Saturday, 27 June 2009

... When the banana's let you down!!

Okay so my Banana's seem to be ripening at the pace of a snail, despite it being really hot here at the moment. So going to just eat whatever is ripe..and juicy and good! Banana island is on hard to get hold of any at the moment here..dont know what is going on...

Am on holiday for the next week, not going anywhere but just off work, which is fantastic!!

So few goals for the week

1. eat ripe fresh produce

2. Train 3-4 hours daily

I have time on my hands, various resources: can go gym, workout outside, in the garden, with kettle balls, weights or gym ball.. so going to make the most of this week!!

Just ordered some new workout DVDs, I love training outside but sometimes its nice to do something a bit different, as a trained dancer..dancey type workouts appeal to me, Ordered the new Ministry of Sound DVD..will be sure to review it when it comes!! Excited about that

Apart from that will be relaxing lots, working out and spending time with friends...getting those odd jobs done that never get done normally!!

going to try to take more photographs the next week of my meals, a lot of people have trouble figuring out what or eat..or when or amounts etc. I am not a big eater..that said.. but certainly a lot better than when I was suffering with my crohns, so glad to be 100% healed now!! to this space..should be lots of fruity pictures appearing this week!



Debbie said...

How do you get by on so little food?

Anonymous said...

looking forward to fruity pics!

Love & Sunshine!