Saturday, 19 January 2008

All I want for dinner is.. a bag full of sweetie (fruits!!)

Okay so with my computer issues its been a bit of a rough few weeks, recovering from the flu and then no PC. Lost a lot of work, so really haven't been too happy-- Hopefully most of it can be recovered

In the meantime I have discovered this most wonderful fruit-- The Sweetie!! Cross between grapefruit and pomello.. oh my.. I love them..infact..I cleared out the whole pallet this morning in the store!! Here are the little beauties!!

They are green and wonderful!!

Anyways I still have some lingering visual problems after the flu which still are there 3 weeks later, which is rough. It is hard having problems seeing, especially with my job which requires screen work constantly. Just hoping my sight returns to normal soon!!

I am eating lightly or not eating at all, just taking things easy and listening to my body. In a way it was a good thing having time out away from the PC for a short while

Also put things into perspective-- that its time to TAKE ACTION if I want to change my life now. Not just think about it. So I am setting to work on doing just that.

Today has been a nice pottering kind of day, extreme weather warnings here again for Rain and wind. Expect there will be a lot of flooding Monday to deal with at work-- but for now I will focus on rest and enjoying the weekend!!

Went shopping, bought various berries, water, LOADS of Sweetie fruit and some tomato

All in all feeling blissed out, taking a step back and actually changing things for myself.

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