Sunday, 20 January 2008

Simple ..pure ..fruit eating

So I am eating very simple right now, enjoying the simplicity of just pomello or orange. And lots of water -- or just a day or two of orange juice.

I am hoping this will help my eyes to heal faster, taking it one day at a time right now.

Listening to your body isn't easy when first raw, but now I find its easier to tune in and see past eating just for eating sake..

Eating for comfort, boredom or because its "lunchtime"-- all those things just have gone right out the window since this time last year. I usually check if I am thirsty first, then wait, then if I am really hungry I will take some fruit and give it time to be savoured.

Everything is so fast now.. we work long hours, grab food, convenience meals, metro supermarkets-- all these things make eating and the quality of what we eat as a nation become less and less important. With it being January all I see is supermarket shelves stocked with so called "Healthy choice" Meals-- taking a closer look at these, chemical laden, calorie stripped ,SUGAR pumped products-- its clear to see why people get sick of the January diets, fall off the wagon and end up in full on binge mode!!

I am so glad I am in a place now where I don't have any temptation to succumb to these little marketing ploys. I can eat fresh vibrant fruit in abundance-- without worrying about calories..or packaging or ingredients!! And in the very same breath if I want to eat raw chocolate pudding all day..I can do exactly that without guilt or condemnation!!

The truth of raw is complete freedom from your food demons-- EAT RAW, BE free-- Live out your dreams everyday. Stop counting points, counting calories, checking fat content and eat fresh food from the ground. What could be more perfect that that?


Banana Island said...

Well said!

Big Hugs!

Kristen's Raw said...

Hello friend! How are you doing? How is life?

I love that picture of the produce. Delicious fun!

Have a wonderful day!
Cheers :)