Monday, 19 November 2007

Day 19

Day 19 -- truley great, so so pleased to be here and 100% Raw. I found now I have broken the cycle of allowing SAD "Treats" I feel better and stronger than ever!!

Normally I veer towards fruit only, but now I am craving greens like crazy..going with it, when my bodys ready it will give me the STOP signal!!

Had a nice day today, relaxing, trying to sort some raw friendly gifts for friends and family.

I took in raw brownies to work and they went down very well. So I made two more batches tonight to take in the morning.


Avo- plain just smushed

A teeny bit of brownie


Huge salad, lettuce, carrot and betroot
More greens (crazy for greens right now)


Baby Spring Greens with small amount avo and living bread


Feeling amazing... full of energy and relaxed/chilled all at the same time

Raw-k On!!

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