Monday, 31 March 2008

Never bet a raw vegan...

My friend foolishly bet me I couldn't make a raw soup she would love and eat up... wrong she was!!


1/2 Cucumber

6 Tomato

1 handful Parsley

8 Spring onions

1 Romaine Lettuce

1 Spoon green powder


Cayenne to taste

Blend it up.. can be warmed a little if wanted...service up..enjoy the green bliss! My friend took the lot home! Magic..she owes me a large JUICE now!
Its very simple as I was using what I had for my juice feast, you could add peppers, raw olives, olive oil or some cashew milk for creamyness-- throw in extras as you like! Easy way to throw together a quick meal!

All in all today has been tough work wise..but in myself I feel in a good place. I am focusing on the water, MC and any juice I can manage right now. I know soon enough I will want the juice again and continue to drink 1 gallon a day, but right now some deep cleansing needs to be done for sure.

I have been looking for some Poi today.. really want some, after seeing the lovely Angela Stokes dancing with hers, I NEED some! Off to buy some on Thursday, I will have to see about taking some pictures of me in the garden playing with my new Poi!!

Shall leave you with the lovely Ms Stokes..and her Poi dance!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Fruity Bliss....smoothie/juice

Okay wacky idea.. made a fab smoothie, enough for 2, strained one for myself and another for mate..made good very yummy

I have been completely off my this was good!.. also cleared out all the fruit in the house! Super ripe and juicy fruit all of it!

Fruity Bliss

4 plums
1 punnet Raspberries (US ..about a cup)
4 pears
1 big piece of ginger, grated
Juice of 4 Apples, English, local
Juice of 2 Blood oranges
1 Big spoon of Green powder

Blend it up good..

Yum! Strain if your JF-ing.. this is bliss in a, spicy and fruity!

Day 35... Soothing sundays..

Well spring is finally here! I completely forgot the clocks fact it took me until 12..or well realise! ha! Thought it was odd my PC was in spring and my mobile was still on winter time! lol

Its lovely and sunny, nice amber light coming in the curtains..its bliss!I am doing absolutely nothing today..Sundays always are for me about R&R!

Feeling a bit torn right now, I want to be producing and creating beautiful foods..but.. I cant eat or test them out. So just making notes of ideas, or using opportunities to make friends food..either way a chef tastes their food..its hard for me to NOT uncook, I feel so passionate about it. But right now I have to keep writing down my ideas until I have an outlet for them! -- My notepad is filling up fast with notes!

Goodness.... I was browsing blogs..and I found The Raw Dessert!! ooh its an amazing blog..oooo... Drooling.. I have a feeling June is going to be.. raw choccie playtime! Anyway added to my blogroll..get your self over there!

Talking of websites, I was checking out RawReform Store, they have some lovely new bits. The item that caught my attention was Hemp Protein powder with Maca + E3 Live. Sounds amazing, have ordered some.. exciting stuff!

I have had some tea so far today. I am finding it hard to have my juice or generally uninterested. Am happy with my MC or water. Sure this will shift, just trying to listen to my body whilst still getting nutrients in. Will make a green juice later with powders also to amp it up!

I guess what I have found so far is taking solids out of the equation means MORE creativity, but also emotions bubbling up. Its hard to know the right path/opportunity right now..but I know I will find it by the end of this feast.

A friend asked me yesterday how long are you going to continue for? I really don't know, 60 days sounds like a good number, but I think for now, I will continue to take one day at a time,feeling my way through the detox.

I am striving to improve myself, to learn new skills and to get myself out there-- Moving, shaking, Being a Superbeing(as Kate Magic would say)!

Anyway that is all for now..

Going to enjoy the remaining time off work, relaxing and having ZERO stress.


Saturday, 29 March 2008

If you love your friends...make them a ...Super smoothie!


1 Handful Parsley

1 Large vine of Black grapes, Midnight Black-- yum 10-15 grapes

500ml pure water

6 Large Strawberries

Juice of 1 Lemon

Juice of 2 Blood oranges

I then added

1 big spoon Be the Change...mmm

1 big spoon Maca (it smells so good)

Serve it up with love.. straws.. savour it!

Weekend Bloggy action ..Day 34

Enjoying a relaxing weekend

This morning I pottered out and finally the sun was shining, there I was in my coat and scarf!! boiling hot lol Was so nice just to feel the sun on the back of my neck, cant say the last time I remember having that feeling!

Got a couple of glass jars, have found a lovely store that sells are sorts of jars for 99-£1.99 which is super cheap! Big ones..small ones..different shapes..some with fancy patterns. Really cool. So I got some more to arrange my table top larder I am working on.. This consists of three crates(organic banana organic man kept the lovely bright coloured one for me!), each with a different theme 1. Spices/condiments 2. Teas 3. Supplements/Super foods/Seeds +dates.

Basically by the end of the feast I want a spectrum of superfoods/supplements--all in glass jars, easy access, labelled..raw-alicious kitchen!! I watched Health food junkies again online...and was lusting after the mans draw full of mason jars all nicely labelled..and Kate Magic's fabulous pantry of superfoods!! I am working on recreating my own.. Talking of Health food junkies, its on Youtube now if you lovely yanks want to watch it!

Most of the time my friends look amazed if they go in my kitchen.. one friend I mentioned to..Oh I am getting a sack of in 6kg.. she said "Ooh I just get 4 carrots loose for the roast on a Sunday, you actually eat those things?" - Classic!

My local healthfood store had a sale today, I got some seeds and no way am I paying 5 times 8 weeks when I want to make a cake! Either way they will keep till November.. I am all about buying the bargains!

I have had 2 MC drinks today, I am aware I need to have some juice, water,tea tonight. I just really haven't felt hungry or thirsty at all.

I was amazed that the guy behind the counter at the health food store remembered me and asked how my fast was going!! lol.. We got chatting the other day, because..since I started this JF I have literally been a " raw evangelist".. buying some tea or whatever, I just get chatting to people at the store, juice bar, gym.. wherever..I just cant help but share how amazing I feel/everyone can feel!!

Anyway that made me smile that I must of made some impression anyway, crazy or otherwise! lol I have visions of the market holders having conversations.."oh look..the one that buys all the carrots/blood oranges/lemons/kale... watch out mate!"

My local organic man really does know my Cheers bar! lol Talking of that.. I am still thinking about the "juice man" concept instead of a milkman.. I know its a pretty old school idea for England..I dont know anyone that gets milk anymore from a milkman.. but man.. a Juiceman would be incredible...

The thing I am missing most at the moment is uncooking, I keep thinking of the most wonderful ideas.. I am jotting them all down right now and sitting on them! I have asked my mate if he will sample some things..and then take them home with him..if I really HAVE to uncook!I am working on the ultimate Lasagna recipe.. as well as an amazing layered chocolate torte..its all in my will have to wait a while for them to materialise!!

I feel more creative as this feast goes on..I want to things with my hands.. its nice..I feel like super energy is flowing through my veins right now..that's a nice way to feel!

Apart from that I am a bit emotionally shakey right now.. so taking it a bit easy! I feel fine..then I feel awful.. but physically I feel vibrant.. it will pass..emotional detox and all that jazz!

That's all for tonight

I really must get some juice, I have hardly drunk anything all day!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Day 33..Magical delivery..from Kate Magic!

Day 33


Blueberry, orange, pomegranate and acai




Tonight will drink hot MC...mmm love it!

Now for the exciting bit......

Ooooh I am so first raw delivery is here!!.. the admin girls at my work came down puzzled..something for you..from..err.Germany!..I was as confused as they were..but it Raw Living package!!

I ordered Maca 250g

And 100g of these new Magic powders Kate is offering, they sound awesome. Fabulous you can buy 100g..try them out then commit to the 500g!!

Pre blended powders full of lovely superfoods!I got two of these...

Greener grass Ingredients: hemp protein powder, barleygrass, spirulina, crystal manna, purple corn, he shou wu, kelp powder, chilli flakes, pink salt.

And... Be the Change (yess the superfoods from the awesome chocolate bar)Ingredients: Mesquite, lucuma, cacao, crystal manna, pink salt

If you haven't tried Be the Change chocolate..get your butt to Kate Woods site PRONTO! .. this stuff has high vibrational energy..seriously.. Sending some love to the lovely lot at Raw Living!!

I am trying to supercharge/amp up my juice feast!! They recommended for use in recipes, teas, smoothies or straight off the spoon! Will report back on their performance!! hehe

It came with some cool little postcards.. high vibing stuff..could feel the love!!

Excited now! can you tell!

So glad for the weekend, some rest and some time to juice with love and care..rather than rush rush rush!

That's all for now folks!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

A little wordplay fun

Stolen from HiHoRosie..hehe

its doing the rawbie rounds..and its fun!

1. Cellphone: Always glued to my person!

2. Relationship: A tangle of complicated souls

3. My hair: Is a messy curly..chop-stick filled affair

4. Work: 8-5:30 ..not a minute more!

5. My sibling/siblings: are my dearest friends..

6. My favorite thing: lazy Sunday mornings..

7. My dream last night: ..a raw lasagna full colour...

8. Favorite drink: Anything from my favourite juice bar!

9. Dream car: a tigra

10. The room I’m in: is all white..

11. My shoes: are my number 2 passion

12. My fears: drive me onwards and upwards

13. What do I want to be in 10 years: happy..content..a mother

14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: my big sis

15. What I am not good at: doing anything fast!

16. Muffin: cacao butter...and raw choccie chips..mmm.. what a dream!

17. One of my wish list items: a vita-mix

18. Where I grew up: South London/Surrey

19. Last thing I did: Took my mail in

20. Wearing: Work clothes..and bare feet

21. Not!

22. My pets: Just the odd friendly spider..

23. My computer: is old..but loved

24. My life: a hectic symphony

25. My mood: calm

26. Missing: London smog

27. What I am thinking about right now: how thirsty I am

28. My car: .. a pair of well worn ballet pumps..!

29. My kitchen: is full of produce

30. My weather: freezing..but finally no snow!

31. Favorite color: Blue

32. Last time I laughed: I forget..

33. Last time I cried: a long time ago

34. School: a distant memory!

35. Love: the most confusing emotion in the world

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Day 31... Vitamin C overload!

Just a quickie today..

Really am shattered after a long long long day at work!!

Today 31

1 Litre Blueberry,blackberry Juice -- with added pressed Acerola cherry juice-- I also have powder which I will be playing with!



I am now debating some tea!

There is an abundance of fruit in the kitchen but I am NOT interested at all. I just want some warm MC and to watch the apprentice wrapped up in my blanket!

Something comforting about MC drink hot, nice and spicy and comforting..slightly medicinal taste..odd but nice!

My hunger is totally gone, I feel thirsty or I feel empty. Empty usually means I need juice, otherwise I continue on with my water until my stomach indicates otherwise! It isn't the gnawing kind of hunger I experienced at the start..which is nice!

Here is some info I found on...this SUPER cherry!

Acerola Cherry

care of Wikipedia!

[edit] Cultivation and uses
The fruit is edible and widely consumed in the species' native area, and is cultivated elsewhere for its high vitamin C content.
In the
1950s, a manufacturer of baby food decided that apple juice was milder for infants than orange juice. The company claimed that a drop of acerola juice in an 8 oz. can of apple juice provided the amount of vitamin C of an equal amount of orange juice.[citation needed]
Puerto Rico, the acerola is so prized that custom officials exercise considerable precaution to prevent exporting of acerola cuttings.

That's me SOLD!

It also is super yummy, which helps! Shazzie's store sells the powder, natural Vitamin C in food source, what could be better?!

That's all for today folks, will make a big post tomorrow evening.

Right now its so cold ..I need some time wrapped up and resting!

Light and Love

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

One of those days..Day 30

So I had one of those days.. woke up.. was sick.. banging head..had to go back to bed. I got myself so worked up last night, stress got the better of me.

Keeping negative aspects-- whether that be people, objects or environments minimal and positive, light giving elements of my life to a maximum need to become a priority!

Once again;This is a STRESS free zone, only attracting love, beauty and vitality. Nothing but Vibrancy!!

Got up in the afternoon, went to get some fruit and bits and rested some more, I wasn't going to resort to painkillers, the pain in my eyes has eased some now. So thankful for that. I stumbled my way to the organic man.. the snow was melting away but it was soo cold my hands were numb time I got there, only 0.5 mile down the road!

Picked up some : Plums, pears, Norfolk Purple sprouting broccoli, Flat lettuce(local again!!), Strawberry punnet(£1!),sweet little tomato, gorgeous lemons-- look at that vibrant colour! Ah man my organic man is so sweet, he said the lettuce was a bit small so I could take it for 50p! What a sweetie!

Gorgeous.. will make something a bit later some juice. Haven't had anything today yet. Just water. Think whatever I am feeling right now is emotional detox.. manifesting itself as physical symptoms. I feel much better now mentally and the headache has passed.

Feeling in a quiet reflective mood today. Trying to relax and get myself ready for tomorrow.

Anyways that's all for now.

Going to spend some time reading and taking a long bath tonight.

Tomorrow is a new day, I am going to fill it with everything that makes me happy!

Light and Love

Monday, 24 March 2008

Bank holiday.. Bliss.. Day 29..Long long post

Today is for thinking, bliss, relaxation and quiet tidying/organising

I have been sorting my wardrobe and giving items to friends. Been getting my teeth into Detox your World..for the second suggested wardrobe I am working on that.

Completely forgot.. got a lovely bamboo top, my first! For £5 in the sales, a lot of shops here now have bamboo lines and ECO lines, this one was from New Look, they also have organic cotton t-shirts. Its featured in the pictures..lovely and super soft! ECO Fashion!

Spending some time working on business stuff, organising the house and paperwork.This is relaxing-- this is a STRESS free zone.

I spent last night watching Shazzie's videos on youtube, I feel totally energised after listening to her words, just letting it wash over me-- INVEST in your health. Its as simple as that, rather than going to the cinema or.. spending out on a hair dye, or another pair of jeans... invest that into YOU. Superfoods, Super High vibrations, BECOME that Superbeing!!

I have been adding some supplements/superfoods to my feast :

Goji powder --- tasted fine.. pretty neutral tasting especially with berry juice! Nutritional value is the reason I am taking it! Shazzie recommends it for eye health-- Bring on that eye healing!**Ground it myself, got big jar for £1.50 in the sale, as they had put the labels on upside down and couldn't sell them! ha!

Acai powder--Makes me feel incredible, supercharged-- in a non cacao type of way, just high energy. I know some people question if its really raw or not. But after trying, it feels good and not like its lowering my energy in anyway.

Aloe vera --woohoo very soothing..all good!

I am playing around with superfoods/supplements and combinations, to amp up my juice feasting experience but also to get ideas for refining my diet post-feast. This seems to be a good environment to try things, stable-- should be easy to see what differences the superfoods are making.

Have ordered some goodies from Kate Wood's site...but..I shall post about those when they arrive!! I am verrrry EXCITED!

Was pretty funny telling my parents I am now taking the Aloe.. I had an awful time with juvenile arthritis, they wanted me to get the Aloe down me in the hopes it may improve my condition..needless to a 9 year old no way was I drinking that Aloe juice..Now I am like "Gimme that aloe!!"

Oils I don't feel are useful RIGHT NOW, so I have cut those now, they don't do anything for me. I don't normally eat them so maybe this is why I am now drawn to them during this feasting period. The coconut oil just made me hungry, which I never was before-- so cut it for the time being, I may well go and change my mind 10 days down the line!

Juice for Day 29

1.5 litre Water
1 Ayurveda detox tea
700ml Berry juice--- combination, blended and strained
Green powders
Aloe Vera juice
1 spoon cacao into water before workout (speedy, good workout, no come down)
For dinner
Planning to have pineapple juice, already cut it all up. Just got to put it through the juicer! add supplements and drink

Aloe and green powders or spirulina tonight.

So I wanted to talk more about VISUALISATIONS today

Is something Dave and Katrina talked about a lot, but also my sister has been using them and indeed MANIFESTED the blessings 3 months down the line. So here they are, no point keeping them inside, visualise, speak it out, live it, breathe it, manifest it.

Here are the things I am visualising for manifestation the next 6 months

Visualising these things for manifestation in MY LIFE

** A long break in NYC
** A Vita-mix
** Financial abundance and freedom
** 100% healed eyes
** A vibrant, successful RAW Business -- materialising!

Putting them out there in the universe

Super long post so that's all for now folks!


Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.

Okay so I have been thinking about this a lot, I couldn't sleep, was up until 2am. Thinking how how how can I get myself out of my current environment and able to travel, invest in some training and kit up a proper chefs kitchen.

I figured I could save a lot of money by cutting food and travel costs to a minimal. Then this got me thinking about cutting them to ZERO

Recently there was a show aired here Wife Swap showing a freegan family vs a Wealthy family in suburban UK. The latter lot made a real fuss about this food, throwing up in sinks and having tantrums about eating BOXED in date crackers/breads....or indeed just finishing their left overs!

It certainly was food for thought, coming out of these bins was fruit, vegetables, milk, bread, tonnes of packaged food and fruits on their "use by" dates. But all good, everything looked good and viable-- not at all in the state where it should be chucked in a dumpster, usually things I buy at this point are still in my fruit bowl waiting for me to consider them "ripe" enough to eat/juice!

This also got me thinking about volunteering time for food-- an option for sure. Working some time for the organic market or farmers in return for some fruits.

Also speaking with produce managers, taking "over-ripe" ie perfectly ripe things off their hands.

Wild foraging/growing your own
Other options, get foraging or indeed using someones garden or a plot to grow your own cheaply!

Foods to forage during March

Garlic Mustard
Wild Sorrel
Hawthorn Leaves

Wild greens, superb!

So it doesn't have to be full on dumpster diving!..It can be other trades/ways to source cheaper or indeed free foods.

Food for thought.......

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Snowy day..sunny juice

So I have spent most of today wrapped up inside, it is sooo cold, and I have no tolerance to the cold right now!! I am always freezing

Today I have had :

2 Fruit infusions

1 Organic chai blend

1 litre water

1 juice-- pineapple, orange -- threw in some goji powder for a kick

Haven't done much to require calories today so not too concerned, I will have more tomorrow as I will go running and train a bit in the afternoon, since its bank holiday Monday! yipee No work!

My head feels fuzzy today, so I have been resting and taking it easy!!

Emotionally I feel pretty good, determined and upbeat--- there is 101 plans, thoughts, ideas whizzing around in my head right now. It is pretty full on!!

Just enjoying the pineapple juice right now..mmmm its so good! Glad I have a plenty of om!

Its lovely to have some time without work..aah bliss!

Forget White Christmas..its a White Easter Sunday!

Here we are in the UK, lovely powdery snow storm on Easter Sunday!! hehe had to take pictures..oh..and look whats lurking in my kitchen....

Enjoy..I am off to play in the snow!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Love..and Snow storms!

Totally feeling the Easter love and good vibes at the moment, its total bliss

Everyone is happy, chilled and relaxed

We had snow here today! lets hope its not as bad as last time..its been so pretty all day! We didn't too much mind sitting in the car in the snow storm-- rang several mates down south to say "Its SNOWWWWING"..yes..simple pleasures!! Not often you see snow at Easter!!

Have had my sister up which has been a pleasure, relaxed and chilled-- she has blessed me with fruits in abundance!! amongst lots of other little gifts, very sweet... what does a raw-bie want for Easter... err new blender..and fruit in ABUNDANCE! That's exactly what I got!

Everytime I go in the kitchen I start grinning or laughing!! There is SO MUCH fruit!-- I got a new crate/tub type thing for my extra fruit..11litre container..should do it for a while!!

I am looking forward to playing with all my new grown up rawbie toys!!

Having my sister up has got me thinking about visualisations

Visualising what YOU want, and MATERIALISING it, manifesting it in YOUR life.

So.. That is exactly what I am going to do!!

Think that will be a separate post!! but, yeah definitely food for thought.

I seem to be mentally/emotionally so much more in tune whilst fasting!!

We hit up the local Juice bar.. SLURP!! big.. recommendations for Norwich locals, its amazing!! .. Got a lovely orange,pineapple,lemon juice with a scoop of acai.. it was a lovely Easter treat to my body!! They also happily will refill my flasks etc if I want to have a treat or use them for work-- the guy said to bring a bucket lol So excellent that you can go and have a little treat whilst fasting!!

Anyways that is all for now, I am off to relax!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter.. long weekend bliss

I cannot put into words how pleased I am to have 4 days work free!! yipee!

I will update my blog anyways, and try to get some nice pics over the weekend, may even ask my sister to "model" some juice for me..ha!

Going to use this time to relax, I have done all my spring cleaning, so it really is just about resting, relaxing and spending some time with family and friends.

The kitchen is full stocked up, although I have an insane pineapple craving, so I may have to go out and get a tonne of those! Well at least a pallet!

I have been thinking recently about storage for the kitchen, I already have 3 huge fruit bowls and those aren't enough, plus two fridges full of greens/carrots/water

so perhaps I am thinking clear crates for counter top, stackable-- can keep carrots,pineapples, a HUGE quantity of lemons,limes and oranges.

Seems a good idea, will report back with pics if/when I get these, hopefully in the morning

So here is my bank holiday weekend fruity looty! :

2 Mango
2 Melons
10 Lemons/limes
5kg Carrots
3 Celery
A few bags of greens
20 plus Apples
8 litres water
2kg sweet potato
1 large container sliced pineapple

Lots and lots, looking forward to some berry juice a bit later...yum!

Happy Easter, get juicy!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Day 24

So here we are Day 24

Haven't been on the PC much the last couple of days because I have so many black spots in my vision its impossible, apart from at this time of the day ..6am!

Went back to the doctors, he said I must be hyperventilating, tried to push some tablets on me to "mellow me down" ..he said I will be a bit spaced out.. err.. not too sure I want to put anything of that nature inside me.

I will continue to fast, I think some MC and water days may be needed, since I can rest during the 4 day weekend. This is the best way to heal the eyes.

Yesterday I went for a juice before work, then got another..begged the bus driver to let me on with this big cup of foamy purple goodness!! ha! he let me on! The lady in the juice bar put a big scoop of acai.. man that was good, I was in my own little buzz bubble for a couple hours.

I am looking into getting some ASAP, this felt really good, in a non-cacao high way! I found Jungle powder, With Acai-- as well as maca and lots of other goodies on Shazzie's shop..but £40 is steep!! Shopping about..but I think that one will win hands down!

Some info about the AMAZING acai berry

care of...wikipedia!

Several early studies done on the nutritional composition of açaí were summarized by Rogez in a 2000 book in Portuguese entitled "Açaí: Preparo, Composição e Melhoramento de Conservação" (Schauss et al. 2006a). Other previous studies dating back to the 1930s and 40s were not always in agreement on nutritional contents.
A recent study using modern procedures and a standardized freeze-dried açaí fruit pulp and skin powder found nutrient analysis results from 100 g (3.5 ounces) of powder to equal 533.9 calories, 52.2 g carbohydrates, 8.1 g protein and 32.5 g total fat. The carbohydrate portion includes 44.2 g of fiber (Schauss et al. 2006a). Having nearly one-third of its mass as
dietary fiber, açaí is an exceptional source of this valuable macronutrient: a 100 g serving of the powder would provide all the recommended fiber needs for adults (20-30 g per day).
Açaí is particularly rich in fatty acids, feeling oily to the touch. It contains high levels of the
monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid (56.2% of total fats). It is also rich in palmitic acid (24.1% of total fats, a saturated fat) and the polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid (12.5% of total fats). (Schauss et al. 2006a). β-sitosterol (beta-sitosterol), a phytosterol that competes with dietary cholesterol for absorption and so may reduce blood cholesterol levels, is also unusually rich (78-91% of total sterols) (Lubrano, 1994; Schauss 2006a).
A later study found vitamin C content was negligible, calcium levels of 260 mg, iron to be 4.4 mg and vitamin A equal to 1002 IU per 100 g of dry weight (Schauss et al. 2006a). A recent study found 19 amino acids in pulp and skin powder, with especially high contents of
aspartic acid and glutamic acid. The amino acid content totalled 7.59% of the total dry weight (Schauss et al. 2006a).
Due to the large amount of waste that accumulates during the harvesting of the hearts of palm, sawdust from the left-over trunks of the açaí palms have been analyzed for possible uses including energy utilization. The inner layer of the trunk is mineral rich, and is significantly higher in all the minerals that were tested including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron compared to the outer layer of the tree. This inner layer could potentially be used as a source for these minerals. Ash content (often used as an alkaline source for
saponification or in plant fertilizers) was also higher in the inner section of the tree. Levels of lignins, cellulose, holocellulose and gross heat production were slightly higher in the outer trunk layers, and cellulose levels were fairly high overall (Dyer, 1996).

Supercharge my juice!

I had two giant juices from the bar-- Yes I have a loyalty card, they are gonna know my face by June! lol

Pineapple, lemon, orange, blueberries and a HUGE scoop of acai! woooo

I finished the second at work, then had 1 litre water and some tea

Today is my chill morning, couple hours to myself to potter about a bit..

Since I really cant sleep anymore I may get up and make some breakfast before I go out.. I have a melon, mango..some oranges..some very old sad lemons.. carrots and celery..sure I can make something of that!!

Anyway love to all you feasting raw-bies

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Day 21.. Spring Clean and a night in with Channel 4..

Here we are, day 21

I have gotten a lot of sleep this weekend, mainly as my eyes have been varying so it made sense to rest whilst I am able to. I am very pleased its bank holiday here for Easter, so no work Friday and Monday for us-- it really is a huge relief!!

I cleaned the house today and washed, relaxed, did all those things that need doing on a Sunday.

Also went for a run, its cold, windy and rainy-- I just pushed on and got through that pain barrier. I hate hate hate getting wet, so I really did just have to let my mind wander off--somewhere warm and sunny! My head is much clearer on returning!

Today I had
1 Litre apple/kale
1 Litre carrot/ginger/celery/kale
1/2 litre melon --YUM so creamy!

Now sipping some water

The carrot to me is like drinking pure silk, its mad, its creamy... reminds me of drinking warm milk cartons at school as a kid! Which is a very bizarre connection, but I love it anyway--creamy and milky to me right now!!

I am debating whether to juice for work tomorrow right now, I find it easier to drink my water at work, plus I am just mentally exhausted right now!

Water and MC would make life so much simpler tomorrow, so that may be the way to go-- back the organic honey, cayenne and a bag of lemons--DONE!!

I have been watching with interest a programme on Channel 4, Willy's Wonky Chocolate factory-- a man striving to make pure cacao treats, of the highest quality available in the UK as a the finest chocolate to be sold in Selfridges.

Really interesting, although his almond/cacao cake had my salivating last weekend-- Feaster's watch with caution!! ha!

I am looking forward to watching that in a couple of hours!!

Otherwise I am feeling pretty good

Changes :

*** Weight loss -- noticing clothes being looser, down 2 bra sizes YIPEE! HH down to a GG!

*** Clear skin -- Just using Olive oil and nothing else, Mud soap as a treat-- Massaging with Jojoba/Olive/Coconut Oil for body

*** Energy-- energy to run and no 4pm slump which I normally get when eating

*** No digestion problems, my stomach is really calm now, I know what to expect and what juices suit me fine right now. Not needing to take the digestion aid right now!

*** Less detox symptoms; no sore head, well hydrated now and less mucus on waking. Normally I have a running nose for the first 3-4 hours of the day but now I can breathe on waking

*** Waking up ALERT; Waking with no problems, just jumping up and getting on with my daily tasks!

*** Sleep , when I have time to catch up on sleep I do. However I can easily manage on 4 hours of sleep, which I have done a few nights when I had to. However 6-8 hours suits me fine.

That's all for now raw-bies!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gemini Antics

Waking up this morning, shattered and with a banging head I got thinking about my personality..and how I seem to repeat the same behaviour again and again... I am such a typical Gemini its insane.

Here is what I found for personality traits :

Geminis are curious and intellectual by nature. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to attain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing, the Gemini charm guarantees they will be the center of attention in any crowd. Matching their intellect is a well-developed imagination.The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you are dealing with. They sometimes appear fickle, flighty and susceptible to whim. These traits often make it difficult for Geminis to finish much of what they start. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task, which is good since their interests are many and varied.The Gemini Intellect is the key to their being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating. Geminis are not born leaders and will usually defer that position to another. However, their clear thinking and creativity allow them to contribute positively to any project. While Geminis love to talk, they also make for a great audience. Overall, their light spirit and interest in almost everything make them wonderful company.

That is like it was written for me, freaky

I am like two personalities rolled into one, I am a complete exhibitionist, cant stop talking-- constantly changing my mind, indecisive, changing.. but all these things I see as somehow part of me and complete me as a person.

Although sometimes I feel like I cant decide what I am doing from one minute to the next!! -- Sometimes these two sides of me conflict!

Accepting yourself, flaws and all-- or rather all characteristics for WHAT they are, maybe is a big step.

I am constantly looking to better myself, to gain more knowledge and to become a bundle of knowledge!!

Taking SOLIDS out the equation gives you more time look inwards and feel who/what/where you are. That is such a nice place to be, not obsessed with what the rest of the world is doing, just concerned with your requirements AT THIS TIME.

I can see the transformed SELF I can be at the end of this experience, and am satisfied with the steps I am taking right now in this moment.

Being content is something I find so many people around me just cannot do. That has got to get tiring, constantly putting themselves down, sabotaging or just grinding themselves into the ground.

Anyway enough for the philosophical thoughts for now!

Here is my juicy fun for this evening, Music on full blast, dancing about the kitchen, somehow this is like an hour of heaven to me!!

I used a shot of kale in the juices, Carrot/ginger-- then Apple/lemon/ginger

With plenty of kale-- about 300g total


Work work work

Been so busy with work, and so exhausted after work I just haven't had time to keep up my blogging, will make an effort this week!

It is a nice outlet to have time to write and take pictures etc.

I have made some modifications the past few days :

Smoothies-- strained seeds
1 green salad-- lettuce/baby greens

This was all because I have had the worst problems with my eyes since January, they were so bad I had to leave work early, I didn't want to have to take painkillers or any other conventional drug. Course having some fibre slowed down the cleansing reaction and they are a bit better now. Having some fibre was better than taking a load of tablets!! Lesser of two evils!

So back to the juicyness today! This is day 20 on my journey - two of those being modified feasting. Still pleased with it and how my body is feeling overall!

I read about sweet potato juice as a treat, so alas I have a few today to try it! Will report back! I have a horrid feeling it will be awful!

My counter is overflowing with veggies so quite pleased to have some chill out time to run!

Anyways that's all for now, more later!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Oh my I totally missed that my last post was 100!! amazing, cant believe I have been blogging that long!!

Today has been another water day, not by choice but just exhaustion!

I have tonight prepared carrot/apple/celery juice, enough for tomorrow and packed enough water also.

So I am all set up for tomorrow.

Drinking green juice tonight, get my fix of greens!

Still feeling good, happy and content.

Salt cravings, so upping the celery and spirulina! Yum!

That's all for today, working on website is taking up a lot of time right now!-- Will post a long one tomorrow evening.

Watch this space!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Clean on the inside..and the outside...

Quick checking in for today

Had a lovely time playing with natural soaps, my skin is so so clear right now. Got that raw glow for sure! Tried a Mud soap from Lush and a Olive Oil soap, all handmade and organic! Mmm that was lovely on the face!
The mud soap was mainly for my kiddy instincts..writing in mud on the shower screen..covering myself in mud..and leaving muddy handprints was all far too much fun!

Had a lovely long shower, alternating hot and cold, body brushed. Washed my face with olive oil soap and then put on my own combination of oils-- Olive, jojoba oil -- fabulous!

Also trying out a natural deodorant, TEO another lush product. Fairly cheap, no aluminium etc etc. Smells amazing, lemon and ginger scents!! Have road tested it today, not smelly, no sweat patches, fab!! I did reapply it twice in the day as I LOVE the smell..mmm lemony!


1 litre Lemon water

2 cup Lemon tea

1 litre water

1 Spoon Spirulina

Pretty much water, I felt tired and like all I wanted was water.

Have prepared for tomorrow, mango/lime juice and Grapefruit/blood orange/spinach juice

Also made my mate this lovely juicy concoction, raspberry/mango/lime! zingy!!-- spoon of spirulina for extra high raw buzz!

Hopefully be ready for juice drinking tomorrow, I only had 3 hours sleep so amazed I have had energy to train, clean, prepare juice and do some work this evening. No way could I have gone with so little sleep if I wasn't juice feasting!!

Anyway that's all for today!

Love and Light Raw-bies

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Day 14

Okay so here we are, its not been easy all the way but I think I have got the idea of preparation and day to day temptations now.

1. Preparation

Making time to stock up on veggies -- even if this means going out of your way, walking the long way home or getting up early to check you are MORE than prepared

Taking time to juice for the day ahead. Turning everything off, putting music on loud and focusing on the job in hand, without time limitation or any other concerns but making the most nutrient dense tasty juices!

For me having a decent glass at work has been a big help, as small it sounds. Having a tall glass at work means I can have my pure water or juice whenever without spilling,dripping from my mason. Also makes me feel good to take my glass with me into the staff living room at lunchtime to have my lunch.

2. Not putting yourself in negative environments

For myself

Not out drinking

Not in a smokey environment

Not where food temptations are!

So if this means finding new fun, walking, running--dancing, reading, taking long baths, spending time with a loved one. Then it has to be done!!

I am lucky to work near lots of nice outside grassy areas and tree's, soon as its dry enough I will be going outside for me 30 minute break rather than staying inside whilst everyone reheats last night meals!

You just cant continue to do what you would have done before the feast, this is about transformation!!

For me this has been making time in the evening to have "me time" whatever that is. Even if its just being in silence for an hour, tidying or going for a walk. Reading a new book, whatever is it-- using time in a positive way!

3. Keeping your goals in sight

Keeping your goals in mind

Feeling the good vibrations and knowing where and WHO you WILL become through this process.

Be satisfied in the day and be strong in your convictions.

Dont just TALK about the change, BE THE CHANGE, right now, today!!!

These are the things that stand out most to me right now anyway at this stage.

So far today I have had 1 MC drink, man this is good stuff!!

I made the mistake of having one late last night, I was up for two hours feeling the heat just moving through my body, was so weird, nice, warming but..I was alert and couldn't get my head down. Wont do that again!!

It is so so good though, Dave and Katrina suggest using local raw honey. I did this along with 1 Spanish lemon and a good sprinkle of cayenne!! These lemons I got yesterday are amazing, they are this golden colour, the flesh inside looks like orange, the taste is so intense and almost buttery... amazing!

I have been doing the MC warm as it was suggested on the GJF notes for yesterday, really is nice warm and certainly gets you feeling tingly inside!! Have been so freezing what with the wind, hail, storms etc.. its nice to feel warm inside!!

Anyoo More later, up early, now going to buy more apples, it seems 15 goes in a blink!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Day 12/13

Day 12 Juice intake

1 litre -- Mango(1)/Lime(5)/Orange(5)/Raspberry(1cup) Juice

1 litre Water

Nowhere near enough juice however I was resting at home with not much need for the calories.

Day 13 Juice intake

1 litre Water

1 litre Apple/pear/celery -- 1 tablespoon green powder


Still have to drink

1 litre Blood orange/raspberry/Lemon(Spanish unsprayed)

Okay so I learnt a huge lesson of feasting, DO NOT drink, even 1 drink!

I went thinking I would have 1 drink and then have water for the rest of the night. In actual fact I had 6 martinis, was still stone cold sober but was wide awake half the night my stomach just feeling odd. This morning I was so dehydrated. It was NOT worth it, but lesson learnt!!

In future I will go out, have a good time, dance, play, wear flat shoes and take my bottle of water!!

So I went shopping this morning to top up on fruits, it seems it takes a whole lot of apples to get enough juice

I got

10 Blood oranges

1kg Apples (I already had some at home)

5 organic lemons

Extra Olive oil Soap

This was £5 so pretty good I think!! Topped me up and basically will do me for "dinner" and in the morning.

I have been watching David and Katrina's daily video's they are so uplifting, I take time when I get home to get changed into some loose cotton clothing, walk around, put the video on and listen, let it resonate, feel the change, feel the words washing over me. Really make 20-40 minutes a day to listen and just ..well.. Be the future you, be you on day 92. But live in this day.

Truly awesome stuff.

I was thinking today about cleaning my body on the outside, normally I just use water and olive oil bar. However I got a few bits today to try out.

Locally made, Norfolk, Detox bath soak -- Local, all organic, small hand-made product

Mud soap

Olive oil soap

Orange oil/Hemp soap

A nice big Bodybrush to get to grips with the body brushing everyday!

Its nice on a Sunday to make some pamper time for yourself, drink tea, body brush, shower, do an enema. Rest, run, play -- enjoy the down time!

Day 12... Peace..Pampering and ....Party time!

So here we are Day 12, My work/working out schedule etc has been a bit hectic so not had time to blog and juice and train!! Will make time for sure over the weekend!!


1 litre water

1 litre Orange

1 litre Mango/orange/lime

1 litre tea-- detox/mint/senna

Am finding a huge difference in getting the full gallon and not hitting it-- when I am drinking enough I don't feel hungry but it is very hard to do. I find it easy to manager on just water, so pushing myself to have the juice and enough of it is a challenge, but its getting easier and I feel supercharged when I do drink it all up!!

I have the day off today and plan on doing some real relaxing, as well as some work stuff.. body brushing..try the enema bag, lots of tea, juice fresh from the juicer yippee!!

Going to a birthday party later so should be interesting going out without eating/drinking alcohol, but I am up for the challenge! I know if I even try to drink I will end up being violently ill, so I am keeping sober and up for a good time, without the usual excess!!

I am sleeping really well, normally 11-6am and then I am fully alert and ready to go!

Nights where I haven't got enough juice I can barely stay up to 9pm I am falling asleep!

Otherwise I am feeling good, my skin is clear, hair/nails growing like wildfire and feeling pretty energetic most of the time despite my work colleagues constant concerns!!

I keep explaining its feasting, I am having all my calories.

Anyhoo I am off to body brush and go running.. so shall update again soon!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Day 9.. Hospital air..and Feasting thoughts!

Today has been a strange day, I had 4 hours waiting for my appointment, then had to have various drops put in my eyes. Not what I would be happy with or choose but I had waited so long I agreed to this. This stuff was bright yellow! I dread to think what was in it!

After this my vision was blurred and had such a migraine from all the lights and pressure on my eye I went home to rest.

On waking I felt a little better, my eyes were gunky with whatever this solution is. Hoping my body will clean it out and detox from it by itself over the next few days!!

Drank 1 litre water

1 litre melon/lemon/lime juice

1 large spoon green powder

Not much, not idea, but.. will make an effort to get my full amount again tomorrow! Definitely feel the difference. Although I am not hungry at all.

The thing about the feast is figuring our your priorities. Switching off the PC and TV for a couple of hours--or MORE ........preparing juices, meditating, reading, having a bath or shower/body brushing, lovingly giving yourself an enema -- whatever it is its about looking after yourself and making time for YOUR health and well being.

Will have a cup of senna mixed with my usual bedtime blend tonight, get things moving!!

I have been having Chamomile, Cinnamon and warm water before bed, this really relaxes me, warms me and gets me ready for a good nights sleep!!

One thing I have noticed is I wake up, AWAKE now. Before I woke up tired, clinging onto the duvet, grasping another 10 minutes or so!! I think post feast I will not eat in the evenings, just juice to ensure I still get this amazing rest and alertness in the morning!

Anyway that is all for now!

Side note: i forgot to mention its been hailing and snowing here!! Ha! I got off the bus to the hardest hail I have ever felt! It was mad! If we get anymore freak weather I will go out and take a photo!!

Quick Catch up Day 8 & 9 Today..woops!

Day 9 Today

Quick catch up on my way to the hospital for my eyes!


Sleep: 8 hours

Energy : High on waking, slightly tired in the afternoon


1 litre water

1 litre Apple/celery

1 litre Carrot/apple

probably another 1 litre-- peppermint tea, green tea, lax tea

Also had a little celery/green juice shot in the evening!

Feeling pretty good, was full all day yesterday, a lot of juice to consume!

Since I have hospital this morning not taking juice, just water. Will stop at juice bar on the way back in to work.

Energised, positive and full of beans!

Anyway thats all, will report back on Today a bit later

Love and Light to you lovely rawbies!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Day 7... Rest and Relaxation

Sunday is my ultimate day of rest!!

I Slept for 10 hours, and woke up feeling rested and alive!!

Okay so after consulting the lovely rawbies at Give it to me Raw-- It would seem a vinegar bath, running some tea tree oil through the juicer. Should be fine, I am still a bit dubious... but.. shall see.

I blended up some breakfast (juicer fear!) -- 1 Melon, 1 Very ripe Pear(Williams), 1 Lime, 1 Grapefruit

Strained this off, and set it to chill, Melon juicer is nicer cold!

Big pink glass of lovelyness!

I had a litre of water on waking, feeling good and very peaceful.

I am focused on resting my body and allowing my mind just to be still, its something I normally struggle with. So its really nice just to be quiet for a while.

I just made juice for the day ahead; apple and celery, carrot, ginger and apple -- masons to the top and sealed

Then a juice for my supper now: grapefruit, 2 lemons, handful of strawberries! Look at those colours, amazing and so yummy!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Juicy fun...and juicer MOULD!.. (NOT so fun!)

So I left my second juicer under storage for a while, now it has some tiny spores of mould, I have washed, scrubbed with toothbrush, vinegar and sat it overnight. Really annoyed was so looking forward to some serious juicing!!.. Am hoping it will be okay after soaking/cleaning.. doing a lot of googling!! If anyone has the answer feel free to leave me a comment!


Anyhoo.. so I went oldschool stylee.. and hand pressed some citrus for tea!

Here we go.. my lovely produce and my blood orange/lime/lemon juice!

The blood oranges taste great!! and I love lemons and limes; I recently read a book that said only 1/2 a lemon, I love them too much for that!! yum!

They are organic and from Italy, taste fab!! A little treat anyway.
Tomorrow the real fun starts!! (juicer permitting!)

Official Global Juice Feast (Day 6)

At last here is the global juice feast!!

I am all ready to jump in!! Yesterday I had 1 litre orange juice along with my normal water and green powder, I kept it simple, I still just wanted water.

Today I am aim to drink a lot more juices, water, green juices as well as going for a run and getting in some extra produce!

I am full of energy, happy, glowing. Vibrant, my kidney infection is clearing up well and I feel amazing right now.

I cant stop telling everyone I meet about how much my life has changed, I was buying tea and told the chappy all about the global juice feast and all the good vibrations, totally awesome chat, look forward to dropping in during my feast and chatting more to the guys at the local health store!!

When your healed nothing can compare to having your health, this time last year I couldn't even go to the store 0.5 miles away without worrying I would need the toilet, my chronic bowel disease was keeping me a prisoner in my home. I was so worried of having accidents constantly.

This morning I went out and just walked around and did my shopping, and it was a total blessing not to have to stop to find a bathroom or carry water and tablets. Raw is TOTAL HEALING. I am so so so pleased that I found raw a year ago! Is just amazing, I am only excited for even more transformation during this juice feast!!

Now ....more prep for the feast!

A gallon is around 4 litres each day, including the green juice and celery heads to be juiced daily.

Okay so here is what I my lovely organic man

Blood oranges -- amazing and 25 p each! Italian, the colour is just amazing!


Pears (local)

Greens -- lovely local flat leaf lettuce

Celery -- again local

Just to top up what I have, I also got some teas

Senna tea (I DON'T need it yet, no problem in that department!)

Ayurveda Detox tea

I now have a crate full of supplies, powders, coconut oil and various teas as well as the most important FULL fruit bowls.

I will photograph my bounty later, I keep opening the kitchen door just to gasp and peek in wonder!

I got a book today, Top 100 Juices

Just for inspiration on combinations, 92 days of fun! I need lots of inspiration, reading and fun!!

I have also put in my order for Angela Stokes guide to feasting, she is my Inspiration and was on of the big impacts in my raw transition, so yeah. She raw-ks! Big thanks to Ms Stokes!

Will post back later with juicy pictures!

Raw-k on guys!