Thursday, 3 January 2008

Rest..and Rejuvenation

So Rest and Rejuvenation

This is what I have been doing, resting and resting-- finally some symptoms are easing. Its mainly the sensitivity to light which is causing me a problem, its very hard to leave the house right now with the bright winter sky. But I am going to try to go outside for a little tomorrow, and then a little more Saturday. Just to get some air.

So I have been just drinking water, lemon water and resting more. Will be good to finally have some juices over the weekend when I feel ready to try them again.

Got some vegan tonic today, I don't normally believe in supplementation of vitamins-- but right now I need to mend and keep healthy without having another bought. This is now 2nd episode in 4 months. So will start on that, and adding some more nutrition in a few days. I will keep a log of what juices.

If theres nothing mentioned for food or juice-- then its just water

A couple of people in my life have been asking about raw, a close friend who I have offered to support through trying it out-- from shopping to any other support needed.

My mother has kept asking and asking. She is eager about the weight loss, however she is still hesitant because of her diabetes-- I am reading up a lot to be able to help her and offer some practical ideas to add more raw to her diet. Its a traditional Asian/West Indian diet -- rice and chicken basically--Also noodles, small portions of vegetables. But not much variety, same thing every night.

I really want to be able to assist her, so researching more. Either way I am happy to help, offer support and try my best to coach using the experience I have gained with my own transition.

Anyway I shall be continuing to rest for now, looking forward to having some juices and feeling back to myself.. just have to be patient.

Right that's all for now!!

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Banana Island said...

Don't let up on the rest and water, fresh air will probably do you good too, but take things slowly. Your poor eyes are telling you to lay back down, close your eyes, and let your body do its job. My sinuses are my weakness too, so my sympathies are with you.

Much Love!