Saturday, 5 April 2008

2am blog posting..

Yes I am awake at 2am and blogging!

Had a friend over this evening and as a result am still wide us Gemini beings do..potter.. think.. mess around..and then do it all over again!

It feels so refreshing to be the weekend.. finally and I have a long one booked, 3 days of doing exactly what I want!! Blogging, long walks, running, training and RELAXATION!!

Norwich is playing football tomorrow so the city will be busy as anything, I think an early start will be essential!! Get back home to relax well before the game starts!

I feel happy right now, kinda helps that I am spending plenty of time with friends and speaking with amazing people. Got some pretty raw-kin people in my life right now, which is awesome!!That certainly makes a BIG difference to me!!

Today I had

Peppermint tea

Green tea


"Onion broth" -- just sliced onion, garlic, water, lemon and chili-- stepped in water, drunk the water.

I kept things minimal, I feel a bit of a shift right now, I think I may modify my feast to add some smoothies as well as juice. Right now my daily intake is getting less and less. I need to shift something up!!

Anyway just wanted to check in, say I am happy, healthy and all that jazz

Will post properly in the morning!!

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