Sunday, 27 April 2008

No Schicken in my Kebabs

That's right... raw vegan..chicken free..KEBABS!

Really pleased how they turned out, would be fabulous with some raw ketchup, mayo or a little tapinade-olive and sun dried tomato. Easy finger food and really really YUMMY!!

Fab party food on skewers or you could have them just as "chicken nuggets" in salad or with various dipping sauces!

Anyways here's how to make them

2 Large Mushrooms
Olive oil
Sea salt
Organic Shoyu
Miso (fresh)

For the "bread" coating

Any meal you like-- Buckwheat, oat groats
or you can use almond meal, hemp seeds or some ground seeds of your choice

process to a fine-ish meal and add spices

You can play around with the coatings for sure
For spices
A medium curry mix
Little salt

Here is how to make them!

Start with Two large Mushrooms-- Large flat ones work best
Expect you could use smaller ones, just NOT the button variety for making the nugget shapes we need for this dish.Wipe them down

To marinate I used : Olive oil, Fresh Miso and Organic Shoyu

Use the best quality YOU can afford

If your not happy using these fermented foods you could sub them-- Ume vinegar could work or some ACV, lemon, herbs and oil-- depends on the flavour you are looking for
All the items used are organic

Rub the mushrooms with sea salt on top and on the ribbed undersides. Mix up olive oil, 1 tablespoon Miso and 2-3 tablespoons of Shoyu in a bowl. Put the mushrooms in, make sure they are coated on both sides.

Cover with the paper bag and leave for 2-3 hours

Next Prepare the "Breadcrumbs"

You can use any meal you like, almond, buckwheat,oat or a combination. You could also use hemp seeds or even sunflower seeds.

This is 1/2 buckwheat 1/2 Oat groats
Processed then added cayenne, curry powder and sea salt to taste. Mixed roughly with the spoon.

Add what you like-- depends if your going for a TEX-MEX flavour or something spicier, up to you!

Slice up your marinated mushrooms, fairly thick, they will be firm and have a more "meaty" texture now. They have taken on some colour and marinade. Slice them into "nugget" sized bits not too small-- they have to go on a skewer.

Too small and they will just fall apart!

Next get the mushrooms coated in the "breadcrumbs"

Dip the nuggets into the marinate then into the "breadcrumbs"--coat well, pat them gently. Then into a dish or a plate.
Continue until they are all well covered

A TIP : Use 1 hand, as it can get messy, make sure you dip them then coat them up.

Next is the "uncooking" stage
You can leave them to sundry on a warm windowsill, cover with baking parchment
Or Dehydrate as low as possible for 4 hours-- they will become tender inside and crisp outside
Or Refrigerate them overnight

I dehydrated mine for 4 hours, they are tender inside yet crunchy on the outside

After this step you can put them onto LARGE skewers, scatter on salads or pile high as nuggets and serve with various dipping sauces.
They are so yummy, 2 mushrooms makes a lot of nuggets!!!Some of mine pictured on skewers! (This made a lot, only half of them is pictured here!)


HiHoRosie said...

I'm not a mushroom fan but have to say these look good! Maybe I'll make some (some day) for hubby. :)

Alisha said...

These look amazing! I love marinated and dehydrated mushrooms. Adding the "breading" coating is just brilliant. Thanks for posting this great idea!!