changing things for myself.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

PC Problems

My PC has been out of action for 1 week, which has been a pain, but actually kind of made me thankful for everything I DO have, rather than focusing on what was broken!

Anyway I will update soon

I am still having problems with my eyes, so I am taking things easy.

Good to be back in the blogging world!!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sleepy Sundays

I love my sleepy Sunday's..watching rubbish tele.. juicing ..resting.. just resting today before returning to work, I still don't feel 100% But its coming

Okay so I haven't numbered my days or anything like this, mainly because I want to be intuitive-- if I want juice, drink juice and if I want a smoothie-- go ahead with any condemnation. So that's the way I am playing it by ear right now.

My immune system is shot after 5 years on steroids for crohns. So I am just taking it slow coming out the other side of this week-- sinus infection not cleared yet. Very tired, but just focusing on nourishing myself with juice and getting some extra supplements down me also!

Going to take it slow this week and definitely keep in tune with my body-- resting when I need to, drinking juice when I need to and taking a break if I have to.

Looking forward to the times ahead though.

Juiced this morning :

Cucumber juice

Pear and lemon juice

Apple and lemon juice

Orange, grapefruit, clementine and lemon juice

Also made a green smoothie and stuck it in the back of the fridge-- Pear, spring greens, life's greens powder, cucumber, celery and lemon juice

I have had water today and a few sips of apple juice today-- the rest is in the fridge

Anyway that's all for today!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Stocking up...

Okay so I can finally keep some juice down, without feeling crummy. So stocked up on a few organic bits today, got some late cash for xmas--- so put it to good use!

My local organic man is a godsend!! He was getting re-stocked after the holidays but still chirpy and happy to help as always!! Anna's Farm Shop in Norwich-- well worth a visit!!

Got lovely cucumber, local apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and some spring greens to top up the fridge! -- This along with whats in the fridge should be great for a few days juicing

Also got some supplements, hemp seeds-- Never seen this company before Yaoh Organic De-Hulled Hemp Seeds. was about £5 for 250g which isnt bad. Dr Gillians are £3.99 for 100g.. and the jars were dusty in Holland and Barret!! So I took a raincheck and went to the Wholefoods store, I will let you know how I get on with this Yaoh Brand!

Also got H&B Life's Greens Powder-- Spirulina, various other greens, algae and Aloe Vera

Will try this out along with my usual coconut oil, juices, lemon water and yogi detox tea daily.

Did all that shopping, then been asleep since, still feeling like my body is repairing so taking it slow, very slow. Be up early to do yoga and start my juicing with a clear mind.

Okay adding juice for today

2 litres water
2 cups lemon water
1 mason jar mango/lemon juice-- with 1 tablespoon hemp seeds -- this is..out of this world!! Sipping and watching big brother...aaah.. relaxing!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Juicy dinner...playing with jelly!

Okay here we go..made some blackberry and blueberry juice for looks so lush.. still got to strain it..looks so it is! -- now time to strain it up!!

Also made a little jelly with the it is.. (thats raw-kin jello to you americans!) ---just blueberries and blackberries

Wash the germs away....

So..finally I am feeling a little better, less symptoms. Mainly the coughing, floaters in vision and glue eye now. but compared to Monday its a whole lot better now.

Going to soak in the bath tonight, get a proper steam and just relax. Tomorrow a new day, try to start juicing and getting myself ready for returning to work next week.

Will blog what juices I drink, will be a lot of water during the day-- I will pack what juices I can but ideally fresh juice is best!

Added a list for Juice Feasting blogs-- support you guys feasting right now, Neens blog I found today, so have added it-- raw-kin it!

Got a load of lovely vegan goodies for the bath for xmas, but haven't used anything since I have been poorly! Going to crack some of the stuff open later

Got this Vanilla bod @ Its VEGAN!!

From a lovely colleague..I will be in a creamy vanilla scented bath..relaxing to the max later!!

One thing I have missed this week is the gals I work with, they are a constant support-- whatever I do, they completely support me which is just awesome! So yeah..they all went to the trouble of ordering me raw choccies for xmas, and vegan smellies-- totally grateful to them, weekdays they are my little family. So its all good ..having a slushy moment!

2008 is going to be one of change, working on a lot of things right now.

Booking into Alissa's certification course in the next couple weeks, working on website and so forth. Massive support from the lovely Kristen , Much Love!!

So yeah watch this space... BIG things are coming!!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Rest..and Rejuvenation

So Rest and Rejuvenation

This is what I have been doing, resting and resting-- finally some symptoms are easing. Its mainly the sensitivity to light which is causing me a problem, its very hard to leave the house right now with the bright winter sky. But I am going to try to go outside for a little tomorrow, and then a little more Saturday. Just to get some air.

So I have been just drinking water, lemon water and resting more. Will be good to finally have some juices over the weekend when I feel ready to try them again.

Got some vegan tonic today, I don't normally believe in supplementation of vitamins-- but right now I need to mend and keep healthy without having another bought. This is now 2nd episode in 4 months. So will start on that, and adding some more nutrition in a few days. I will keep a log of what juices.

If theres nothing mentioned for food or juice-- then its just water

A couple of people in my life have been asking about raw, a close friend who I have offered to support through trying it out-- from shopping to any other support needed.

My mother has kept asking and asking. She is eager about the weight loss, however she is still hesitant because of her diabetes-- I am reading up a lot to be able to help her and offer some practical ideas to add more raw to her diet. Its a traditional Asian/West Indian diet -- rice and chicken basically--Also noodles, small portions of vegetables. But not much variety, same thing every night.

I really want to be able to assist her, so researching more. Either way I am happy to help, offer support and try my best to coach using the experience I have gained with my own transition.

Anyway I shall be continuing to rest for now, looking forward to having some juices and feeling back to myself.. just have to be patient.

Right that's all for now!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Fuzzy Brain

Here I am after nearly 4 days in bed..with this thing..still feeling awful. Sinus infection, flu and glue eye -- whatever modern medicine wants to call detox its rough as. Been drinking lots of water, sleeping..and sipping lemon juice with agave

Taking things slow and mainly water fasting, when I am over this I think I will be supplementing and having as much juice as I can to get back to feeling normal again.

I managed to break my blender this morning trying to mix up something to stop me coughing my lungs up.. I was so upset!!.. going to have to replace it at the weekend once I am strong enough to leave the house again.. very annoyed..but it was cheap and had lasted me 18months, so cant complain! Think I will be going for a new one with a glass container ..lovely! Saving up for a vita-smooth for my birthday but that's 6 months away, so will get a glass one to tide me over, I use my blender 2-6 times a day so I really do need it, I have a tiny hand blender that will have to do for a few days!!

Thanks to the fabulous lot at... We Like it Raw.. I have had many recommendations for Alissa's chef certifications in the UK-- excited about this-- shall tell you more nearer the time!!

I am desperate for a t-shirt-- We Like it raw one-- Bring on that international shipping!! Mind you saying that when I do get one..think it will be impossible to get me out!!

Anyway off to wrap up warm on the sofa

Rawk-on dudes x

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Day 1 of 2008!

So day 1 of 2008 has been pretty chilled, lots of reflections, thinking and resting.

Sticking to my water still, trying to get this bug out of my system. Just taking it easy. Tried a little juice and it was too much for me, so water and lots of sun tea.

I had to put my cake in the freezer!! Much to my annoyance!! -- anyone who visits will be getting a large piece of cake!

Been doing a lot of research on certifications today, is mind blogging the amount of information and the sheer cost-- plus flights stateside etc etc. Is a lot to take on board.. but thinking.. thinking hard!! (harder than you think with a temperature!)

Today had

Lots of water 2-3 litres

Suntea --- mint and a little green extract

Few sips of apple juice

Thinking I will oil pull in the morning and try to get myself a bit perked up! Still feeling less than great, but a good improvement.

Excited for what this year will hold, it feels clean, fresh and full of superb energy.