Monday, 28 April 2008

Nothing like London Smog....

I decided to make the most of having a Monday off today, the most busy and stressful day at my office. So good not to be there taking the brunt of stress onto my shoulders. Saying that the niggling of having to play 3 days catch up when I do get in isn't so great!!

Best thing about MAY..Two Bank holiday Mondays..Yipeee!! Hopefully spend some time with my sister as well as some time in London. Split the time however, try and fit in going to see some talks and visiting some old friends whilst everyone has the holiday time.

Anyways.. enjoying the spring..which has finally sprung!! Windows open..breeze through the house.. hotpants wearing kinda weather..lovin it!

Had a couple emails about my kebabs, glad they turned out so well!! Must say I have been enjoying them today. Had some in between training, very very good!!

Have been having some deep thinking, where I want to be in 6 months and doing what?.. I know I cant let another year go by and still be here in the same place doing the same job. Time to think, act and switch things up! Know I need to spend more time in London for starters... Suki is moving and shaking some stuff up in Camden right now @ Inspiral Lounge . Bigging up SUKI.. just a shame I am never in town on a damn Tuesday night!!

I miss the tube(subway to you lovely yanks)..seeing the gherkin on the way to work.. and just.. walking down Oxford street in 4inch heels after a night out(not so much getting the tube drunk or running for the last train).. just the smell..and everything..arg..but.. I DO love it here.. have to remember that!! Keep some perspective!!Funny how you can get all nostalgic..then when I am back I think.. NOW I remember why I left

Guess the main things are

** Job -- whether a raw related job is going to be a sideline or my FULL time employment

Cheffing/personal cheffing and coaching is what I want the focus to be

However after a year I realise perhaps eating simple 90% of the time is best for everyone--my initial plans may have to shift a bit. I no longer believe eating gourmet everyday is good or at all optimal.

Coaching, Simple Meal Prep demo's/classes and Raw-ifying Kitchen spaces..appealing a LOT to me right now!

Finding the right space/location to do demonstrations is the first thing.

I need a good partner to help me with the setup, its really mind boggling trying to put everything together .. for me anyways. Will get there. No doubt!

** Enabling international travel -- financially and within the limitations of my current job, there is no holiday over 2 days until September

Eating and training hard is my goal right now... also training allows me to centre myself and think harder, better and without old cobwebs and stress cluttering up my mind!!

Training goals : to get extra toned, increase arm definition and get my bra size down another 2 by June. Think that is more than possible for sure!!

I build muscle very very easily, literally a week of doing heavy weights and they are popping out! Will be using some smaller weights for now, under 5kg ..anything else leaves me with too much bulky muscle. Have been dancing since I was 2, so have "dancers" legs whether I train or sit around all day!

Now its brighter and warmer I may start walking to the office again, the 6 mile round trip certainly burns some calories and be honest with music, 1 hour to myself really is pretty pleasant early morning and after a long shift.

Have had my head in ZEST magazine this afternoon, guess its a female aimed fitness magazine. This month has a decent feature on running as well as lots of nutrition articles and other training info. Good for getting some new ideas, seems theres more and more "tools" to help people train. Phones that can be personalised to train you on a run, wrist bands that communicate with trainers and then upload your data online, special shoes to help with toning core and legs.. There is so much out there, mad!! Think I will just stick to trainers and weights for now! Although saying that I may invest in some monitoring gadgets next month. More reading to do before making any serious investments!

Anyways that's all for now.. time for some rest and a long soak

Training today

AM 1 hour gym -- weighted chin ups, rowing and cross trainer

MID-DAY Home 1 hour floor work with weights and resistance bands-- squats, basic yoga poses, press-ups and sit ups

Also did just some general free-style dancing stuff.. working on some hip hop/street dancing that combines some "krumping". Bit different..but..all good. Really hard work though!!

PM run, 2-3 miles -- depending if I have running buddy to keep me going, otherwise will be a sprint around the block!

Eating for today ( all organic)

Post AM workout

Bag of Organic Tomato, 4 LARGE

1. 5 litre water

Post MID-DAY workout

1 Large Tomato

1 small hass Avo

Late afternoon/Evening EATS

1 Cuppa (herbal)

Another 1 litre water

Pictures speak louder than is dinner...

More fat that I normally eat day to day, back to normal tomorrow with my routine, work etc.

That's all for now folks!

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HiHoRosie said...

Okay, that is a cool looking building. Your dinner looks good - those red tomatoes I want to snarf. Thanks for clarifying "tube" (=subway) because I otherwise wouldn't have known. Simple "uncooking" is definitely a good route to go. Knowing how to make gourmet is great but for everyday simple is best. And avos and tomatoes for a meal is D-LISH!