Saturday, 12 July 2008

Down time...

Been having some down time, been getting early nights and resting up. The migraines are a lot better now, although I am still not feeling 100%

Really missed blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs, my PC has hardly been on this week, which is unusual for me!

Finally starting to get back to training, bit of running some strength training and yoga.

My sister sent me this little gadget, Personal Smoothie maker, shes been loving hers and said she wanted to bless me with the same!! I am yet to use it..but looks very cool..will report back if I love mine as much as she does!! Its Kenwood Smoothie 2 GO

Been eating minimally and resting, mostly tea and water. Allowing everything to heal and repair itself. Finally got a bulk order this morning to stock up, this will do me for two weeks

Total of £38

1 Box of Red Peppers (6kg), capsicum ..absolutely gorgeous, came in this big Black getting new shoes but better!

1 crate Valencia Oranges 16kg

1 Box of Red Flame grapes (6kg)

1 little crate of Mango(4kg), ripe..and gorgeous

The prices had gone up a little bit but still was SO much cheaper than using the supermarket!!

I worked out TESCO supermarket charge £2 for 2kg of Oranges, you can buy 16kg for £10!! That is an amazing saving! I don't eat them..only for the volume its awesome, they make such gorgeous juice..tastes nearly honey like to me!

Anyways here's some shots of my looty.. going back to rest now, hopefully be back to my blogging best next week!



Sarah said...

1) Nice loot!
2) Nice sister!
3) We all need some downtime, enjoy yours and hope you're all back to feeling great soon!

HiHoRosie said...

I agree with Sarah. :)

That personal blender looks great. Definitely have to do a product review for us.

Mmm...and all that fruit looks fabulous!

Helen said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Just a quick query, where do you get your fruit in bulk from?? I live not far from Norfolk and am as fed up with paying supermarket prices for poor quality produce??