Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Fuzzy Brain

Here I am after nearly 4 days in bed..with this thing..still feeling awful. Sinus infection, flu and glue eye -- whatever modern medicine wants to call detox its rough as. Been drinking lots of water, sleeping..and sipping lemon juice with agave

Taking things slow and mainly water fasting, when I am over this I think I will be supplementing and having as much juice as I can to get back to feeling normal again.

I managed to break my blender this morning trying to mix up something to stop me coughing my lungs up.. I was so upset!!.. going to have to replace it at the weekend once I am strong enough to leave the house again.. very annoyed..but it was cheap and had lasted me 18months, so cant complain! Think I will be going for a new one with a glass container ..lovely! Saving up for a vita-smooth for my birthday but that's 6 months away, so will get a glass one to tide me over, I use my blender 2-6 times a day so I really do need it, I have a tiny hand blender that will have to do for a few days!!

Thanks to the fabulous lot at... We Like it Raw.. I have had many recommendations for Alissa's chef certifications in the UK-- excited about this-- shall tell you more nearer the time!!

I am desperate for a t-shirt-- We Like it raw one-- Bring on that international shipping!! Mind you saying that when I do get one..think it will be impossible to get me out!!

Anyway off to wrap up warm on the sofa

Rawk-on dudes x

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Banana Island said...

You poor dear! I do hope you feel better soon. I don't know if you use honey, but my daughter had a cold last week and received relief from honey and apple cider vinegar, and honey with lemon. Also, lemon juice and water with lemon will help cut through phlegm.

Sending you warm fuzzy wishes!