Thursday, 29 November 2007

Day 29.. into Day 30

Day 29 has been another hardish day

Feeling a bit ill and emotionally drained, know this is just bouncing back from flu I had 6 weeks ago, 6-8 weeks standard for me getting back to just taking my time. Feel like I am abou to fall asleep sometimes.. know it will pass!

Again all I wanted was oranges

Ate 1kg clementines

Blogger wouldnt work last night..hence the delayed post!!

Wide awake this morning, cheesecake ready to go to work..praying it tastes okay!!.. was a big mind foggy last night!!

Anyway post again later

Raw-k on..

Will be continuing into December also, this month has been a big turning point-- by getting rid of the 5-9% cooked in my life, I feel alive and can really, eat what I want and experiment without any fear or guilt-- just pure pleasure and joy at the living foods I can feast on!!

Much love

Wednesday, 28 November 2007 of the gods!! {Day 28}

So here we are..

Feeling really good and happy after being 100% this long, plan to continue on into December..and the rest of my life!!

Today I had

raw chocolate {{yes I was a bit hyper after this}}

2 Kg Clementines

A little water

Small salad..nothing exciting


Now going to making some raw bits for work for friday, they are having a going to take raw goodies to wow everyone!!

I am considering more oranges..but not hungry yet, may just juice them and drink the juice instead!!

Clementines is just like liquid gold right now, every part of me craves them!! and so cheap, since in season.. I am going to take full advantage..and buy up as many as I can carry!!

Raw-k on

Thanks for the support from Banana Island crew..and the lovely Suvine :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Hey all

Been a good day foodwise, got some serious emotional detox right now, which is tough but battling through right now.

Keeping things simple

Eats for today

1 kg clementines

1 sharon fruit- small and very ripe


Prepared a salad for supper..unsure if I will eat it or not yet

Baby hass avo, raddish sprouts, mixed sprout bag.. evoo and some pointer red peppers

Monday, 26 November 2007

Day 26

Had an okay day today, rough emotionally. But otherwise fine, food has been good.

Had late lunch

Large salad


6 Netacots

1 Mango


Ginger tea

Been un--baking tonight

Made these raw cupcakes for the office




little agave


Chocolate mousse

Raw cocoa


Avacado-- 2 small ones

1 handfull soaked dates

as little water as possible to blend-- should be thick and creamy

Enough coco oil to set-- could play with alternatives

poured into moulds, set in freezer, or fridge

Sunday, 25 November 2007


Okay I got a bit post happy today

But here is the rough recipe I made up for the pie..

all amounts.. rough..I go by eye!


Fresh Mature Coconut- 1 small one; Grated all the flesh

Added a little water

Mixed up well

Addedcarob powder- 2 tsb

Raw cacoa - 2tsbVanillaT

ouch of agave- just a drop

Mix it up..check its right for pressing- a little moist still

Press this into pan--- chill


2 Very ripe Banana

hanful chopped dates/soaked with the soakwater- about 100ml soak water

blend up- should be rich coloured

Pour into mixing bowl

Stir in

Raw agave-- to taste

Cocoa and Carob to taste


Coconut oil 2-3tbsp(enough to set it solid)

{ IF it isnt thick enough-- add some more coconut}

Pour this thick mixture into the pie crust, hold back enough liquid to make base for icing---


A cup full of the filling

Add more

raw cocoa

Coconut oil -- 1tbsp

little agave if needed -- or could add more soaked dates

{ if its too sticky add some filtered water}

mix it all by hand, put it in the fridge to get stiff like icing-- once the pie is fully set 4 hours or so, top the cake with this-- will set hard and make a lovely extra chocolately topping

Raw-k on :)

Foods for today Day 25

Heres my foods for today, not great on the fat side of things- Avacado added a tonne of fat but was hungry and thats what I was craving so went for it!!
All in all good day, I dont normally log calories, was just curious!! May or may not repeat this another day!!

Day 25... Lazy Sunday Uncooking

Nothing like lazy Sundays....

Last night I felt tired and worn down, I couldnt eat so I drank plenty of ginger infusions and went to bed.

Feel a little better today, had a punnet of blueberries and a lot of water

Been making this raw toffee pie, a hybrid of one on RFT and one by this wonderful blogger.. THE RAW DESERT QUEEN!!

Heres the link to the original recipe

Anyway here is my try at it!!

Here it is after the icing!!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Friday, 23 November 2007

More pics!-- Raw Almond Cake and Cookies

Here is a picture of my cookie with agave

Just made this also, is now in the fridge. Was a quick one, emptying nearly empty dishes to be re-stocked tommorow.

Almond flour


Coconut oil


Goji Berries

Now into the fridge, probably serve with agave and cashew cream finally

Day 23

Been relaxing and UNcooking today.. not eaten much, uncooking seems to do that to me..get so into preparing, photographing and tweaking what I am making..I do not find time to eat

Finally have this evening
Baby Kale greens
Cayenne Pepper
Baby Hass Avo
May have a raw cookie with agave a bit later
Think I will make raw halva in the morning, found a cool video on you tube how to make it!!
Raw-k on

Day 23

Morning Morning

Relaxing today, had a delivery of fruit and veg
Sharon fruit -- the most wonderful ever!!



Baby Kale

Pointed peppers


Been uncooking this morning, made raw cookies

Almond flour

dash of water

A little coconut

Raw cocoa

Just kind of mixed it up to the right dough consistency, dehydrated for 4 hours, crunchy and soft inside!! Heres the pics

Raw-k On!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Day.... 22

Today has been hard, emotionally I feel drained, glad for some down time tommorow to myself. Without work pressure or any mental strain whatsoever!!

Here is the food for today


2 Banana

About 1 hour later

1 Banana

2 hours later

1 Banana


Spicy baby greens with pointed peppers and garlic --- wow this was hot! cayenne pepper yum!

Afternoon snack

2 Mangos all diced up - super ripe and wonderful

Not had anything for dinner, good and full already

Have been more wanting fruit which is good, back to my usual eating habits.

On the way home I got


Bag of oranges

Clementines are just amazing this time of year, loving the juicy taste!!

Raw-k on

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Day 21

Had a good day foodwise, a bit low moodwise, emotional etc. But otherwise feel it was very good with eating, havent been hungry at all. Have always been more than satisfied.

Took with me a good selection of foods so I would have choice.

I had today


2 Clementines

Mid morning

Plum Tomatoes and Pecans
fun if you poke the halves into the tomato and eat all together, looks lovely too

Lunch -late

(sweet smelling and perfectly ripe- had people coming into the kitchen to see what I was eating!!)

Travelling home

1 organic Banana


Baby Hass avacado.


Pretty good all in all, have been eating beautiful looking food all day, this really does help!!

Packing now for tommorow

Have a big salad- greens and pointed peppers with lazy(homemade) garlic and chilli

2 Mango all cut up, they were very ripe, cut diced and put in the fridge

Will also take 2 avo

and a bunch of banana for some choice

Raw-k on rawbies!!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Day 19

Day 19 -- truley great, so so pleased to be here and 100% Raw. I found now I have broken the cycle of allowing SAD "Treats" I feel better and stronger than ever!!

Normally I veer towards fruit only, but now I am craving greens like crazy..going with it, when my bodys ready it will give me the STOP signal!!

Had a nice day today, relaxing, trying to sort some raw friendly gifts for friends and family.

I took in raw brownies to work and they went down very well. So I made two more batches tonight to take in the morning.


Avo- plain just smushed

A teeny bit of brownie


Huge salad, lettuce, carrot and betroot
More greens (crazy for greens right now)


Baby Spring Greens with small amount avo and living bread


Feeling amazing... full of energy and relaxed/chilled all at the same time

Raw-k On!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Been uncooking.. raw brownie

Cant sleep so thought I would watch cookery programmes, often provides inspiration for raw uncooking.

Also made this raw brownie

it tastes amazing!!

These are the rough ingredients

3 banana's(slightly unripe-yellow no spots) into the blender pulse four times


300g cashews pulsed three times- not too fine

This is like thin pancake batter, pour into large mixing bowl, mix in by hand :

1 scoop coconut oil

Raw cocoa about 2 rough tablespoons

Agave to taste / Could use Lumuca

Mix this all well in mixing bowl and pour into shallow cake tin or an old frying pan base, any mould you like- could so it in muffin moulds

Dehydrate for 3-4 hours until firm yet gooey!! -- Could do for longer if you wanted it more cakey..less like a fudge brownie texture, its lovely and moist!!

Food for Today.. Day 18 Raw-kin! November

Checking in for the evening
Had a lovely relaxing day, going to potter the local organic market in the morning, pick up some ripe fruit then get into work. Theres nothing nicer than having a kitchen full of ripening fruit, but for now the mango is far from ripe sadly!! Tormenting me...
Had two huge salads today
Local Lettuce, organic vine tomatoes, raw sundried tomatoes- the second one I added in a small baby avo and some olive oil.
This has been enough to satisfy me which is good. I will cut open a pomegranate later to eat whilst watching television, sweet and delicious, good raw snack food!!
Anyway thats all for today folks!!
Raw-k on

Back again..and 18 days into November 30 day Challenge

I am finally back, I didnt feel inspired to post but I am going to make a real effort to keep updated now.

I commited to the 30 day Challenge for November and here I am 18 days in and feeling amazing!!

Have been doing a lot of uncooking during this period, had some good time to reflect and work out. Which has really helped me stay focused.

Here is my shopping for this week ; Mango, avacado, sharon fruit and Pomegranates

Here are all the raw creations I have made over this long weekend

Goji Banana Cheezecake

Eggplant Pizza with salsa and cashew cheeze
Raw Chocolate Banana Pie
Cashew Milk with coconut Oil in 1 Litre Mason

Enjoy and RAW-K on!!!