Saturday, 5 April 2008

A mate in need....

So I got up very later after my late night discover a voicemail asking me pleaseee to help and make my friend some crackers. Okay.. I say.. what have you got there..flax..any seeds..veggies!? Anyway long story short I offered to make her some crackers, opposed to allowing her going to the nearest supermarket and binge on a load of SAD bagels!

So we raided the fridge, cupboards, her fridge! And made some flax crackers with spring onions(salad onions), chili and fresh garlic. I got making and in the meantime made her a Banana mlyk with Maca..and kates magic powder! -- maybe this is why my mates like coming over so much!! lol Magic smoothies! .. Hopefully they will be ready for her to collect in the morning.. they seem to be drying at the pace of a snail!

I was happy to help! Got two very good friends transitioning at the moment, more than happy to be a support line/email and help in whatever way I can!! Lovely when people you love are FINALLY taking care of themselves and their bodies!!

Woken up in agony from yesterdays training but again going out today for more running, then resistance bands, weights. Must have a long soak later on with salts, massage with coco oil..and relax!!

Got up and drunk some Coconut water-- Dr Martins.. all we can get here in the UK-- man I want some young COCO's!! Anyoo its sure helpin with the aches!!

I am modifying my feast slightly because I want to train hard right now, so needs must

** Today is DAY 41

** Adding in some smoothies -- 1 post workout -- blended fruit, veggies OR green smoothie with various powders.(still no nuts/seeds, oils or avos)

** Taking daily Maca, aloe, Green powders x3 -5 a day

*** Daily running, weights, trampet, dancing, resistance bands-- any combo just 2 hours work as a minimum.

** Water, MC and Juice-- as wanted.

That's how I am going to play it for the next 30 days of the feast!

Right now feeling good, the Maca gives me a tonne of energy, I can tolerate it just in coconut water/water-- then go and lift more, run harder and longer than normally. Its not a speedy energy, its just pure and clean. NOT like cacao..which I love but know it just isn't compatible with my aims right now. Maca tastes and smells like peanut butter to me..mmm its my new favourite thing!!

Anyways off to workout now.. will see if I can get some decent cracker shots later or in the morning..more likely lol

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HiHoRosie said...

Hubby says the same thing about maca, that it smells like PB. Funny. Love maca!

I've been behind on reading my favorite blogs so here I am catching up on the loveliness you have posted here. ;)