Saturday, 19 April 2008

No cow..Meatballs



Large Mushrooms, Peppers, Vine Tomato, Mung bean sprouts

-- To bind/season

Olive oil


Ground flax
Any old vegetable pulp
Spring onions/shallots

Plenty of room for adding!

Marinated these mushrooms for 2 hours
Rubbed Olive oil into them, sea salt, covered them with a paper bag nice and tight.

Here they are nice and tender, "Meaty" texture, this is like the prime steak of mushrooms.. absolutely beautiful!

Diced up Tomato, Peppers, mung sprouts and the diced up Mushroom "meat"

All into one bowl
Added here 1 spoon Shoyu, 1 spoon Olive oil -- if your using a grain meal you probably wont need anything to help bind it up. Ground flax would be easy or some carrot pulp would be drying.
I then squeezed the excess water out of the mixture, it was then very easy to mould into ball shapes.
You could roll them in almond meal for something a bit fancier!

Here they are rolled out ready to go, you can eat them as they are or dehydrate for a short while, or leave to sundry.
Depending on how you want to treat them add more or less WET ingredients

Here we go plated up after 1 hour dehydrating low.
With Olive tapinade and some mung sprouts. Plenty of chili ground on top!

You could easily serve with :

Raw burger bun /Collard wraps
Sunflower cheese
Some raw cream cheese
Spicy salsa
Raw Ketchup
Avocado chips/Jimica chips

In some light Miso

or with Squash pasta

Possibilities are endless!! I will be putting the rest in the fridge and serving up with salad tomorrow!



HiHoRosie said...

Those are some tasty looking tomatoes!

Melissa said...

Yum. I love all the step by step pictures!! I think I'll try these tomorrow :)