Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Day 21

Had a good day foodwise, a bit low moodwise, emotional etc. But otherwise feel it was very good with eating, havent been hungry at all. Have always been more than satisfied.

Took with me a good selection of foods so I would have choice.

I had today


2 Clementines

Mid morning

Plum Tomatoes and Pecans
fun if you poke the halves into the tomato and eat all together, looks lovely too

Lunch -late

(sweet smelling and perfectly ripe- had people coming into the kitchen to see what I was eating!!)

Travelling home

1 organic Banana


Baby Hass avacado.


Pretty good all in all, have been eating beautiful looking food all day, this really does help!!

Packing now for tommorow

Have a big salad- greens and pointed peppers with lazy(homemade) garlic and chilli

2 Mango all cut up, they were very ripe, cut diced and put in the fridge

Will also take 2 avo

and a bunch of banana for some choice

Raw-k on rawbies!!

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