Wednesday, 28 November 2007 of the gods!! {Day 28}

So here we are..

Feeling really good and happy after being 100% this long, plan to continue on into December..and the rest of my life!!

Today I had

raw chocolate {{yes I was a bit hyper after this}}

2 Kg Clementines

A little water

Small salad..nothing exciting


Now going to making some raw bits for work for friday, they are having a going to take raw goodies to wow everyone!!

I am considering more oranges..but not hungry yet, may just juice them and drink the juice instead!!

Clementines is just like liquid gold right now, every part of me craves them!! and so cheap, since in season.. I am going to take full advantage..and buy up as many as I can carry!!

Raw-k on

Thanks for the support from Banana Island crew..and the lovely Suvine :)

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Radiantly Raw said...

Yum, love those clementines! Thanks for the comment, and adding my blog to your list! How cool!! Great blog, by the way!! Now I'm hungry for melons, and have to wait till they come back next year.;o)