Friday, 4 January 2008

Wash the germs away....

So..finally I am feeling a little better, less symptoms. Mainly the coughing, floaters in vision and glue eye now. but compared to Monday its a whole lot better now.

Going to soak in the bath tonight, get a proper steam and just relax. Tomorrow a new day, try to start juicing and getting myself ready for returning to work next week.

Will blog what juices I drink, will be a lot of water during the day-- I will pack what juices I can but ideally fresh juice is best!

Added a list for Juice Feasting blogs-- support you guys feasting right now, Neens blog I found today, so have added it-- raw-kin it!

Got a load of lovely vegan goodies for the bath for xmas, but haven't used anything since I have been poorly! Going to crack some of the stuff open later

Got this Vanilla bod @ Its VEGAN!!

From a lovely colleague..I will be in a creamy vanilla scented bath..relaxing to the max later!!

One thing I have missed this week is the gals I work with, they are a constant support-- whatever I do, they completely support me which is just awesome! So yeah..they all went to the trouble of ordering me raw choccies for xmas, and vegan smellies-- totally grateful to them, weekdays they are my little family. So its all good ..having a slushy moment!

2008 is going to be one of change, working on a lot of things right now.

Booking into Alissa's certification course in the next couple weeks, working on website and so forth. Massive support from the lovely Kristen , Much Love!!

So yeah watch this space... BIG things are coming!!

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Banana Island said...

Lucky girl you are to have such lovely friends! :) How nice to actually miss going to work.

Be Well Soon!