Saturday, 31 May 2008

Food Log + Training

AM workout

Trainer session so went through new programme, lots of varied things. But no intensity as he was showing me ropes

After this

Weights- just arms, free weights, 10kg and 20kg


then did 50 reverse(ouch)


Basic PM workout

Weights again (Just used little 10kg -- light and can do lots of slow reps)

Squats-- deep ones

Post workout drink

Blended 1/2 watermelon w/2 limes

Evening meal

Few bits of very ripe Pineapple (before they went into the freezer)

(1 hour later)

2 Ripe vine Tomato

If I am hungry later

Frozen pinapple on scewers or Mango smoothie lolly (got plenty made up in my freezer)

Juicy joy!

After getting to bed at 4am..I wasn't exactly enthusiastic when I had to get my butt out of bed and off to personal trainer session early!! but..groggily off I went!!

Did go well though..planned too more mini sessions at home today, then tomorrow 2-3 sessions.

Got just enough food to last me the weekend, planning on making it last and work for me. Had a vague idea what I wanted to make over the weekend bought firm veggies..and scored some super ripe pineapple..which is now in the freezer all sliced frozen pineapple kebabs!

Soooo hungry after training, mad dash for the kitchen to see what to whip up!!

Spending a lot of time working out right now, really clearing my head and giving me time to think about what I want.. 6 months down the line, a year down the line, its all possible!

Man..that watermelon is so so good!! Going to try and get 3 this week, they are so fantastic..I could happily just have watermelon..if they were easier to get hold of!! If I had a car I would be down the supermarket buying a pallet! The wonderful Connie at Naked Food Cafe is embarking on some watermelon mono feasting!! Mmm.. I will be keeping an eye on her journey.. and drooling(and getting slightly envious at all the melon!!)

My friend said to me yesterday..what do you want for your birthday.. err.. a pallet of organic cucumber, watermelons.. oh...and a lot of cacao for party time!! hehe.. save it for special occasions these days.. I completely agree with Matt Monarch as far as cacao being a "party drug" and not something to be eaten every single day!.. so I am looking forward to a bit of chocolate for sure in a few weeks..but truth be known.. I would be mega excited if a watermelon with a bow appeared!! ha!

Feeling really good right now, taking the focus off the food and back to ME, looking after me..emotionally, whatever way that may be. This week has tested me big time, but feel mega out the other end!!

Anyoo.. time for some R&R

Friday, 30 May 2008

I heart fruit

I love fruit.. its the perfect thing right now... juicy and..fabulous!!

This week has been so stressful..and just one thing after another..but I have been able to organise things and rationalise with myself. I feel back on top of the world now..just in time for a rainy old weekend!!

Today I made the most fabulous morning post workout smoothie, really simple

4 Banana's

150g frozen raspberries

2 scoops Raw Protein Powder w/maca + E3


I made mine super thick, made 800ml of smoothie, this lasted me all day at work 745-1730..and was super filling and delicious!!

The protein powder doesn't have any taste really, certainly felt energised in the afternoon for sure!! Will be trying to use that now for a week, as well as my normal training, see if I feel/see any differences.

I will try and log food/workouts when I can!! Just didn't have time this week with all the life drama!

I scored a watermelon at last, lovely big one for £2.99, I went down to the organic man today, he said the unsprayed ones are £5 each..which is a I am thinking about it. May well get one next week and see if they are good..and worth the money for 1 days food really...

Normally my food for the day is under £5.. so.. I have to think..first!

Anyways stocked for the weekend, got my watermelon, some nana's and a few odds and ends here and there.. was a bit like a kid in a candy store tonight..just picked little bags of all different veggies and will see what I put together with it tomorrow. Just got myself enough to last Saturday and Sunday..

I have planned 4 gym sessions for the weekend, as well as home doing those..keeping things relaxed..and having my food here..and easy to prep..makes things simple!!

That's all folks..more over the weekend!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Watermelon..hook me up!!

Thanks you guys so so much for the Watermelon tip off!! LIDL it would seem have them..also this week now Sainsburys and Tesco..supermarkets seem the place. My organic man had only 1..he decided to hack up the rest..and by the time little old me got down there after work..NOTHING!!

Luckily a very sweet friend went off to get me one after I shall feast on watermelon and limes...Mmmm

Anyways in light of the increase of outgoings this week I will be cutting my food costs down a fair bit for the next 6 months. This means I can.. still enjoy working out, go out with my friends occasionally and do a wee bit of travelling also. I will log what I spend and how much..hopefully it will help some other guys trying to keep RAW and healthy on a budget!!

Basically simplifying my food, I am enjoying smoothies at the moment, I am more than happy on these alone. So for now, mainly smoothies.. believe me I will enjoy a serious cacao kick on my bday.. on the 19th June..for any of you wondering..yes I do like to make it into a two week event..being a complete kid at heart!!.. I will be eating chocolate.. getting hyper..and behaving like a kid....and no..I cant wait!!

I am planning on bulk buying Banana's, avos and pineapple. By doing this I will always have plenty of base for smoothies. I also have frozen berries..loads of those..and can get a good deal on cucumbers from my organic man. I am loving Cucumber smoothies right now, with just a handful of raspberries...DEVI NE

Anyways..more to life than food.. I am loving working on my physique..making the most of my time outside of work..rather than spending it worrying over what I don't have..I am devoted to spending it..enjoying..and embracing what I DO HAVE!!

Bit hyper..but also shattered, worked a long day..and was a bit preoccupied with getting everything in order.

Anyhooooo that is all for now....more later on in the week

Oh oh oh..Chad Sarno on TV tonight was toooo tooo cute.. on Market Kitchen..UK can catch the repeat at the weekends..or I am sure..someone will upload it to youtube by tomorrow!! He made his beetroot cashew cheese looked YUM!!

Something about an American accent..gorgeous!!..ha! (the fact he can make amazing raw dishes may be a slight bonus!!) ha! I enjoyed watching anyways!

Right..time to rest..More tomorrow!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Man do I love long weekends.. I extended mine by 1.5 yes..I have had 4.5 days off work!! To be honest I will be glad to get back tomorrow..

Now am holding onto my holiday until next year.. as in 2009.. really want to save it up..not sure what for yet.. But with a bit of saving I feel I can use it productively rather than taking odd days here and there. I have a couple days off for my own birthday and then a few days in July, which will be nice.

I have a week with meetings and a work doctors appointment tomorrow which I really AM dreading..but I have to Ce la vie! My eyes were causing a problem at work and a lot of time off, however they haven't been too bad lately, in fact I barely notice the flashing lights in my vision unless I am stressed, or tired..or just before I go to sleep. Refraining from any stress..and getting plenty of sleep..seems to be solving the problem, or at least making it minimal!

Probably the best thing about this weekend is that I have spent time with some dear friends but also some serious alone organise things..and also I have had time to workout twice a day. Something I know I need to find time for during the weeks also. Setting my alarm for 5am tomorrow so I have a good hour to get a workout before I need to start getting ready for work.

Much to my horror I was low on ripe Banana and had NO GREENS this morning, so went off to find some.. plenty of stores are open..although not my organic man on a had to buy the best I could find. Really must top up on Banana properly tomorrow, Having 2-3 bunches ripe and 4 or so medium or just turning helps.. since the weather has turned cold..I have a windowsill full of GREEN banana's!! Oh no! I am not quite as organised as Sarah..her wee guide to the perfect Banana is handy though!

I found this picture of square watermelon..very disturbing..but also..slightly I liked that the explanation was they could easily fit into the fridge..Mine are lucky if they get into the fridge before getting EATEN up!! I am so desperate for some watermelons..but it seems they are a bit hard to come buy still here.. I can get a 1/4 maybe 1/2.. BUT its pricey buying them like this..can I find a whole one..Heck no!! (ALSO my friend really isnt taking the hint that I want a watermelon.. you try carrying one of those home!!.. Dont think they realise how serious I am!!)

Tomorrow I am going to invest in some new resistance bands.. really am enjoying using heavier weights at the gym..think the bands would be a nice variation for home. I have some basic weights..and yoga bands currently. Looking at getting some lovely new 20kg weights for my Birthday .....lusting after pretty weights.. yes..I

Anyways that's all for now, off to do my evening workout and get some juice!


Food + Training Log

Workout AM

Crunches 50 regular, 20 reverse
Legs, floorwork
Squats -- deep squats, 3 x 20

Post workout

Suntea Ginger + Lime -- tall glass with warm water

Meal 1

1 pear, 150g blueberries

PM Workout

Weights -- Arms again (bicep pump..woohoo!)

Squats -- slow this time, half yoga half regular. 50 total

Post workout

1/4 Watermelon blended with 1 lime

Scores on the doors

91% Carbs

5% Protein

4% Fat

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sweaty Sundays..

I woke up to the rain drumming on my window at 6am, decided to get proactive and workout. Planning to spend the next two days working out, resting, drinking lots of juice.. and catching up on my foodie programmes.

Today I am watching Anthony Bordain: No Reservations, I absolutely love these, he is such a food lover..its insane..watching him eat and eat and eattt!! But..all the locations, going around with locals, little bits of information..I find fascinating!! Hour long shows back to back.. have watched two now..going to make some lunch and potter(although not far without a hood/umbrella or anorak!)

Something about working my muscles, getting sweaty and focusing on working a specific part that makes me mentally crystal clear. Suddenly whatever problems or worries are rationalised! I have been able to make clear lists and TO DO list for 6 months. File it, and not think twice about it. What is done is done.

Working my core today, although I will do squats tonight, 30-50 ..till I cant do many more basically!! Pleased with the results, my thighs and hamstrings.. so going to continue doing those everyday for sure. Combination of plain squats and yoga squats

I had my GS yesterday however I am not having them today or tomorrow, as I will be feasting on watermelons mostly and some juicy fruits. Keeping it simple over the holiday weekend, bit of indulgence to be honest.. I cant think of anything better than drinking nothing but watermelon!!

Oh Oh oh.. I saw a dragon fruit!! for the first was beautiful!! I didn't get any though..maybe after work one night I will get one... hehe.. I was standing there in awe..whilst the man unpacking the box said to me "Do you know what the hell these are luv?!"

..had the same problem at the checkout trying to buy some Sharon fruit!! She didn't know what to put it through as!! corr.. Now I remember why I avoid supermarkets lol..mmm.. I love Sharon fruit..its like pure candy.. give them a few days and enjoy the sweet jelly..YUM!

Amazed at how easily I am building muscle, its all good!!

I am trying to keep stocked up on fruit, without being overstocked.. I cant stand waste..but I also don't want to be hunting for something to eat..I think I am just about finding the balance. Its hard with fruit like mango,banana, avocado which need some time to ripen.. just have to get plenty of under ripe at various stages! You have to become a super shopper!!

Had the pleasure of seeing not 1..but 2 amazing friends its all good, today is a chill day.. flop around..potter to the shop..workout..that is all on the agenda my friends!

My favourite vids this week from You Tube

The lovely Jenna visiting her market(lucky thing!)

Guys on a Raw vegan challenge building muscles!! with...resistance bands!!

In the theme of Green smoothie challenge..a lush Green Grapefruit Juice!! Mmmm

Food and workout log a bit later!

Food + Training Log

6.30am workout

30 crunches
30 Backwards crunches

Basic leg work (no squatting)- floor work

Post AM Workout

800ml water

Ginger + Lime infusion with warm water

Got a nap before my evening workout!

5pm workout

Arms, free weights

Squats 40 -- about 15 of those yoga squats

1 hour 20 minutes of work, majority being weights.

Post workout
800ml Watermelon with 2 limes whilst doing weights and as recovery drink

Loving me some watermelon mmm!! Ode to Sarah mono mealing this holiday weekend.. I may have another..its so awesome!!


Cucumber Mlyk with raspberries

Blended 1 HUGE Cucumber (talking 12 + inches here!!)

with a little water, grated ginger

Threw in 2 hand fulls frozen raspberries at the end

Creamy.. refreshing..delicious!!
Made 800ml (27 OZ)

Fond of drinking my smoothies blender sized at the moment, keeps me full for a good few hours before I feel in need of another smoothie or any solids. I have my 880ml cups, so I drink a little, then pour it in there.. with a straw its no problem drinking it all up!

Scores on the doors for today!

87% Carb

9% Protein

4 % Fat

Friday, 23 May 2008

Food Log

1/4 Watermelon, blended with 2 limes

Post workout, evening

( 30 minutes weights, then 50 minutes squats, yoga squats, weighted chin ups and crunches)

400 ml Smoothie

1 Very ripe Mango

2 Navel Oranges

Ate 150g Strawberries

Later on

Small portion of Carrot and Cucumber coleslaw -- 3 tablespoons


Made a basic dish with Shredded Carrots and Cucumber, they didn't have any red cabbage, hope to make it again with this over the weekend.

5 carrots, 1/2 Cucumber

Used the shredded carrots, cuc..then added 1 lemon, some cayenne and then added 1 spoon of Mayo to it, delicious!

This makes it I may play with an entirely fruit based sauce for it..Pepper/chilli/Lime may work well.

It was good with or without the mayo to be honest!! Thinking this might be a nice addition to have on hold in the fridge.. just for a snack or whatever. Its the a little creativity is to be expected!!


Ratio for today

79% Carb

7& Protein

14% Fat

The mayo tipped it over, was previously 7%! Oh well, I shan't stress too much about that, been a very simple day of eating all in all!


Stress...Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

I have been quiet, was having a great week then got a rather unexpected..and "estimated" bill arrive last night, this has kind of thrown me of kilter.. Gemini's do not handle stress well, it throws me completely off balance.

Anyway after a stern word with myself, a lot of thinking and budgeting ..I can finally RELAX and try not to stress myself SICK literally!! I know any stress aggravates my crohns, so I really am trying to CALM DOWN.

Just a natural worrier! Anyhoooo!

Felt a lot clearer mentally this morning, got up and pottered a bit..been catching up on all my favourite Foodie programmes, which in itself has been relaxing. My regular show, Market Kitchen have been doing various features this week for National Vegetarian Week!.. pretty funny had them guessing what products were vegetarian or non vegetarian.. they got them ALL WRONG! Pretty funny that beef crisps are vegetarian Fanta fizzy drink IS NOT vegetarian.. Not that you will catch me swilling out of a soda bottle anytime soon!! Ha!

I then went into the kitchen and realised, there was nothing in there I was truly CRAVING.. I wanted oranges..watermelon..juicy fruits..

So off I the scorching sun..down to the organic man!! I got a load of lovely produce for £8..and some amazing looking RV Chocolate..yummy! I was salivating on the walk back..eager to get that watermelon down me!!

Blended the watermelon with 2 limes...Ahh..heaven in a glass!!

We now have a lovely long holiday weekend here.. so I am going to spend it relaxing, unwinding body and soul.. and working out plenty..getting outside whilst its so glorious!!

Have an insane Orange craving.. cant wait to get orange juice after my evening workout!! Ooh nearly forgot..My hemp protein powder with Maca and e3 LIVE arrived!! Yipeeeeee.. will report back on how it tastes etc!! Cost me £18 in total with the postage..pretty good deal! Considering the ones I was looking at here were going to be £45 with postage!

Will post later on tonight with food log/stats and any more pictures!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

New season.. British Strawberries

Finally.. the British Strawberry is here!! And man O it good!!! Yum!!

I have been lucky enough to get them on offer this week ( 2 punnets for £3), they are so fabulous, have been eating them everyday this week!! They are so sweet and...Mmmmm..been eating 200g most days...yum yum!

Have been spending a fair bit of time exercising or haven't been around as much as I would of liked. Also brewing on my party idea!! Stay tuned!!

Been eating simple and playing outside a lot!!

Weights, arms, legs, core work and some basic yoga bits this week mainly. Everyday doing a different part or focusing on something different. Today I have had a rest day, I was so tired and hungry I couldn't really concentrate on anything!!

Yoga squats are seriously think its easy..until you wake up the next day.. however I am pleased with the appearance of my legs, so will be keeping those up!!

Mainly eating Pineapple, strawberries, pears, celery and greens right now

They also happen to make a fabulous GREEN SMOOTHIE!! lol

I am walking with my GS tomorrow, I need it post workout in the morning!!

Having fun, got a big and long weekend planned, off tomorrow until Tuesday, its a bank holiday here, so I am looking forward to some relaxation, sun and long runs!

Anyway that's all for now!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Who said being RAW was pricey?

Here is what I picked up today, a combination of organic and conventional!! Got loads for under £20!

Clear Agave
Pear Pack Family(8-10)
Organic Celery
Organic Family Pack Peppers( 8-9)
2 Large cups 880ml
Frozen Organic Raspberry packet (300g)
Organic Banana(1 hand, 3 loose)
Pineapple pot(400g)
Tray of Mango's(2 large)
1/2 Watermelon
Organic Baby Spinach (300g)
Organic Baby Spinach
Family bag Avocado (6-8)
Lemon and Lime organic pack (6)

Yum Yum, lots of goodies for my green smoothies!!

Loving it at the moment, just the simplicity, reading a lot of Sarah's blog at the moment, she was such an amazing inspiration to me when starting off and guess what, she still is!! Her posts on being a SUPER Shopper are coming in handy! I am off to pick up some pallets of oranges later on! woohoo!!

I stopped today for lunch, had a huge glass of Orange juice and got chatting with the juice bar owner..sat for a bit watching the world go by, was lovely!! Oh to have more days like today would be just blissful!!

On a slightly less romantic note..but still pretty cool.. When I went in for orange juice before my juice feast, it was through me in 20 minutes and I was SICK as a dog, this time..I was fine!! Yipeeeee! I was scared though in case that happened again, especially since I was lugging around two bags of produce! ha!

I was drooling over their Blendtech...mmm.. I think I might try making some orange juice at home..maybe invest in a citrus juicer.. sounds like a good idea to me!! Isn't the time of year for investing in fancy kitchen bits..with all this lush produce!! Yummersss

Also got these really cool Sippy cups, two for 99p!!! They hold 880ml of fluid, so perfect for using for drinking smoothies, storing or taking to work. I couldn't believe my luck finding them.. especially since they were nestled in on the end of the bread aisle!! lol that's what I call A DRINK!!

If your wondering about the Agave, I don't normally use it, favouring raw local honey, but thought I would give it a go and see how I feel with it. Just to sweeten some GS with stronger greens perhaps, that was the idea. Most things are more than sweet enough for me. Also the raw honey I have left is seriously hard now, ever tried getting that stuff into the you end up with more on your hand/wooden spoon/floor..than in the darn blender!!

My thighs are hurting like mad.. I thought it would be fun to do some yoga squats I saw featured on Renegade health lol.. . those guys are fab! Love their shows and little demos, such a cute awesome couple. Check them out on youtube, their mexican raw food demo is soo funny!

Done again tonight, 30 of those burn your thighs Yoga squats, then basic weights. Short and sweet!

Now going to relax some, will post up my evening smoothie etc a bit later!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Back on the fruity trail...

Sure I love making things.. I love all the making and presentation. Just right now I feel, its Summer time and although you would never know it here in blighty, lots of fresh berries and greens just feel right in this moment.

Am craving berries and melon ..and oddly...hemp will pick some up in the morning!

I feel better 8/1/1 that's why I stick to it during the week, allowing myself some flexibility and creativity of a weekend!

My food for yesterday came out to ratio of 82/10/8

Pretty good, I am not a calorie counter, I eat on instinct.. but I will keep a note for a few days really just out of interest. Nutritional stats etc.

Was interesting after plugging in one of my workout smoothies, total was 823 cals, 14g protein!! awesome!

Anyways more fruit, more green smoothies, and more working out. Period. I feel amazing when I stay this way.... in no means stopping the odd treat or gourmet feast of a weekend. Just stripping things bare!! My workmates may be in for a serious influx of truffles and chocolates lol I feel creative but I don't feel like eating heavy right now!!

I stayed up until 5am this morning, slept until 10, got up cleaned the house and sorted all the laundry for the week. I woke up with a lot of ideas on my mind.. scribbled down as much as I could.

Thinking of organising a raw party in July..however organising it..may be harder than the visualising. Anyway calling on some rawbies on GI2MR for some help/ideas on venues. Cacao Midsummer's Nights Dream Party...

Anyooo today

Done basic weights, arms, legs, ab/core work.

Pretty hard work, pushed sweaty whilst trying to make a smoothie..bad idea lol

Green Post workout Smoothie

2 Frozen Banana's (threw them in for two hours--adds some creamy factor without a nut butter!)
1 Tablespoon Maca
1 Tablespoon Carob
8 Strawberries
3 cup Spinach
Water to blend

Funnily enough Maca isn't on my crunching system lol

So stats omitting the Maca are :

Calories 308

90% Carb

6% Protein

4% Fat

Vitamin A 173%

Vitamin C 106%
Calcium 11%

Iron 21%

Not too shabby!! Made "2 servings" According to my blender, 1.5 of my big glasses!

More to take a well earned shower!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Green smoothie Challenge.. ARE you up for the challenge?

Stopping for a moment today to talk about The Green Smoothie Challenge

Doesn't seem to have had enough BIGGING here goes

All you have to do is have a green smoothie, add them to your diet, whether you make changes or not. Get your family drinking them, friends..go for it!! Even fussy kids will drink them with plenty of fruit!!

I am insisting when my friends come over we make smoothies, on trying the lovely mango green smoothie they swoon.. ARE THERE GREENS IN THIS?? You really cant tell!! Must say some friends are more fond of my Banana/maca combination smoothie time this month!!

Victoria Boutenko is the Green smoothie superhero!! Her books are amazing and family an inspiration. Get green and juicy!!

You don't have to go replacing all your meals or anything, you can just enjoy them as well as. Or if you like have a green smoothie day or cleanse, whatever you can do is just AWESOME!!

Valerie Winters did her Green smoothie challenge last year, her blog although closed still is still there, take a peek are some fabulous tips on green smoothies, from cups, transporting to simple recipes!!

Here is my dinner.. a lovely BIG green smoothie..


4-5 Strawberries

400g Pineapple cut up

Probably the same measure of Spinach 400-500g

Spinach is nice and mild..cant taste it at ALL! I used lots and lots! You could pop some honey in or hemp seeds.

I have ordered some Hemp protein with Maca and E3 Live, will be using this once it arrives.

I love making gourmet stuff for sure.. but its time to strip things back a bit!!

Shall leave you guys with some green smoothie vids! Get GREEN rawbies!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Rainy days = UNcooking time!

The sun has gone away, woke up to the rain drumming on my window. So wrapped up and shuffled to the sofa..after going through a few books, websites.. I figured I would try doing something with aubergine.

Had a relaxed day, went for a run..apart from that just been vegging out hardly eaten, just lots of water and been making things..which seems to completely kill my appetite! I need someone nearby to come and eat up all my offerings! lol

I have to admit to not knowing exactly what I wanted to make on starting!!

Aubergine(Eggplant) Chips -- Fries to you guys the other side of the big pond!

1 Aubergine -- UK grown, greenhouse

First I peeled it, sliced it

I made various shapes, as I wasn't sure if I was going to make "chips" or use it as a "meat" sub.. so.. this is why I used various shapes to start with.

Then soaked this in

Filtered water
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea salt

for 1 hour, squeezing them well halfway through.

After this they are completely soft and limp! I marinated them quickly and put them on a plate before dehydrating.

Olive oil

Basic curry spices quickly ground up

Cayenne Pepper (because I LOVE IT!!)

Massage it well in, make sure they are all coated well.

I then laid them on a plate, trying not to overlap too many. Was a lot from the 1 Aubergine

Here they are after 6 hours, you could easily take them out after 4, process and make into burgers or meatballs.. I think they need a bit more, so will be giving them another 3-4 hours. They are just starting to crisp up!

Will report back on their taste tomorrow.... More creations tomorrow....

Monday, 12 May 2008

British Summer... Finished!

Seems we have had our sun, and its back to clouds, wind and rain!

Quick food logging, really tired so keeping it short and sweet tonight.


Feeling my way back to food, I drunk a lot of tea

2 banana's and some goji berries


2 Banana handful Goji berries

1 Banana + 1 lettuce for lunch

Lots of tea and water

Dinner : 250g Pineapple


2 Banana

Goji Berries

Sunflower seeds

3 Strawberries

1 Pear

Dinner : Strawberries , pears, dried tomatoes and probably a bit of cheeze (can you tell I am PMS-ing!! ha!) Heres a quick snap!

Eating simple, but heavy lots of banana's.. end of think that's why..just craving denser foods. So having goji and banana is a lovely treat!!

About 40g goji berries each day. Pain is easing up and cramps passing main thing, should be gone by Friday eating this way. Normally I cannot eat I know right now my body needs it!

That's all folks, will post properly Friday when I am off on holiday!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunday night fridge clearout.... quick and easy wraps!

So Sundays I always clear out the fridge..whatever is in there good gets marinated, made into smoothie or binned. That it!!

Okay so I already had salsa in there, I whipped up some quick marinated mushrooms and made my first "mayo" with a cayenne kick. It literally took me 20 minutes to do.

Figured this could be made easily into wraps to take to work. My appetite is zilch after feeling sick all last week so I may do another smoothie just to get another 200cals in me tonight. Today I had a smoothie, a few spoons of salsa at lunchtime and really haven't felt like much since. Least I finally don't feel sick!!

Chili Flakes
Tomato-- 3 varieties
Chopped chunky, did this yesterday

Marinated Mushrooms -- similar to the mince I made but quicker!

3 flat mushrooms
Juice of 1 lemon
Sprinkle of cayenne
1 Spoon of miso
Sea salt

Mix all in, stick into the fridge to marinade

Mayo with a kick!

2.5 tablespoons Tahini
Juice of 1 Big Lemon
Sea Salt
Cayenne Pepper--plenty!
Sunflower seeds- just 30-40g (very small amount)
Olive oil

Blend the sunflower seeds, cayenne,lemon juice

Once this is completely smooth add 1 cup water, blend this up, add in the Tahini, this should be smooth but not super thick

Drip in the oil and blend high, like you would if making conventional mayo. Stop when its as you like, add in salt and any other herbs, taste. Pour out and refrigerate! After a couple hours it will be completely set up like MAYO!! Its very rich! First time I have made this, so pretty pleased its come out thick and tangy!!

These can then be made into wraps or used in salads or other dishes!

I was doing my usual YouTube watching this afternoon, keeping up on what Rawbies been posting up this week, its amazing over 100 in a week!! I came across a blog talking about GREEN SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE this is commencing 21st May, its just adding Green smoothies into your life, whether your raw, MEAT eater, whatever-- just drinking 2 drinks a day minimum plus whatever other food and seeing the CHANGE in your vibrancy and your families.

I am joining up om Mango's are on offer.. I am already thinking of some monster Mango green smoothies.. yum!! Get yourself to

No better time of year for this-- lots of lovely berries and fruit!! can even make green smoothie ice cream!! I will be sure to do a bit of that next week!!

I will try harder to keep a food log this week, its just hard when I cant just type it on when I am at work or whatever. Or I forget, I really eat light in the week, sometimes there isn't much to report!! But I will get back into the habit!!

That's all lovelies!!

Another beautiful sunny day.. dreaming of gadgets...

Another lovely sunny day.. its so blissful when its warm.. everything seems so much better! Chilled out and watched the boxing with a mate last night.. glass of wine..or rather half a bottle of wine for me! Slightly sore head this morning..eek

Got up early and did some housework.. now I can relax properly read and watch foodie programmes all that's what I can relaxation!!

A long standing obsession is Lakeland.. me and my friend pottered in their yesterday to eye up the Tupperware..mason jars and gadgets..hehe.. glad I am not the only one that loves eyeing up new mason jars!! .. Lakeland( )are amazing they have the best gadgets and things for the home you never knew you needed.. of course I had to get the Kitchen, Home and Summer edition catalogue yesterday, so am making my way through this now.

It is my birthday next month so I am earmarking things that I want!! Mainly these three items

Ice cream maker
Dreaming of making Green Tea Ice cream... raspberry and cacao.. mmm.. Banana and goji berry

Zyliss Mandoline

Oooo.. its so beautiful!! Would make awesome looking salads, easy prep for lasagna..and ravioli!! om om!!

Prestige Salad Chef

This is only £9.99 and comes with salad bowl, tea towel and servers!! bargain..I may have to get it this month. Quickly blend up salad dressing without making 1 litre of it!! Magic

Check out their website..they have the most random and wonderful items!! hehe.. must say the "Robot" vacuum cleaner had me chuckling for a while..that's one I thing I actually enjoy! hoovering.. although having a little UFO looking thing zipping around the carpet must be pretty cool.. maybe a tad extravagant!! lol

Guess I mainly want cheffy stuff for my bday.. plus a big sack of cacao.. a few books I am after.. some very "Carrie Bradshaw" shoe boot sandals I spotted yesterday £80!! ..and some clothes .. hehe not much then!! A girl can dream!!

This morning I had a lovely smoothie

Banana mylk with carob, simple

So so filling, I only managed half!

Today I will keep my eating very simple, its just too hot for eating!!

Anyways that's all... back to my cool corner to read!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sunny days...chocolate making

Finally felt a bit better today, saw my mate for a bit of shopping then made some chocolates.

Oh I got some lovely stainless steel Indian dishes ..I had to photograph the chocolate in them..sooo gorgeous!

It is so sunny, just want to flop on the sofa, exhausted!! So this will short and sweet posting!

Relaxing to melt and mix things!!


Easy to prepare :

2.5 tablespoon coconut oil

1 spoon "Be the Change" Powder

1 spoon Maca

Raw honey to taste or Agave! or..put some date puree in

Put in some goji berries in the last batch

More a bit later to enjoy the sun!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Playing catch up!..............................No Moo Mince Meat

Sorry I haven't been around much recently, have been nothing but sick for a few days. Been coming home from the office and sinking into the sofa, until bed time!!

Haven't been keeping much down but water!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my recipes...

Have a few more to add I have been working on these, made this for my friend earlier in the week, finally had time to type up properly!

I took inspiration from Chef Flandria"Spicy Thai Fried Rice", but mine is very simplified

Created some Marinated Mushroom Mince "Meat" and Spicy Rice

I combined the two and added fresh chili and spring onions, pretty stunning dish!

No Moo Mushroom Mince!

3 large mushrooms

Shoyu ( good 3-4 tablespoons) they should be well coated-- you could use miso as a sub!

Juice of 1 Lime

Sea Salt

Dried Chili-- add to taste

Garlic grated

Dried herbs

Marinate well and leave for 1 hour, chop finely, until it forms a mince texture -- or process. I like to use my hands.

I then put into the fridge overnight, you may want to drain the marinate, or use it as a dressing!

This can go into a Marinara sauce for Raw Marinara with pasta or on top of a salad, or with rice as I did!

Spicy Rice

1 Cauliflower, riced

Add juice of 2 lemons

Shoyu, not too much, 3 spoons (big)

Cayenne to taste


Sea salt (very small amount)

Olive oil (1 tablespoon for a lot of cauliflower)

Leave to marinate, couple of hours or overnight!

Add in fresh chili and spring onions!

Yum! So so easy!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Supercharged Fudge Brownie


Give some to your guests..and let the fun begin!!


15-20 dates (mine were small)

1 cup water

2 Spoons Kate Magic-- Be the Change: Magic Dust (Mesquite,Lumaca,Cocao,Crystal Manna,Pink salt)

1 spoon Carob

1 spoon Maca

1 spoon Nut Butter (cashew I had)

200g coconut shredded up or mature grated..whichever you have.

To make

Soak the dates for 4-6 hours

Blend with 1 cup of water until a good thick even texture appears.

Blend in 100g of Coconut

Put into bowl, hand mix in all the Superfoods, taste, check it is to your palette.

Pour mixture into a dish, top with the rest of the coconut, place in fridge overnight or freezer, cut into pieces and bag up! Voila

If you wanted them to be firm enough just with fridge overnight add coconut oil.

Mine went in the freezer for 3 hours, are lovely and creamy...soo chocolatey.. YUM!

A treat for all!

Preparation is key..

Preparation Preparation Preparation.

I hear people all the time saying.."ooh I don't have time to make lunch or healthy snacks..hence I end up eating those Cornish pasties/sandwiches/burgers/sausage rolls"

Make time for yourself, your health and well being IS worth it!! If it means getting up early or missing that TV programme..or staying up an extra 20 minutes, DO IT you are worth it!

Last week all I did was eat whole fruit at work or chopped up, no salads really or smoothies. I kept things simple out of sheer laziness and trying to juggle work and gym and business plans.. so.. decided this week to be a bit more organised.

I turned all the salad bits I had into various salads, I also have cheese made, hummus and a spicy salsa. So literally all it takes is grab a pot, grab whatever dressing or fruit to top (pear/lemon juice/apple) and sit down to eat.. Simple! I also have some fruit bits..and the desserts I made. Plenty of options

All it takes is freeing up 30 minutes and you can have enough options for 3 days of eating! Without any worrying, what am I going to eat, do I have time.. bla bla.. when your hungry.. sense goes out the window sometimes-- this way the food is there, ready! I am the type of person..if theres nothing easy to eat..I wont bother to eat at all!

Don't they look fresh and appetising?... Yum!
Loving British Santini tomatoes, they are plum shaped and come in yellow and red variety, they are stunning and so so delicious!! I just love any tomato at the moment, could happily just eat them for days!!
Anyways is a lovely sunny day.. relaxing..the windows all bliss
Had a lovely breakfast after the gym
Blueberries (200g) and 2 glasses of fresh orange!!
Anyways that's all for now, more later, need to photograph my brownies and cheeze.... more to come!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

AAhh RELAX....

Sundays are always relaxed, but even more so when you don't have to go to work the next day!! Yipee!

Been relaxing, later on make tea for my friend and have a chinwag.. mainly just a chilled day, its lovely and sunny... aah!



1 small avo

Afternoon meal

1 Salad-- Romaine, spring onions, British Santini Tomato-- yellow and red, Lime juice

My stomach is a bit unsettled tonight so unsure of what I will have tonight, maybe some apple juice with ginger, or something simple like banana/lettuce smoothie

I really have been in the mood for preparing food, once I get the bug I cant stop!! ha!

Prepared tea for my friend, a Pear salad-- with British and Asian pears, pomello dressing.. loads of greens.

She had a big bit of cake ..certainly enjoyed it, yet to try myself!! I am a bit proud of it mind.. I must say!! is the beauty! so firm and easy to slice..I am amazed!

Today I have been uncooking..

Made some cheese, based loosely on a post from the lovely Carmi on cashew cheese

see here

I used half sunflower seeds half pumpkin, and miso -- looks pretty good, once its firm and seasoned I will take some pics of it.

Ended up using my old blender for it.. which worked well. Reason being even though its 1/4 of the price of my old one, its hard wearing..and will blend anything UP SMOOTH! its mad.. a £10 blender shouldn't be that powerful, but it is, so.. used it for the cheese making. Worked lovely.

Then used cheesecloth to drain it out as usual.. same as when I last made cheese.. see this blogpost..

Used some Italian seasoning to coat it, it smells GOOD and cheesey!! haha in a good way!

Now making some Super-charged chocolate brownies.. I have some odd bits and bobs left over from the kinda throwing them together. I will post pics and exact recipe tomorrow for those.

Soaking the dates at the moment..eagerly waiting to get making!!

Been a slow restful day, think tomorrow will be exactly the same!!

That's all for now..

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Inspired Lemon Cake

So I haven't made anything elaborate or involving nuts/lots of ingredients for a long time, thought I would make something nice as a Bank Holiday treat

This cake is Inspired by, Poppy Lemon Seed Cake, Joz's creation

Here is my slightly altered creation!


Juice the following ingredients for the PULP

12 Apples, 2 pears, 1 lemon

(** Please note I am using a Breville Juicer however the pulp was dry and compact)

If your pulp is at all wet, squeeze in a nut milk bag first.

Mix this pulp Mix with the following :

Juice of 2 lemons
3 tablespoons raw honey-- or agave
200g ground RAW almonds, roughly

Mix it up in a mixing bowl, really keep mixing until its creamy and takes on a dough like texture. You can blend or food process it also, personal choice!

Press this mixture into a Spring form pan or any dish you like, pop into the Fridge---I left mine for about 5 hours

To make the frosting up :

I chose not to use the one listed mainly due the cost of Coconut oil and I didn't have time to get any.

Blend quickly on a low setting

1 cup coconut

+ any left over bits of Almond meal

Juice of 1 lemon

Agave if you want

The smallest amount of water needed to blend the mixture

Blend this, put it into the fridge, after a couple of hours, blend again, this should thicken right up, place it back into the fridge. If its still too thin, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before frosting the cake-- (or add flax or another thickener-- could add some cacao butter completely up to you).

Here is the cake out of the tin before icing

Frost the cake with the Coconut Lemon frosting, grate zest of lemon and line on the top. You can serve or put into the fridge to set up some more overnight. Voila!