Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scorching at long last!

At last the weather is absolutely scorching! For the first time in err 2 years..our came my little desk fan!!

Been gorgeous today have enjoyed time outside and just relaxing. Only slightly impeded by 3 hours of migraine in the afternoon, otherwise I have been doing everything as usual.

Sadly I have to work tomorrow, however am trying to keep positive! Just one day then the not too bad! Lets hope the sun stays out, been laying in the garden today..just gorgeous!


2 Litres Lemonade (Valencia oranges, lemons and water)

Fennel tea, unlimited

Mango Infusion, unlimited

2 Gym sessions

2 home sessions-- 2 40 minutes

Squats, leg raises, weights and light ab work.

Right that's all, going to go relax in the sunshine!

1 comment:

HiHoRosie said...

Hope that sunshine help your migraine go away!

Have a good weekend (and no more migraines k?)