Saturday, 5 July 2008

Post 200.....

My 200th post..wowsers.. either I have been here a long time..or I like to write A LOT..maybe a bit of both!!

Finally feeling human so after a week of seeing only my work desk and my duvet.. sat at my PC at home and set to tidying my emails and sorting the house..

So I had been on mostly juice for a while, I have been mono eating to try and slow down detox and reduce my migraine symptoms. The headache is much improved but I am left with a lot of visual disturbance, I really don't want to be taking strong medications for it. So just taking it one day at a time.

Been mainly mono eating Pineapple and Melons lately, mainly pineapple-- at £1 each that does me for the day. Cheap eating, even if you ate 2!

My pineapple corer is fabulous!! I put the cores into the freezer..and get left with lots of lovely fresh pineapple rings!! ..really its a fab gadget for you pineapple lovers!!

I will continue to mono eat until the headache lightens then continue with juices and smoothies.

Relaxing today, haven't seen any of Wimbledon since I have been sick.. disappointing! Going to watch a little television with my sunglasses on..and just lay down really. Tonight preparing dinner for my friend.. quickly whipped up some raw yogurt this morning, making a cooked main for him..vegan..taking it step by step!! Aubergine and Spinach curry.. am sure could do it raw, but right now I wont eat Tomato's since the scare...maybe after I will recreate a raw version

He's at least willing to go vegan.. so will have to report on the progress! Is a former bodybuilder and protein mad..wish my luck!! Vegan bodybuilding forum seems to be helping me..lots of examples of huge.. healthy RAW VEGANS!! yipee!

Anyways happy...and getting back on the road to healthy!!



yardsnacker said...

Send me the cores! I love pineapple core blended in my smoothies! It's the best part with the most enzymes! However, the corer looks super cool and would be great for guests!

Take care and toodle-pippery!


HiHoRosie said...

I'm so glad to hear you're doing better! Yay!

And the pineapple corer is cool!

Good luck with your hope-to-be-converted-to-vegan friend. I'll be interested in the update.

HiHoRosie said...

Oh and congrats on your blog milestone! Very cool!