Thursday, 3 July 2008

A quiet kind of week...

Been a quiet week.. Haven't been on much as I have been literally coming in and going to sleep. Or doing the basic minimum chores before resting up.

Still suffering with migraine, I know its purely stress related, so just minimising the stress and spending time with people who keep me feeling Happy and Relaxed is paramount!!

Been having a little water, some MC drink, melon juice, some blended pineapple but keeping it really minimal as I have felt so sick.

Seems to be getting a bit better but still taking it really easy. So will update when I can..but may be a few days till I am feeling close to 100%

Finally going to stock up on some food tonight, all out of really have to do it!

Anyways just checking in..more soon hopefully!


HiHoRosie said...

Hope the weekend goes well for you-sad to hear you're still dealing with the migraine. I can't even imagine! Keep doing what you're doing, hopefully things will begin to improve.

Sarah said...

Get lots of rest and feel better soon, girl! Migraines are no fun! :( (((hugs))) to you.