Thursday, 29 November 2007

Day 29.. into Day 30

Day 29 has been another hardish day

Feeling a bit ill and emotionally drained, know this is just bouncing back from flu I had 6 weeks ago, 6-8 weeks standard for me getting back to just taking my time. Feel like I am abou to fall asleep sometimes.. know it will pass!

Again all I wanted was oranges

Ate 1kg clementines

Blogger wouldnt work last night..hence the delayed post!!

Wide awake this morning, cheesecake ready to go to work..praying it tastes okay!!.. was a big mind foggy last night!!

Anyway post again later

Raw-k on..

Will be continuing into December also, this month has been a big turning point-- by getting rid of the 5-9% cooked in my life, I feel alive and can really, eat what I want and experiment without any fear or guilt-- just pure pleasure and joy at the living foods I can feast on!!

Much love

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