Sunday, 6 April 2008

Blood sweat and... green juice..

Checking in for today.. been one of those busy days, finally sitting down to write.

Had a dance workshop this afternoon, street/hip hop..gruelling but I really enjoyed it. Literally blood sweat and tears lol.. my feet are done for!!

Consumed today

2 BIG cups tea -- grated ginger, fennel, mint leaves

1 green juice

2 litre water

Haven't had much considering the training I have done, I think I will have some more juice later on tonight. Have some fresh berries..plenty of greens and some plums-- about 15. So think that will do for an evening juice.

Curled up watching So you think you can dance, I LOVE that programme, helps that I am a fan of Wade love all the choreography. Makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

Have been using my free weights at home for basic exercise these are only teeny 1kg things. They are good for a walk also, very light!! Think I may need to invest in some more weights. Waiting on my poi to arrive, in the meantime I am using my resistance bands most days, they really give a good workout..but man you will feel it in the morning!!

One thing I...absolutely hate is going in the bath, preferring showers but had to give in and soak yesterday to ease a bit of stiffness before today's class!

Have been thinking a lot about using raw as the fuel for... training/materialising business goals.. whatever it is YOU want in your life.

I have a big drive to train right now, so I know I have to make sure I get enough juice/water/MC to train and to get where I want to physically. In the meantime I am thinking about refining my diet post feast. I see so many raw foodies eating a HUGE amount of fats, just seems so unnecessary-- Strip it back, strip it bare, eat Ripe fresh Sweet fruit-- Go out, live life to the MAX. It really can be as simple as that.

There is nothing wrong with the odd gourmet treat or making a nice meal for the family. But.. I do think that eating 80% fat on a daily basis is trap too many people fall into. Let your body runon the purest..CLEANEST fuel!!

Making simple dishes will be on the agenda post feast.. simple dishes that fill and are easy to prepare. Now..I love raw chocolate as much as the next person..but.. does it fit into YOUR personal goals? Not right now.

A wise man said.."raw is fuel for life not life itself"

Enough said.

Holiday tomorrow, cant wait to get up early..workout, juice then go potter about the market. May take my camera with me.. for fun! Aah.. be nice just to get to the market..pick up some produce and relax without any MONDAY STRESS!

Anyway time to chill now!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I agree. Simpler fare the better. I felt so much better after stripping the fat out! I'm very careful now about how much fat I consume. Now to get the exercise up to where it needs to be... my next frontier!
Pixy Lisa

HiHoRosie said...

We've been trying to simplify lately especially now that it's spring. We seem to eat a little heavier (more nuts and seeds) when it's colder (it's comforting I think) but we've been having more salads or smoothies lately for our dinner. Feels great! Don't get me wrong though, I still love making the occasional raw bread or crackers, in fact I'm dehydrating some right now but having a salad or smoothie (or juice in the a.m.) is so refreshing.