Saturday, 26 April 2008

A night in with.. What women want

Ahh what a week! Kind of nice to be separate from the PC but also was driving me mad having no net because of a teeny tiny adaptor breaking on me!! Nowhere stocked it, sold it..finally the supplier sent me one. I could of jumped for joy when it arrived and WORKED! Yipe!

Guess it also made me realise that.. if I want to get THINGS CHANGING in my life, I have to actually do them, be active..not just think..note take..procrastinate.. gonna shake things up for sure!

Spent the day pottering about organic market followed by laying in the garden reading all afternoon. It has been so gorgeous and HOT! At last!! I lay out in my hot pants..and just forgot about everything outside of my little garden! It was bliss!

After thorough relaxation I am settling down to watch a movie.. What women want tonight.. its on BBC Three

I normally don't have patience for films but I have seen this before so I should be okay, with a magazine, book and some little breaks. My attention span is about 20 minutes..then my mind starts wandering off...
The moment where Mel Gibson is dancing about drunk with the biore pad on his nose..trying to apply the waterproof mascara is classic!

I love the concept of the film, sometimes when I am walking down the street I wish I could know what was inside a mans head. Or indeed even if men have the same sort of thought patterns or multiple thinking that women have??

Many a night out we have got debating this, is a man thinking of one thing or twenty as he walks to the corner shop?? Never have got to the bottom of that one!!
For me as I walk to the bank I am thinking "Is the rubbish out, what bills to pay, what food needs buying, what time to go the gym, what clothes needs washing"..literally 20 plus things at once.. I really don't think men are that way?.. Maybe they are..enlighten me! lol

I truly think Female and Male brains are entirely different... It would be amazing if the film could come true for a day.. or maybe not..maybe knowing MENS thoughts wouldn't be all that!

Maybe one day I will find Anyway off to relax and watch the film..some uncooking tomorrow.. watch this space!

Faux Kebabs.... woo! wait and see..

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HiHoRosie said...

That's right - you work at a bank. I had left you a comment on GITMR wondering if you were a teacher. You had mentioned no week long holidays for you until Sept due to school policy (did I get this right?). Anyway, just working it out in my head. lol.

And what do guys think sometimes??? Maybe we don't want to know!!