Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ahhh Holiday bliss!

I love holidays!! Just being able to lay in bed till 8am was an absolute treat for me!! Jumped out of bed so excited just to have the day to myself!!

Made up a huge jug of lemonade ..nice alternative to plain water, it has lemons, Valencia oranges, raw honey and spring water. Gorgeous! This will keep me going all day, is a 2 litre pitcher!

Been busy organising my wardrobe.. now have two.... been working on sorting everything, very therapeutic and relaxing I must say! Being a complete girl..I love nothing better than wading through clothes all morning

Main focus for my days off was doing as much training as possible, whilst getting the chores done-- extra activity for sure lugging boxes around!!

Mainly toning, strength training and exposing some more muscle, I am small only 5ft 5 so a little bit of extra muscle makes a big difference!

Food/training for TUESDAY

Herbal tea- mango infusion with raw honey

1 hour squats and leg raises

1 hour general floor work

30 minute crunches-- reverse, regular

Fresh Lemonade- unlimited

1 hour power walk

Fresh Lemonade

1 Fennel Tea

Anyways feeling much much better than I have done in a month! So going to enjoy today..relax and catch up with some friends.

That's all for now folks!

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HiHoRosie said...

I hope your weekend is as good as the holiday was!

Toodlepip! :)