Sunday, 27 January 2008

Some time away from the screen!

My eyes have been playing havoc still, so I have been having some down time away from the screen. Hope to start posting daily again this week!!

Had a chilled weekend, did a little shopping. Trying to plan what I want to eat for a few days is a bit tricky right now, either I dont want to eat anything or I am very very hungry!!

Bought these bits for green smoothies

Banana's 3 bunches



Various berries

Loads of water

Almonds(for making mlyk)


So lots of green smoothies and water this week, keeping it simple. Feeling very drained still, so taking things easy, simple and clean!!

Supplementing with some green powders and aloe vera

Arranging a raw party for the near future, Will be testing the waters and seeing what location is best. I have a feeling London will get a lot more takers than out here in Norfolk!!.. but shall see!

Finally getting my camera back so I will be posting some pics again this week! yippee!


Banana Island said...

Sorry to hear your eyes are still bothering you. I had a case of conjunctivitis one time that took forever to clear. Good luck with the party, keep us posted!

Big Hugs!

Banana Island said...

You have been tagged for an Inspirational Blogger Award! Stop by Banana Island to get all the details.

Big Hugs!