Thursday, 3 April 2008

Duvet day...

Such a lovely duvet day, took my first day of holiday for the annual leave does it feel good!!

Just to be wrapped up in bed.. been reading RAWvolution ..... relaxing..the sun streaming in the windows. Chatting to my lovely mate Ju on the phone! Aaah...bliss!

I got up shortly after noon, been pottering about since, relaxing,tidying a little..mainly just enjoying the sunshine pouring in and the warmth.

Then took some time to exercise which was nice, normally I am so tired just going for a run is enough for me! Without adding in any variety!

Spring has sprung.... small things like having the windows open or being able to dry the laundry outside..make such a difference. My mood has lifted so much now its light again, getting up in the sunshine..and coming home in the daylight.. its wonderful!!

Made some juice this evening .. I am playing with superfood powders right now and its going well. Maca/cacao is a mega combination-- not to be used at night, UNLESS you want to be up all night dancing! Just the Maca feels very good right now, not speedy just high energy for sure.

Adding in green powders 2-4 times a day and taking aloe whenever I feel drawn to!


had 2 litre Water

Exercise :

Resistance bands

Did some dance practise also and weights.

This evening I made the following:

Pineapple/Strawberry juice /smoothie

For this I used 400g of each fruit, added a generous amount of Maca and Green powder

its super malty, reminds me or Horlics as a kid..tastes like strawberry milkshake.. BUT BETTER! I added in about 500ml water to blend.

Strain or if your not feasting have the smoothie version....Added the pics,yum--the second glass avec fibre..and some strawberry top garnish! ..makes 2 big glasses of yummyness!

Been watching my favourite "foodie" programme Market Kitchen, a daily hour of new products, feature chefs and new gizmo's for the kitchen. I love it, there is always variety, they also have had Shazzie on the show and often review natural products, eco friendly bits etc. Its a good forum for any foodie stuff, I always find myself inspired after, whether its from a SAD recipe that could go raw..or a business concept.. its always good watching.

Shall leave you the wonderful Shazzie on Market Kitchen.. she always makes me smile!


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Great video! Thanks for that.

HiHoRosie said...

Mmmm, gotta love the maca and cacao.

I had a pineapple, strawberry and coconut smoothie. I think it had banana in it too. YUM! And of course, some maca. :)

Love spring! it's been cold and frosty here in the a.m. but having the sun shining is GREAT!

HiHoRosie said...

Enjoyed the video too and I love hearing the English accent. ;)