Saturday, 2 August 2008

Eat to Live...

Rather than live to eat.

Guess that has been my mantra lately. Fasting has improved my headaches so much, I am continuing in this way, its working and feels more than comfortable.

So many rawbies spend too much time obsessing about what food to eat..what not to eat..what percentages.. bla bla bla..LIFE is too short for weighing out your greens..get out there and enjoy LIFE!!

Forget stressing, get out there enjoy yourself..listen to your body.

Training 3 times a day at the moment as a minimum, getting some good results and feel this schedule fits in nicely..keeps me feeling happy ..also shifting up what I do stops any boredom! Making it fun..and enjoying a bit of outdoors training since its so hot.

Mainly drinking the following

Lemon juice
MC Drink
Fennel Infusion
Any other herbal/fruit sun tea

This means I have been able to stay painkiller free, I don't want to pumped full of codeine everyday! Doesn't make sense at all to me!

Preparing for a stressful peak at work towards the end of the month, this feels like the perfect way to prepare my body and mind to deal with the workload in the best way I can, without getting myself into a position where I end up burnt out. Aim to go in and come out of this years peak time HEALTHY and HAPPY!!

I have been a bit sporadic with blogging as I have been just enjoying life..and enjoying the sunny weather, isn't often we get weather in the high 20s here, so really it is a treat for us Brits!! Out come the knobbly knees and flip flops any sign of sun!!

Anyways.. just wanted to quick post!

Loving life, working out hard and enjoying the little pleasures in life!



yardsnacker said...

Hmm, interesting, hihorosie and I were just talking about this very subject yesterday!

HiHoRosie said...

I hear ya lady! Although I do enjoy food so I still live to eat - not sure that'll ever change however I agree that most of us are too obsessed with % and whatnot. It's so unnecessary. We should be enjoying life! Thanks for this post.

And yeah, YS and I were talking about this yesterday while drinking our juices. :)

Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more! I still greatly enjoy my food...but I don't obsess about it anymore.

HiHoRosie said...

Hey Lovely Londoner! I'm just checking up on's it goin? Still juicing? Is the headache gone?! Take care!