Monday, 7 April 2008

Not so much duvet.. today!

Well so much for a chilled duvet day..took full advantage of having the day off to AMP things up!!

Went gym first thing, running, weighted chin ups..cycling, cross trainer etc. About 90 minutes ish there.

Then popped round the wholefood store.. when the ladies in there Know your name..and recognise you from your handbag/regular groceries..YOU knows..your in there too much!! lol

Got plenty of oranges.. some greens and headed home to chill for a while. Soon felt like getting active again so carried on at home for a couple hours! Resistance bands, core work and some leg stuff as well as press ups. Lovin it that I can do those now! ha.. a year ago I couldn't do 1 press up!!

Going to get up early tomorrow to do core work and quick weights before work-- feeling super energised!! woohoo!!

Intake today

2 litres water

1 water with lime juice

Now going to sit and have some juice, not sure what just yet. Probably just orange with MSM.

All in all feeling good, pumped and all that!! Amazed at how fast muscle is appearing.. guess I haven't tried this intense sort of training since being raw. But its all good and getting some definition fast! yippee!

Aims pretty much are

More arm definition

Work on core strength

to reduce my bust as much as possible without loosing a huge amount of weight! Would be happy to get to a 30FF, currently at a 32H

Increase strength and endurance in general!

Right that's all for now folks!


HiHoRosie said...

Whew! I'm worn out from READING about your workout! LOL!

yardsnacker said...

Yea me too! lol