Saturday, 1 December 2007

Into December.. November reflections.

So here we are, In December
Four weeks went fast, but wasnt all completly comfortable detox, some was hard, some was emotional and otherwise draining-- but come out the other end thankfull for being 100% and ready to embrace another month of the Challenge
Here I am bigging up Alissa Cohen, her site is amazing.. so here we go..
Here is what I have gained in the last 4 weeks :
Toning up some
Clear skin -- can go out without foundation wheras before I wouldnt even go to
Tesco without!
Hard and fast growing nails
Feel alive-- vibrant, happy, easily satisified with life and excited over most things (( especially fruit market I am heading to this morning!))
More emotionally stable-- after two weeks of awful emotional detox, I feel settled again now.
So.. Onwards to December Challenge, cant wait to see more amazing changes and to enjoy preparing more wonderful foods over the next four weeks.
Raw-k on

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