Saturday, 19 April 2008

Party time....

I have been taking some time away from the PC..and more time working out/thinking/seeing mates this week, so my posts have been a bit sporadic. I will make more time next week! Its a lovely outlet blogging, just needed some space. But alas I am back!

In response to the lovely Rosie on the last post..erm.. I don't have a camcorder, so sadly you will have to miss seeing my dance moves just yet!! lol Hopefully be doing some stuff in the kitchen soon though, trying to borrow a friends. Me fooling about in the kitchen really would be too good to miss!LOL

I spent some time relaxing with a mate Thursday night..then Friday had holiday, gym and shopping followed by party time..
Well lets see.. I got in at feet are hurting..hobbling about the house, dancing until 3am in 4inch heels!! not advisable. Ooh.. but it was fun, there is nothing better than dancing like nobody is a room full of people doing the exact same thing. Feeling the speakers vibrating, arms in the air..just closing your eyes.. aah man, been a long time since I have been in that sort of club. Was really cool, loved it. Although now..I am resigned to walking on tippy toes for the rest of the day! lol ..Note to time..ballet pumps..not stilettos!

Do NOT..wear these dancing..

Was nice just to be out with friends, no stressing, no worry about time or work or anything. Just having fun and enjoying good company!

I did a nice little organic shop yesterday, also picked up some "treats" sun dried tomato paste and a big pot of miso...mmm

Also went to the organic market, got everything on my list .. the man looked at me, blank expression "Its a lot..I am so sorry.. I don't think I can tell you...its a lot of veggies...just look at the calculator..." £15.70 ..Not bad at all!! Maybe other folk don't really eat much veggies?? I dunno.. I thought it was pretty funny though.

I got some fabulous Mushrooms, huge flat ones.. talking the span of my hand! Huge! as well as a big bag of smaller mushrooms

Peppers, red pointed

Big juicy Vine Tomato

Loads of Pears-- lovely, all wrapped up in their little papers.. took them straight from the crate he hadn't even unpacked it yet!

Blood Oranges

Few Lettuces

2 Large Avo

Now that might not seem like much for the price, but this is amazing produce, and I got plenty of everything!!

I want to make some little burger type I had that in mind whilst shopping, also perhaps a ani phyo inspired scramble. Although I am really not into nuts/seeds, so I am thinking to sub it with the little mushrooms marinated perhaps. Will report back whatever I make with photographs and recipe anyways!

Here is Ani Making her famous breakfast scramble..

Enjoy.. More later folks!

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HiHoRosie said...

I can barely walk in heels let alone dance in them for hours! Commendable! How fun to get out though and let loose. You deserved it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope your feet are happy again. :)