Sunday, 27 July 2008

Training/Liquid today



630-830 AM 2 hours

Floor work -- Standard dance style warm up
Core work (crunches and reverse crunches) 100 +
Leg raises, mainly leg floor work (no squats)


Lifting of homemade kettle ball

Squats, basic only 20kg weighted, nothing heavy!

Liquid for TODAY

Unlimited Lemonade



Fennel Infusion-- unlimited

Peppermint tea

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Food/Training log

Quick food/training for today

Mainly as its too hot and sticky for sitting here long! yippee!

AM Leg work/squats/raises

Gym Workout

PM Leg workout again, mainly squats

Liquid for TODAY

Fennel tea
Fresh Lemonade
Ginger infusion
Lots of water

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scorching at long last!

At last the weather is absolutely scorching! For the first time in err 2 years..our came my little desk fan!!

Been gorgeous today have enjoyed time outside and just relaxing. Only slightly impeded by 3 hours of migraine in the afternoon, otherwise I have been doing everything as usual.

Sadly I have to work tomorrow, however am trying to keep positive! Just one day then the not too bad! Lets hope the sun stays out, been laying in the garden today..just gorgeous!


2 Litres Lemonade (Valencia oranges, lemons and water)

Fennel tea, unlimited

Mango Infusion, unlimited

2 Gym sessions

2 home sessions-- 2 40 minutes

Squats, leg raises, weights and light ab work.

Right that's all, going to go relax in the sunshine!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on

Finally today the sun was out, gorgeous and scorching! Had a wonderful chilled day only slightly impaired by 4 hours of migraine. Otherwise we had a fabulous day relaxing and enjoying the weather!
The picture is of Cromer beach, my favourite place in the UK, to me Cromer is like a little bit of heaven!! We had hoped to go today.. another day .. will be sure to take some pictures! It is so quaint and gorgeous!
Did basic training this morning, went for a run followed by squats, leg raises and basic floor work. Tomorrow will be a more intense training day, make the most of the sunshine get outside to train a bit! My last day of holiday tomorrow.. trying not to think about that too much!!
Working on my legs a lot right now, doing a lot of squats, 100 + Daily, have now added in some weighted ones also, really helps a lot. Hopefully get some heavier weights in a couple of weeks for squatting with.
Working on my friend the ex Bodybuilder, got him eating mostly vegan for now anyways, no meat and finally eating enough calories for the intense workouts he does!! Seems to be working for now, and I get to prepare up on nutrition and coach..which I adore! Got him making fruit smoothies most days, drinking the hemp protein and making veggie packed meals!! Result, hes growing bigger and training harder, so something is clicking! Planning on doing a vegan Pasta dish; with dried tomatoes, fresh basil etc next weekend, that should go down a storm!!
Have been enjoying ZEST fitness magazine, was pleased to see a review of the Raw Faeries services, delivering raw food in London. They did however look at it as a quick fix diet for weight loss..just to be used for 3-4 days before a holiday or event... NOT what I believe. However, giving the Faeries service some mainstream attention is all good!! They are fabulous!
Feeling good anyways, loving the sunshine, finally the headache has passed so can enjoy whats left of the evening PAIN FREE, Yippee!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ahhh Holiday bliss!

I love holidays!! Just being able to lay in bed till 8am was an absolute treat for me!! Jumped out of bed so excited just to have the day to myself!!

Made up a huge jug of lemonade ..nice alternative to plain water, it has lemons, Valencia oranges, raw honey and spring water. Gorgeous! This will keep me going all day, is a 2 litre pitcher!

Been busy organising my wardrobe.. now have two.... been working on sorting everything, very therapeutic and relaxing I must say! Being a complete girl..I love nothing better than wading through clothes all morning

Main focus for my days off was doing as much training as possible, whilst getting the chores done-- extra activity for sure lugging boxes around!!

Mainly toning, strength training and exposing some more muscle, I am small only 5ft 5 so a little bit of extra muscle makes a big difference!

Food/training for TUESDAY

Herbal tea- mango infusion with raw honey

1 hour squats and leg raises

1 hour general floor work

30 minute crunches-- reverse, regular

Fresh Lemonade- unlimited

1 hour power walk

Fresh Lemonade

1 Fennel Tea

Anyways feeling much much better than I have done in a month! So going to enjoy today..relax and catch up with some friends.

That's all for now folks!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Super chilled Sundays...

Finally felt okay enough to sit up and type for a while tonight..miss catching up on things and with friends!!

Been getting back to the gym slowly, power walking, running and weight training. Although taking it slow right now.

I am currently fasting, I really do think its the way to heal and recover! Mainly water and fennel tea right now..resting lots and taking it easy. Fennel tea is really hitting the spot, will be adding in some MC drink this week so I can train hard for a few days.

Got a few days holiday this week, a holiday ban is in place now until November, so I will be making the most of 3 days to rest before our busiest period at work! Going to relax, go down the gym twice a my yoga..and do all those jobs round the house that there is never enough time for!!

I seem to have a huge backlog of laundry from being unwell.. so much clothes everywhere! Job for this week..bit of organising!

Anyways..starting to feel back to myself..although keep having these sudden intense headaches which just leave me in bed for hours unable to sit up..really hoping these pass. Have been prescribed beta blockers but am very hesitant to use them! Its a serious medication.. so need to read up some more before I start taking these.

Anyways.. that's all..hope to blog some more this week!


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Back on the path...

Path to health that is!

Returned to the doctors today, she gave me a beta blocker to try out, last resort, if that doesn't work I really don't know what else to try!

For now sticking to liquids and not expecting too much, just day at a time.

Doesn't much help having my employer adding pressure and the usual threats over sickness(gotta love local government!). I had to go back to the doctors today..was completely at a loss as to what to do! Finally stopped being sick at least, that's something. Can keep tea and dry things down, so that's some progress.

Typical got this gorgeous order of fruit and absolutely no urge to eat anything!

Going to cut up the mangoes tonight and blend some ..maybe freeze up the rest for smoothies when I am feeling better! Such amazingly sweet mango! Going to try a little blended anyway, give it a try!!

Feeling drawn back to 8-1-1 in a big way, simple eating, fruits in mono..and not anything complicated!

5lb down after a really rough weekend, so just focused on resting and nurturing my body best I can whilst keeping up with work and financial commitments right now!

Been drinking lots of fennel tea, so soothing on the stomach

Fennel has so many amazing properties!! From soothing the stomach, helping in hormonal balance to increasing mothers milk ....detoxifying the liver and a powerful aphrodisiac-- who doesn't need a bit of that aye!

Loving it, drinking so much!! Going to buy a bulk order of I can keep up with my tea drinking habits!!

Anyways.. just a quickie off for a much needed cuppa!


Saturday, 12 July 2008

Down time...

Been having some down time, been getting early nights and resting up. The migraines are a lot better now, although I am still not feeling 100%

Really missed blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs, my PC has hardly been on this week, which is unusual for me!

Finally starting to get back to training, bit of running some strength training and yoga.

My sister sent me this little gadget, Personal Smoothie maker, shes been loving hers and said she wanted to bless me with the same!! I am yet to use it..but looks very cool..will report back if I love mine as much as she does!! Its Kenwood Smoothie 2 GO

Been eating minimally and resting, mostly tea and water. Allowing everything to heal and repair itself. Finally got a bulk order this morning to stock up, this will do me for two weeks

Total of £38

1 Box of Red Peppers (6kg), capsicum ..absolutely gorgeous, came in this big Black getting new shoes but better!

1 crate Valencia Oranges 16kg

1 Box of Red Flame grapes (6kg)

1 little crate of Mango(4kg), ripe..and gorgeous

The prices had gone up a little bit but still was SO much cheaper than using the supermarket!!

I worked out TESCO supermarket charge £2 for 2kg of Oranges, you can buy 16kg for £10!! That is an amazing saving! I don't eat them..only for the volume its awesome, they make such gorgeous juice..tastes nearly honey like to me!

Anyways here's some shots of my looty.. going back to rest now, hopefully be back to my blogging best next week!


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Post 200.....

My 200th post..wowsers.. either I have been here a long time..or I like to write A LOT..maybe a bit of both!!

Finally feeling human so after a week of seeing only my work desk and my duvet.. sat at my PC at home and set to tidying my emails and sorting the house..

So I had been on mostly juice for a while, I have been mono eating to try and slow down detox and reduce my migraine symptoms. The headache is much improved but I am left with a lot of visual disturbance, I really don't want to be taking strong medications for it. So just taking it one day at a time.

Been mainly mono eating Pineapple and Melons lately, mainly pineapple-- at £1 each that does me for the day. Cheap eating, even if you ate 2!

My pineapple corer is fabulous!! I put the cores into the freezer..and get left with lots of lovely fresh pineapple rings!! ..really its a fab gadget for you pineapple lovers!!

I will continue to mono eat until the headache lightens then continue with juices and smoothies.

Relaxing today, haven't seen any of Wimbledon since I have been sick.. disappointing! Going to watch a little television with my sunglasses on..and just lay down really. Tonight preparing dinner for my friend.. quickly whipped up some raw yogurt this morning, making a cooked main for him..vegan..taking it step by step!! Aubergine and Spinach curry.. am sure could do it raw, but right now I wont eat Tomato's since the scare...maybe after I will recreate a raw version

He's at least willing to go vegan.. so will have to report on the progress! Is a former bodybuilder and protein mad..wish my luck!! Vegan bodybuilding forum seems to be helping me..lots of examples of huge.. healthy RAW VEGANS!! yipee!

Anyways happy...and getting back on the road to healthy!!


Thursday, 3 July 2008

A quiet kind of week...

Been a quiet week.. Haven't been on much as I have been literally coming in and going to sleep. Or doing the basic minimum chores before resting up.

Still suffering with migraine, I know its purely stress related, so just minimising the stress and spending time with people who keep me feeling Happy and Relaxed is paramount!!

Been having a little water, some MC drink, melon juice, some blended pineapple but keeping it really minimal as I have felt so sick.

Seems to be getting a bit better but still taking it really easy. So will update when I can..but may be a few days till I am feeling close to 100%

Finally going to stock up on some food tonight, all out of really have to do it!

Anyways just checking in..more soon hopefully!