Sunday, 18 November 2007

Been uncooking.. raw brownie

Cant sleep so thought I would watch cookery programmes, often provides inspiration for raw uncooking.

Also made this raw brownie

it tastes amazing!!

These are the rough ingredients

3 banana's(slightly unripe-yellow no spots) into the blender pulse four times


300g cashews pulsed three times- not too fine

This is like thin pancake batter, pour into large mixing bowl, mix in by hand :

1 scoop coconut oil

Raw cocoa about 2 rough tablespoons

Agave to taste / Could use Lumuca

Mix this all well in mixing bowl and pour into shallow cake tin or an old frying pan base, any mould you like- could so it in muffin moulds

Dehydrate for 3-4 hours until firm yet gooey!! -- Could do for longer if you wanted it more cakey..less like a fudge brownie texture, its lovely and moist!!

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