Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lazy Sunday posting...

Short and sweet post, relaxing just cleaning the house and preparing my bags for the week.. a quick but tedious job!! I always find cleaning therapeutic.. seems there is always orange pulp or lime zest hanging around my kitchen lol

Watching a lot of Korean and Chinese cookery programmes right now, the recipes translate over so well to raw. Looking forward to trying some out shortly on friends! Lots of gorgeous fresh vegetables..the spices and soups all are easily "rawified"!!

Also trying to introduce a friend to vegan eating currently; so far hes eaten raw cake and smoothies no problem! Going to do a vegan curry next weekend for him.. maybe the next step a Raw Tapas style evening! Oooerr.. I find it really weird to cook anything.. But I know..cooked vegan is a step up from Meat eating!! Fabulous Aubergine Spinach curry..really..nobody could NOT love it! So going to whip that up next weekend as well as making some RAW pesto and pasta sauces for him to freeze up to use in the week.. I love preparing its all good!!

Have been taking it very easy this weekend, did light weights yesterday, a run and gym today. Nothing too strenuous. Feeling a little low in mood.. so really trying to get myself up and about..drinking some juice and so forth. Bit of a struggle right now!


fresh Lemonade with cherry juice


Orange infusion tea

Basically as much as I wanted of these things..been so dehydrated but not wanting to drink or eat anything. Forced myself to keep drinking tea at least.

Prepared some Melon/pear/lime Juice for tomorrow, its airtight so will have that for work in the morning.

That's all really, not much happening, just taking it easy!

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HiHoRosie said...

Keep hydrating! Don't want you to be sick again. That's cherry lemonade sounds great!

Good luck with your friend. It's fun to prepare food for someone else but a bit stressful too, hoping they'll love it. :)