Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Back on the path...

Path to health that is!

Returned to the doctors today, she gave me a beta blocker to try out, last resort, if that doesn't work I really don't know what else to try!

For now sticking to liquids and not expecting too much, just day at a time.

Doesn't much help having my employer adding pressure and the usual threats over sickness(gotta love local government!). I had to go back to the doctors today..was completely at a loss as to what to do! Finally stopped being sick at least, that's something. Can keep tea and dry things down, so that's some progress.

Typical got this gorgeous order of fruit and absolutely no urge to eat anything!

Going to cut up the mangoes tonight and blend some ..maybe freeze up the rest for smoothies when I am feeling better! Such amazingly sweet mango! Going to try a little blended anyway, give it a try!!

Feeling drawn back to 8-1-1 in a big way, simple eating, fruits in mono..and not anything complicated!

5lb down after a really rough weekend, so just focused on resting and nurturing my body best I can whilst keeping up with work and financial commitments right now!

Been drinking lots of fennel tea, so soothing on the stomach

Fennel has so many amazing properties!! From soothing the stomach, helping in hormonal balance to increasing mothers milk ....detoxifying the liver and a powerful aphrodisiac-- who doesn't need a bit of that aye!

Loving it, drinking so much!! Going to buy a bulk order of it..so I can keep up with my tea drinking habits!!

Anyways.. just a quickie post..now off for a much needed cuppa!



HiHoRosie said...

Every time you write toodlepip it cracks me up! :)

I hope you're on the mend! Can't believe all that you've gone thru and for so long. That'd wear anyone out. Hang in there!

Sarah said...

You sound a little bit more like yourself today! I hope you will continue to get better. Stay hydrated and keep resting! ((hugs))