Saturday, 5 January 2008

Stocking up...

Okay so I can finally keep some juice down, without feeling crummy. So stocked up on a few organic bits today, got some late cash for xmas--- so put it to good use!

My local organic man is a godsend!! He was getting re-stocked after the holidays but still chirpy and happy to help as always!! Anna's Farm Shop in Norwich-- well worth a visit!!

Got lovely cucumber, local apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and some spring greens to top up the fridge! -- This along with whats in the fridge should be great for a few days juicing

Also got some supplements, hemp seeds-- Never seen this company before Yaoh Organic De-Hulled Hemp Seeds. was about £5 for 250g which isnt bad. Dr Gillians are £3.99 for 100g.. and the jars were dusty in Holland and Barret!! So I took a raincheck and went to the Wholefoods store, I will let you know how I get on with this Yaoh Brand!

Also got H&B Life's Greens Powder-- Spirulina, various other greens, algae and Aloe Vera

Will try this out along with my usual coconut oil, juices, lemon water and yogi detox tea daily.

Did all that shopping, then been asleep since, still feeling like my body is repairing so taking it slow, very slow. Be up early to do yoga and start my juicing with a clear mind.

Okay adding juice for today

2 litres water
2 cups lemon water
1 mason jar mango/lemon juice-- with 1 tablespoon hemp seeds -- this is..out of this world!! Sipping and watching big brother...aaah.. relaxing!

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