Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Nothing to do but... Wait..

Today I took holiday last minute, Work is becoming so hard right now, so it was easier to step back. Take a BIG deep breath, and let some bliss come over me. Its just work, it isn't everything. Despite spending 45 hours a week at the place!

Just seems like a constant grind just to stay afloat. I think its easy to loose perspective that way.

Keep your mind on the goal, enjoying what you love!!

So I am going to fill my life with more fun, more love, more laughter..everything I love..dancing, reading..and just being around my friends. Life really is TOO short. Not to jump on opportunity or let the loves of your life just go sailing past.

Seize the day. You really DON'T know whats around the corner.

Enjoy what YOU have in your life. right now.

I guess before the fast I was sure I wanted to make gourmet food, and now I think a more simplistic approach is good for EVERYONE, but also moderation in raw. Not swinging to extremes or in fact letting it become a Compulsion.

Anyways a little about the food stuff, I have been keeping it simple right now. To ease things back to normal. Weight is still coming off so I am aware I need to workout, eat a little more and rest when my body says ENOUGH.

Been eating mainly the following things Plus 2 litres Plus of water :

Pointed Peppers
Mini Cucumber
Baby Banana's--- very ripe and blended for post workout

I have been slowing down on training. Mainly just doing some core work and then dancing each night.

Working on a contemporary piece at the moment, using Robin Thicke track.. love it.. gives me goosebumps.. I shall leave you with the video

Love and Light rawbies


Anonymous said...

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HiHoRosie said...

Hey Londoner! Great post! Will we see any of those dance moves? :)