Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Green Smoothie joy..

So 6am I woke up.. blended together a load of stuff, threw in some raw cacao and took it to work with me..

Lots of people came to my desk, shook it, sniffed it..looked at this brown smoothie..perplexed as to what it was!... okay so blueberries I have found not such a great idea, they have a gelling property of their own-- which is fab for making raw jellies, but not so much for smoothie unless you want a giant brown jelly(JELLO to you lovely Americans)!!

Okay so I am in love with green smoothies, in fact I start getting a cold sweat if there isn't 3 hands of banana's and at least three types of greens in the fridge!!

Frozen Banana seems to make a velvety mylk that works as a perfect base, then soft fruits.. greens.. ice if wanted..for a kick a bit of cacao or goji berries towards the end..


My camera is down at the moment but I will take pictures and post recipes as soon as I can of various smoothie variations I am trying!!

I don't ever eat greens, but more than happy to drink them this way!

Go on...be brave... try a green smoothie... (green moustache..far sexier than a mlyk one!!)

As a side note:

Some fab Green smoothie sites I found today

Green Smoothie Recipes http://www.eatsprouts.com/blend/green.html

Valerie Winters Experiment (closed now but awesome) http://greensmoothieexperiment.blogspot.com/

Some green..... raw-kin video's!!

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Banana Island said...

I am going to be experimenting with green recipes, especially salads and ways to eat raw greens other than smoothies, for the month of February. Stop by Banana Island and explore some new ideas with us! :)

Big Hugs!