Saturday, 4 July 2009

Feel the burn!

Here are a few pics from Wimbledon..for those of you that didn't grow up living down the road to Wimbledon, that is Henman Hill with a big screen, outside centre court, the rose archway..and the big board of play also.

Okay so today I will be watching some tennis, however going to be working out plenty also!! Lucky can do both at the same time..excited to see the Williams sisters in action..even on tele..was fantastic to see them in action in the week!!

Very happy to be home right now in my own space, relaxing etc.. Still hot here, but much cooler out here than in London. Going to make the most of the weekend!!

Got all the things washed and house in order, did so much shopping..really don't need clothes for a while.... lol.. am a proper girly girl making no excuses for my love of clothes, shoes and makeup!!


Gym session: running, weights-arms
1 hour Ministry of sound DVD: Dancing, core work, aerobic
Core-- crunches, reverse crunches, weighted crunches

Power walking
Dance workout
100 Crunch
Gym afternoon sesh

Organic Grapes

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