Thursday, 31 January 2008

Unbaking time...

Okay so I finally got my bluetooth dongle today, so can now take pics on my phone and move them onto my pc! yipee

Here is from last week strawberry chocolate desert, topped with strawberries

4-5 Cut strawberries
1/2 cup coconut-- mature, grated or organic shredded store bought

blended, add carob to taste

This was rich and filling.. whats better than eating choc pudding first thing in the morning!! Tastes better than anything SAD I ever tasted!!

This one is in the making currently.

The base is raspberries/coconut
(15 rasberries/ 1/2 cup coconut)

layer on top carob/banana/raspberries

(3 tablespoons carob, 3 banana, 10 raspberries)

Just an experiment so very very rough.. but man it smells so so good!!

If it comes out well I will refine it at the and give you some proper measurements

Its dehydrating will report back when its finished!

Here is the base being mushed, and the dehydrating "pudding cake"

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