Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The sun has got his hat on

Finally today the sun was out, gorgeous and scorching! Had a wonderful chilled day only slightly impaired by 4 hours of migraine. Otherwise we had a fabulous day relaxing and enjoying the weather!
The picture is of Cromer beach, my favourite place in the UK, to me Cromer is like a little bit of heaven!! We had hoped to go today.. another day .. will be sure to take some pictures! It is so quaint and gorgeous!
Did basic training this morning, went for a run followed by squats, leg raises and basic floor work. Tomorrow will be a more intense training day, make the most of the sunshine get outside to train a bit! My last day of holiday tomorrow.. trying not to think about that too much!!
Working on my legs a lot right now, doing a lot of squats, 100 + Daily, have now added in some weighted ones also, really helps a lot. Hopefully get some heavier weights in a couple of weeks for squatting with.
Working on my friend the ex Bodybuilder, got him eating mostly vegan for now anyways, no meat and finally eating enough calories for the intense workouts he does!! Seems to be working for now, and I get to prepare up on nutrition and coach..which I adore! Got him making fruit smoothies most days, drinking the hemp protein and making veggie packed meals!! Result, hes growing bigger and training harder, so something is clicking! Planning on doing a vegan Pasta dish; with dried tomatoes, fresh basil etc next weekend, that should go down a storm!!
Have been enjoying ZEST fitness magazine, was pleased to see a review of the Raw Faeries services, delivering raw food in London. They did however look at it as a quick fix diet for weight loss..just to be used for 3-4 days before a holiday or event... NOT what I believe. However, giving the Faeries service some mainstream attention is all good!! They are fabulous!
Feeling good anyways, loving the sunshine, finally the headache has passed so can enjoy whats left of the evening PAIN FREE, Yippee!

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Sarah said...

HURRAH for pain free! :-) I'm so happy for you.